By Kate Wordworth
(MFF, oral)

The morning had started bright and sunny with hardly a cloud in the sky. The girls had arisen from their beds, and had showered and dressed by 9.30.

They took their breakfast of coffee and buttered toast on the terrace, sitting opposite each other with the low, onyx-topped table between them.

Jane was helping herself to more coffee. She was wearing a cornflower blue silk blouse. The blouse was almost transparent, the white lacy top of her camisole was showing through it.

Looking over at her friend as she nibbled at her toast, Susan could see that she was not wearing a bra, she could clearly discern the shape of Jane's nipples beneath the two layers of silky fabric.

"It's going to be very hot this afternoon," Jane said, placing her feet on the edge of the table.

"Yes, it's quite warm already," Susan replied, as she unbuttoned the single button on her white linen jacket and leaned back on her chair, causing her breasts to thrust out against her white silky blouse.

"I hope you're not going to our picnic dressed like that," Jane said, observing that Susan wasn't wearing anything under her blouse; the coral pink aureoles and perky tips of her firm breasts were clearly visible beneath the sheer, lustrous material.

"Dressed like what?" Susan asked.

"Wearing a see-through blouse with nothing beneath."

"Well, you yourself said it was going to be hot this afternoon."

"That's hardly the point," Jane said, drawing back the hem of her royal blue, knee-length skirt until it rested on her slender thighs.

Emulating her friend, Susan placed her feet on the edge of the table and pulled up her black cotton skirt until the hem lay across her hips, exposing her long, sun-tanned legs and her white silk french knickers.

"I'm really looking forward to today's picnic." Susan smiled at her friend. "David is quite a dish, isn't he?"

Jane nodded in agreement.

"How old do you think he is?" Susan asked.

"24. 25 at the most, I'd guess."

"He's got a terrific bod, very muscular."

"I wonder if he has a big willie?" Jane ventured.

At the mention of David's penis, Susan felt a tingling sensation racing through her body.

"Oh yes, I should imagine it's very long and thick."

"Susan!" Jane laughed, noticing that Susan's nipples had stiffened and were now jutting out against her blouse. "Just look at your boobs!"

Susan was well aware of her state of arousal. She raised her hands to her breast and gently cupped them, her thumbs stroking the silky fabric of her blouse against her nipples.

"It's your fault for bringing up the subject of David's willie," She replied, pouting her full lips at her friend.

"Cool down, for goodness sake," Jane playfully admonised her, a teasing smile spreading across her face. "If you're not careful you'll be creaming those gorgeous silk knickers."

"Do you like them?" Susan asked, as she moved her hands down to finger the scallops of white lace that decorated the hems of the loose legs of her knickers.

"Yes, they're absolutely diving. I'm sure they're heavenly to wear."

"I had them made to order, they were rather expensive."

"Oh, don't tell me how much they were," Jane feigned a sulk. "You'll have me turning green with envy."

"The cost over 100." Susan laughed as she lazily trailed her fingertips across her abdomen. "I charged them to Mother's account."

"100!" Jane gasped. "And here's yours truly having to make do on the 50 a month clothing allowance my father sends me."

"Poor you!"

"Although I have to admit," Jane continued, running her hand over her short-cropped black hair, "if I see something that really takes my fancy, like the new camisole and pantie set that I'm wearing today, I can usually cajole Daddy into paying for it."

"Umm, new undies. Show, Jane, do!"

Complying with Susan's request, Jane parted her legs to reveal a pair of ice-blue, bikini-style panties. The panties were transparent enough for Jane's black, curly pubic hair to show through. As she opened her legs wider, the silky fabric stretched taut between them. Susan gazed amiringly at the peach-like bulge between her friend's legs where her panties had moulded to her labia like a second skin.

"Lovely," Susan declared. "I'm sure David will fully appreciate such a delightful sight."

"And what makes you think David is going to see my panties?" Jane asked as she closed her legs.

"Oh, I know you well enough darling. I'm sure you will contrive a way of offering him a good look up your skirt at some point during our picnic."

