By Alex Carr
(MF, cheat, oral, job)

I am a plumber, my name’s Jack and I work on contract for a social housing scheme in Burnley. The work itself is not great but the perks are. I get to meet lots of bored housewives and there is always something new to learn. I have a perfect conversation starter now, if I see they have a mobile phone I show them some of the jokes I have stored on mine - and see how there reactions are, especially as the jokes become more crude and suggestive. When it comes time to leave and I have finished a job I ask if they  want to give me their mobile number so I can send them more jokes, which of course leads too something else as was the case with Linda. Mmmmmm

She was chatting someone up on the computer when I called for coffee. I texted her to say I was working nearby that morning and could I pop in for a cup of coffee. She seemed only too pleased. She had everything going for her. She was a divorcee with three kids at school - I told her I was divorced too and really took a liking to her. She had the most fuckable ass and her figure was out of this world, and when she swayed as she walked I felt a whole new sensation come about beneath my trousers.

“Do you chat on there much, Linda? I asked

“Quite a lot, relieves the boredom, and anyway I have met a great guy on here, we plan to meet soon.”

I’d heard that before and ten to one she did cyber with him, that he was probably an old geezer seeking thrills and the likelihood of a meeting was very unlikely.  I hinted that ..

“Well, yes we have been chatting for a long time and on the phone too. He seems genuine but I have to say I am becoming just a little frustrated we have not yet met.

I watched her as she moved to comfort herself on her computer