Both girls broke into a fit of giggling, which only stopped when the maid appeared on the terrace. They both removed their feet from the table as she approached them.

"Have you finished your breakfast, Miss Susan, Miss Jane?" she asked.

"Yes Jenny, you can clear the table now," Susan answered.

Jenny placed the crockery and the coffee pot on the silver tray.

"If I may be permitted to say Miss Susan," she said, though not looking at Susan to see if she had given her consent before she continued. "I think you would be wise to cover yourself up. Your mother is on her way down, and you know Her Ladyship's views on personal modesty."

"Yes, you're right Jenny," Susan said, rising to her feet. She buttoned her jacket, and ran her hands through her blonde shoulder-length hair. "We don't want to start the day on the wrong foot."

Lady Dovescote was already sitting in the armchair by the hearth, reading her morning paper, when the girls entered the lounge.

"Who is this young man who you have invited to your picnic this afternoon Susan?" Her mother asked, putting down her newspaper.

"Oh Mother, I've already told you, twice." Susan replied. "His name is David Carswell, he is staying at Whitestone Manor as a guest of Sir Richard."

"That's all well and good," her mother said. "But what does he do?"

"David works in the city Mother, he's some kind of accountant. He does a lot of work for Sir Richard. He's only staying over until tomorrow, that's why we invited him to our picnic today."

"I wish you would let Jenny chaperone you. She has very little to do today, I'm sure I won't miss her. You know very well that I don't approve of two 18 year-old girls picknicking in the woods with a young man of whom they appear to know very little. I don't want to spend the afternoon worrying about the pair of you."

"We're going in the mini moke, there will be no room for Jenny. If you are so worried about our safety, why don't you phone Sir Richard and ask his opinion of his house guest?" Susan said, knowing that her mother would do no such thing.

"Very well then," her mother relented. "I'll instruct Cook to pack a hamper for you. She can prepare salad sandwiches, and there is a nice veal and ham pie in the larder that you can take."

Lady Dovescote was about to resume reading her morning paper when she looked up at Susan again, as though she had just remembered something.

"By the way," she said. "I don't suppose either of you have seen the parcel that arrived the other day. It contained a pair of french knickers. I can't recall ordering them. I was going to return them, but now I can't find the parcel. I'm almost certain I left it on the table in the hallway."

"Oh Mother, your memory is getting worse than ever," Susan declared.

"I'm only 39 years of age dear. Senile dementia can hardly be setting in just yet." Lady Dovescote chided her daughter. "The last time I purchased a pair of fench knickers your father was still alive, and he's been gone over two years now. And I do remember you borrowing those very same knickers to wear at the Vicars and Tarts Ball at the Young Farmers' Institute last Christmas - and it was quite some time before you returned them, as I recall."

"Jane and I will keep an eye out for your parcel. I'm sure it will eventually turn up somewhere," Susan said, hastily drawing a line under the subject.

The girls had arranged to meet David Carswell at Crofters' Wood, which marked the boundary between Lady Dovescote and Sir Richard's property at the southernmost point of the Dovescote estate. Susan's family had used the grassy dell in the wood as a picnic site for as far back as she could remember. Her father had set up a sturdy wooden table there with bench-type seats attached to it.

David was already waiting for them when they arrived in the moke. He was wearing a white, short-sleeved shirt and a pair of fawn-coloured trousers; looking even more handsome than when the girls had first met him whilst out riding the previous Sunday.

Jane climbed out of the moke, leaving Susan to carry the hamper and the woollen travelling rug.

"Hello Jane," David greeted her as she approached him. "How nice to see you again. I must say you are looking rather stunning today."

"Thank you," she replied.

"And here's Susan," he said, as Susan walked up to them.

"Hi David."

"I was just complimenting Jane on her appearance, and I must say you too are looking absolutely ravishing Susan."

Susan led the way down the woodland path to the dell. Jane and David followed, her arm locked through his.

When they reached the dell Susan placed the hamper and the rug on the end of the picnic table

David sat down next to where Susan was unpacking the hamper; Jane sat down next to him.

"Oh do hurry up Susan." Jane said. "I'm famished. We've had nothing to eat since breakfast."

Cook had packed two bottles of lemonade in the hamper; but Susan had replaced them with two bottles of wine from the cellar before they set out.

"Allow me," David said, taking a bottle of wine and the corkscrew from the hamper.

He uncorked the bottle and poured the wine out equally into the three glasses that Susan had placed on the table.

Susan filled their plates with salad sandwiches and a generous helping of veal and ham pie, and sat down opposite David and Jane, who had already started drinking their wine.

The three of them chatted freely as they ate their meal. David did most of the talking, keeping the girls amused with humourous anecdotes concerning life in the city. A city person herself, Jane chipped in with a couple of tales of the goings on in the office where she worked; and although she laughed along with them, Susan said very little during their meal.

"I'm getting too warm now," Susan said, as David uncorked the second bottle of wine. "I think I'll take off my jacket."

Susan stood up, unbuttoned her jacket and slipped it off. She folded the jacket neatly and placed it down on the bench seat alongside her. She looked over at David as she sat back down, and saw his eyes widening appreciably when he noticed she was not wearing anything under her blouse. Throughout the rest of their meal Susan noticed that whatever way their conversation turned David's eyes kept returning to her breasts at regular intervals.

Jane too had noticed that Susan had been the focus of David's attention ever since she had taken off her jacket; and she saw that Susan was becoming more than a little excited at the attention she was receiving; her nipples had swollen and were pouting provocatively against the sheer, silky fabric of her blouse. Jane was displeased; she herself had been trying to attract David's attention. During the earlier part of the meal she had casually brushed her leg against David's a couple of times. This manoever had caused him to make eye contact with her on both occasions, and the second time he had smiled at her. After Susan had removed her jacket, Jane had nudged her shoe against his in an attempt to divert his attention from her friend by inviting him to indulge in a little footsie play. Much to her disappointment, David did not respond to her invitation, he was far too preoccupied oggling Susan's breasts.

When they finished their meal Susan picked up the travelling rug and walked over to a spot in the sun, where she shook it out and let it fall on to the grass. She then walked back to the table, and standing behind David she placed her hands on his shoulders.

"Come on David, let's lie in the sun for a while," she said.

"Good idea," David replied, rising to his feet and swinging his leg over the bench seat. "I don't get much time to enjoy the sun. I'll make the most of it while I have the chance."

He walked over to where the rug was spread out on the grass, unbuttoning his shirt as he did so.

Jane made to get up from the table; but with a wave of her hand Susan motioned her to stay where she was.

David was stretched out shirtless on the rug as Susan walked over. Noticing that his eyes were closed, she took a long look at his body. Although it was plain to see he hadn't done any sunbathing that summer, she could tell he spent a lot of time in the gym; she pursed her lips in admiration as she feasted her eyes on his pectoral muscles and his six-pack stomach.

Sensing her presence, David opened his eyes and turned to face her, his elbow digging into the rug as he propped up his head with the palm of his hand.

"You make a really pretty picture lying there like that Susan," he said, as his eyes focused on her pale blue eyes for a few seconds before moving down to her sensuously full, pink lips. "You don't mind if I gaze at you for a while, do you?"

"Be my guest," she answered, closing her eyes.

"No, don't close your eyes - they fascinate me."

"Oh my, you are a charmer, aren't you!" Susan said, opening her eyes again.

"Maybe. But I can assure you that the sole driving-force behind my charm offensive is the beautiful young lady lying in front of me," he replied, looking directly into her eyes.

Susan felt her cheeks start to flush.

"Oh, I'm making you blush." David smiled, putting his hand to her face and gently running his fingertips down her cheek. "I hope I'm not embarrassing you?"

"No, not at all," she replied, fully aware that it was excitement rather than embarrassment that was causing her face to flush. "I could listen to you all afternoon."

"May I kiss you?" he asked.

"You may - or you may not," Susan replied, leaving him in no doubt that his next move would have to be of his own initiative.

David immediately drew closer to her.

Susan drew a deep breath as David placed his hands on the rug for support and slowly leaned towards her. She felt her heart beating faster as his face loomed nearer and nearer until their lips finally met. He kissed her gently, his lips barely touching her's, causing her to experience a tingling sensation at the corners of her mouth.

David withdrew his lips from hers, and lifted his head until they were a foot or so apart. His hand brushed a couple of stray wisps of blonde hair from her face as he moved in to kiss her again. This time it was a more forceful kiss; Susan's lips yeilded to his, inviting him to take full advantage of her rising passion. David did not disappoint her, they were soon ardently kissing each other.

"You kiss like an angel," David complimented her as he broke off their kiss and assumed a sitting position.

"Thank you." She smiled mischieviously. "Flattery will get you everywhere."

"And does everywhere mean everywhere?"

"We'll see," she replied. "But first I'll have some more kisses please."

Jane was annoyed at Susan for not inviting her to join them on the rug. After a few minutes brooding, she threw her legs over the bench seat and turned to face them. She was not in the least surprised to see her friend and David locked in a passionate embrace.

David again ended their kissing, and sat up abruptly. Susan watched him adjusting the front of his trousers; she noticed the bulge there was quite large. He gazed at her breasts as he leaned back towards her; he could see that her nipples were fully erect, poking out against the thin, lustrous fabric of her blouse. He moved in close and placed his hand on her shoulder, from where he slowly ran it down the sleek, silky blouse until he was cupping her breast and running his thumb around the circumference of her aureole.

"Oooh." Susan could not withhold a sigh of pleasure as David began to thumb the silky material against the swollen tip of her breast.

"Such beautiful nipples," he said softly, as he moved his hand over to her other breast. "I just have to kiss them."

"Yes please," she murmured, closing her eyes in anticipation.

As David began to unbutton her blouse he looked over to where Jane was sitting, and saw that she was watching them; he noticed that her legs were slightly parted.

Jane was taken by surprise when she saw David looking over at her; until that moment she had assumed that his mind and passion had been fully concentrated on Susan. When she realised that he was looking directed at her parted legs, she quickly regained her composure and opened her legs wider, offering him a view all the way up her skirt.

"Would you like me to do it?" Susan asked, her eyes still closed as he fiddled with the top button on her blouse.

"No, I want to do it myself," he replied, turning his attention back to her.

Jane threw her legs back over the bench seat, and sat with her back to them as David began kissing Susan's breasts, his interest in her own feminine charms completely dissipated. She was angry; mainly at herself for opening her legs to David's gaze, but also at the fact that he had not even acknowledged her provocative gesture.

Moving from one breast to the other, David kissed Susan's nipples, flicking his tongue against them as he did so. Susan began to sigh aloud as he started to suck at her nipple, taking all of it into his mouth. Sensing her rising passion from the soft, purring noises she was making, he placed his hand on her waist and slowly moved it down her skirt. Susan closed her legs tightly as David slid his hand under the hem of her skirt and began to stroke her leg just above her knee. David felt her wince as he gently nibbled at the tip of her nipple and moved his hand to the inside of her leg.

"Oh no, please, don't," she gasped as David attempted to gently prise her legs open, her head moving from side to side as he sucked her nipple into his mouth once more. Overcome with passion, she relaxed the tensed muscles in legs, allowing his hand to move further up between them. Accepting her invitation, David stroked her leg, his hand moving slowly upwards inch by inch towards her thigh.

"Oooh," she let out an audible sigh, as David's fingertips carressed the tender flesh on the inside of her thigh.

David ran his thumb against the scolloped lace hem of her knickers.

"Mmm, silk," he said, as he fingertips travelled over the lace and onto the loose leg of her knickers. "You are a precocious young lady Susan."

Susan opened her eyes and looked over at Jane, who was sitting with her back to them and pouring the last of the wine into her glass.

"Kiss me, please David," she begged him, opening her legs wider.

As he began to kiss her, David moved his hand inside the leg of her knickers. He could feel her lips quiver against his, and her entire body trembling with passion as his fingertips brushed against her labia. His tongue probed its way between her lips and into her mouth; Susan sucked hungrily on it as he ran his middle finger up and down her slit, easing open her labial lips, allowing her vaginal juices to seep out and moisten them. She broke off their kissing as his finger worked its way into the top of her slit and located her clitoris.

"That's so nice," she purred as David ran his finger in a circular movement around her pleasure bud.

David moved his head down to her breast, where he began to suck her nipple as he skillfully teased her clitoris.

"Yes, yes, keep doing that," she gasped,

David's finger moved faster, gradually increasing the presure on her clitoris at the same time. Susan's body began to writhe with ecstatic pleasure as he sucked at her nipple while his finger worked furiously between her legs. She was losing all control of her bodily actions as her orgasm approached; her thighs began opening and closing involutarily and her groans of passion grew louder.

David could feel her tensing up to come, he moved his finger rapidly up and down her clitoris.

"Oooh, I'm coming," she cried in the throes of orgasm. "Yes, yes..I'm cominnnng"

David continude to manipulate her clitoris after Susan had climaxed, slowing down his finger movements as her orgasm gradually subsided.

"Was that nice?" he asked, as his fingering came to a stop.

"Lovely," she replied, a contented smile playing on her face. "But I hope that won't be the only orgasm you'll be giving me."

"We'll see," he teased her as he moved his finger down and eased it between the inner lips of her vagina. "Mmm, you are nice and wet - and very inviting."

"Are you going to..." Susan's voice trailed off.

"Fuck you?" David smiled, looking deep into her eyes. "Yes, I'm going to fuck you Susan. That is, if you want me to?"

Susan nodded her consent.

David withdrew his hand from up her skirt. He sat upright and again adjusted his trousers. Susan's eyes were drawn to the bulge he was so carefully rearranging,

"Yes, I am rather big in the trouser snake department," he said, noticing where her gaze was fixed. "We will need something to put under your bottom, so that I'll be able to get all of it into you."

"There's a small pillow in the moke," she said eagerly. "Mother uses it to sit on when she's driving. Will that do?"

"That will be perfect," he replied. "I'll go and get it."

"No, I'll get Jane to go for it. I want some more of your attention. Some more kisses."

"Yes, well, there are couple of places that I've not kissed yet." David grinned. "But you'll have to remove those silk knickers before I can get to them."

"Jane!" Susan called out to her friend.

"What do you want?" Jane asked, turning her head around to face them.

"Be a darling, and go and get the pillow from the moke."

Jane threw her legs over the bench, stood up and walked over to where they were lying on the rug.

"Why can't you go yourself?" she asked.

"I would, but we are rather busy at the moment." Susan replied, hitching up her skirt, and pulling her knickers down her legs and over her ankles in one swift movement.

Jane turned on her heels, and walked off down the woodland path.

When Jane returned with the pillow, Susan's skirt and blouse were lying on the rug next to her knickers. David had stripped down to his white cotton shorts; his head was between Susan's legs, which were wide open with her knees pointing outward. Susan's eyes were closed and her mouth was gaping open, her head slowly moving from side to side. Jane tossed the pillow down on the rug, and walked towards the picnic table with Susan's squeals of pleasure ringing in her ears as David's tongue brought her to a climax.

David stood up, hooked his thumbs into the waist band of his short and slid them down his legs.

Susan's eyes focused on his penis. Although it was not fully erect, it was at least seven inches long, and so thick that she was sure that her hand would not fully fit around it.

Kicking off his shorts, David bent down and picked up Susan's knickers.

"May I?" He asked.

Susan nodded.

David wrapped the knickers around his penis and began to run his clenched hand up and down the shaft.

Susan could see his penis stiffening, adding a couple of more inches to its length, as he stroked her knickers around the top of his penis until the skin on its bulbous purple head was stetched so tight that it looked as shiny as the silk he was rubbing it with.

Having brought his penis to full erection, David tossed the knickers down on top of Susan's skirt, and bent down to reach for his trousers. He took a tinnfoil package from his trouser pocket, and ripped it open.

"I see you've come fully prepared," Susan said, as he took the contraceptive sheath out of its envelope.

"Yes, I always carry a couple of condoms around with me. Not that I was expecting to use them today," he quickly added. "I'm a firm advocate of safe sex it ensures peace of mind, for both persons."

"Where do you want me to put this pillow?" Susan asked. as he rolled the condom down the shaft of his penis.

David asked to to sit upright. He then placed the pillow beneath the small of her back, and gently laid her back on the rug. Susan wrigged her bottom, and settled herself on the pillow.

"Are you comfy?" He asked.

"Yes," she replied, opening her legs wide.

David knealt down, and positioned himself between Susan's outstretched legs. Grasping his condom-clad penis, he placed the tip against her labial lips and ran slowly it up and down her slit.

"Open yourself for me," he asked her.

Susan put her hand between her legs, and with her first and second fingers each side of her labia she opened her lips to reveal her moist, pink vaginal passage.

David placed the head of his penis at her opening and gave a little push, but progressed no further.

"Brace yourself, I'll have to push harder to enter you."

"Perhaps you are too big for me," Susan said apprehensively.

"No, you're wet enough to take me. Once I get the end inside, the rest will slid in easily," he assured her.

Susan eased her bottom back on the pillow. Bending her knees, she placed the soles of her feet firmly on the rug.

"Go on then," she said. "But try not to hurt me."

Holding his penis at her entrance, he gave a sharp thrust. Susan gasped as the head of his penis entered her vagina, stretching her lips to their full extent.

"Oh, that's so nice." David let out a sigh of pleasure, the head of his penis cocooned in the warmth of her vagina.

"You're stetching me," Susan cried, as he pushed a little more of his penis into her.

"You'll be all right. I'll ease it in a little at a time."

Susan closed her eyes and held her breath as he slowly inched the shaft of his penis into her. Even though she was gradually becoming accustomed to the length and thickness of his penis as he slowly eased it into her, each time he paused after pushing in another inch or so she feared she would not be able to take any more. She felt full to bursting point, yet her insides were burning with desire for more and more of his rock-hard penis as each further inch entered her. She expelled her breath, and immediately felt her vaginal muscles gripping his penis as the last couple of inches slid inside her.

"It's fully in now," David said. "Are you comfortable with it?"

"Yes, it feels ok," she replied. "It hurt a little at first, but now it feels nice - very nice."

David withdrew his penis three or four inches out of her, and then slowly pushed it back in. He repeated the movement, gradually building up the tempo as he began to increase the length of his thrusts. Once he had built up a steady momentum, Susan started to respond by bucking her hips in rhythm with his thrusts, eagerly accepting his full length each time he pushed his penis back into her. She started to purr with delight as David began to move his hips a little faster, withdrawing his penis a full six inches before plunging it back into her in a much firmer manner. She looked up into his face as she opened her legs wider, and wrapped her ankles around the back of his legs. His eyes were closed, and he had a look of intense concentration on his face as he repeatedly thrust into her. She closed her eyes, and met his thrusts with equal vigour, drawing his penis into her as she felt the familiar warm, tingling feeling building up between her legs.

"Yes, yes," she cried. "Faster, faster, do it faster."

David managed to keep up his momentum for another minute or so, until Susan's groans of pleasure tipped him over the edge.

"I can't hang on any longer," he gasped, "I'm coming."

In three powerful spurts David ejaculated into the teat of the contraceptive deep inside Susan's vagina. Susan's vaginal muscles were clutching his penis so tightly, she could feel each spasm as he spurted into her.

"Don't stop, please," she begged.

David clenched his teeth and continue bucking his hips.

"Yes, yes. Oh, ooooh."

Spurred on by the noises Susan was making as her orgasm approached, David summoned up one last burst of energy as he thrust wildly into her.

"Oh yes..Yes, yes, yes," Susan cried aloud as the thrill of her orgasm reached a crescendo, sending waves of pleasure coursing through her entire body from head to toe.

"That was fantastic," David said, as he sat up and pulled the condom off his penis. "Thank you."

"Thank you. It was super for me too."

David leaned forwards and kissed her on the lips.

"You kiss like an angel, and fuck like a princess," he said as he withdrew his lips from hers.

"I bet you say that to all your girlfriends." Susan smiled at him.

"Only when they are genuine princesses," he said as he sat up straight.

"If I'm really a princess, will you be so gracious as to grant me a royal wish?" Susan asked.

"Your wish is my command, your royal highness," he laughed.

"Then, Princess Susan would like her handsome prince to pleasure her again with that big willie of his," she said, sitting upright and grasping his flaccid penis.

"Oh Susan, you are insatiable."

"No, I'm not!" Susan pulled a face at him. "If I do appear to be so, it's because I don't often meet someone who knows how to serve me so well."

She smiled at him as she slowly drew his foreskin back and forth over the head of his penis.

"Let me stroke you with my knickers. I'll soon get your willie back to full stiffness."

"Much as I'd love to have you fondle me with those exquisite silk knickers of yours, I'm afraid I must decline your offer."

"Why?" Susan asked.

"I've only one condom left. And I was rather hoping to fuck Jane."

"No, don't use it on her," Susan pouted her lips at him, removing her hand from his penis. "I want this to be my special day."

"But it is a special day for me too," he said. "After all, it's not every day that I get the chance to fuck two beautiful young ladies."

"Very well then," Susan said icily, rising to her feet. "I'll leave you to it."

David looked over at Jane as Susan put on her skirt and blouse; she was still sitting with her back to them.

"I'm going for a wee," Susan said, picking up her knickers and walking off towards the bushes at the edge of the dell.

David put on his shorts, and walked over to the picnic table, where Jane was sitting with her elbows on the table, her head resting in her hands.

"What's the matter Jane?" he asked, as he sat down next to her. "You seem fed up."

"Yes," she replied, turning her head to face him. "I'm fed up with being ignored."

"I hope you don't think I've been deliberately ignoring you."

" Well, what am I supposed to think when you two are enjoying yourselves while I'm sat here on my own?"

"But that was not my fault. It was Susan's doing, After all, she's your friend - you should know what she's like."

"Oh yes, I know what she's like. She can be a very selfish little bitch at times."

"Yes, I have noticed that." David smiled. "And I'd be lying if I said I was thinking about you while I was on the rug with Susan - but I can assure you that from now on you will have my full, undivided attention."

"Where is Susan?" Jane asked, looking around for her absent friend.

"She's gone for a pee. She's in a bit of a bad mood because I told her I wanted to fuck you."

"And what makes you think I'd be inclined to let you?"

"Come on Jane," he grinned, placing his hand on her shoulder and running his thumb along the thin strap of her camisole. "You weren't flashing your panties at me for nothing."

"I didn't.." Jane stalled for a second, realising the futility of denying the fact that she had deliberately opened her legs for him. "..think you had noticed."

"Oh, I noticed all right. Your panties are blue - and I can't wait to get into them," he said, looking directly into her dark-green eyes.

Jane averted her eyes from his.

"Don't go all coy on me Jane," he said. "We both know you're as hot for me as I am for you."

Getting no response from her, he moved his hand from her shoulder and trailed it down the front of her blouse. Cupping her breast, he thumbed the silky fabric of her blouse against the camisole beneath.

"See," he laughed. "Your nipples are stiffening already."

"And I'll bet it's not just my nipples that are stiffening either." She smiled mishchieviously, as she placed her hand on the front of his shorts, and started to fondled his semi-erect penis. "My, you do have a big one, don't you?"

"Come on, let's lie on the rug and get a little more intimately acquainted," he said, removing his hand from her breast.

Jane gave his penis one last squeeze before they both rose from the bench, and walked hand in hand towards the rug.

When Susan returned to the dell she walked straight over to the picnic table, where she began to place the plates and glasses back in the hamper. She looked over at David and Jane as she put the empty wine bottles and the remains of their meal in a plastic carrier bag; they were lying on the rug, locked in a passionate embrace. She was in no mood to watch; she sat down at the table with her back to them. She hadn't been sitting there long before she decided that she would go back to the moke and wait for Jane and David there. She rose from the bench, and picked up her jacket and the picnic hamper.

She passed David and Jane on the way to the woodland path. Jane's skirt and blouse lay discarded on the rug, she was lying in David's arms in her camisole and panties. They were kissing; her arms were wrapped around his shoulders, his hand was down the front of her panties.

"I'll wait for you two in the moke," she said as she walked past them. "Don't forget to bring the rug and the pillow when you've finished."

Susan had been sitting in the moke for thirty minutes or so before David and Jane emerged from the wood: they were walking hand in hand down the woodland path.

David walked Jane up to the moke, where they dropped the pillow and travelling rug in the back. They exchanged one last kiss before Jane climbed into the passenger seat next to Susan.

"Thank you both for a wonderful afternoon," David said when Jane had settled herself in her seat and had fastened her seatbelt. "The picnic lunch was lovely, and the desserts were superb."

"You're welcome." Jane smiled at him. "I can assure you the pleasure was all mine."

"What about you Susan?" David asked. "Did you have a good time?"

"Yes, I enjoyed our afternoon together," she said, her tone of voice betraying her lack of enthusiasm.

"Well, I'd better get back to the manor. I've still got a few loose ends to tie up before I leave in the morning,"

"We'd best not detain you any longer then," Susan said, turning the key in the ignition and starting up the moke's engine,

"Goodbye David," Jane gave a litle wave, and blew him a kiss as they moved off.

"He's some guy, isn't he?" Jane said as they drove down the well-worn car track.

"Yes, I suppose you could say that."

"I wonder if we'll ever see him again."

"I doubt it." Susan replied. "We're probably just two more notches on his willie."

"And what a willie he's got!" Jane declared. "You were absolutely right this morning, when you said it would be long and thick. It's the biggest I've ever had inside me."

"Me too." Susan said, brightening up all of a sudden.

"And he certainly knows how to use it. I had two orgasms before he shot his load."

"I wonder which one of us he liked best?" Susan pondered aloud.

"Actually, I did ask him that."

"And?" Susan asked in anticipation.

"He wouldn't say."

"Did he tell you that you kiss like an angel and fuck like a princess?"

"No." Jane replied. "But when I asked him which of us he preferred, he did tell me that I was had the tightest vagina."

"Well, he would, wouldn't he?" Susan scoffed. "You know, he would be a top guy if it was for his..."


"Yes, that's exactly the word I was looking for."

"Did he put his finger up your bum?"` Jane asked.

"Heavens, no!" Susan exclaimed. "Although he did insist on kissing me there when he had his head between my legs. He didn't put his finger up your bottom, did he?"

"Well, just a little way up."

"We'll be home soon." Susan said, turning off the car track and onto the tarmaced driveway that led up to Dovescote Hall in the distance.

"Good. I'm really in need of a shower." Jane said. "And a change of underwear - I'm all gooey down there."

"Yes, we'll have a shower and then go to my room - and we can compare notes on David's performance."

"You just want to hear more about him putting his finger up my bum, don't you?" Jane laughed.

"Yes. But I'm sure you would like to hear all the compliments he gushed on me when he was still unsure of whether or not he was going to get into my knickers."

Both girls burst into a fit of giggling, which lasted throughout the remainder of their drive to the hall.


Copyright 2007 Kate Wordworth

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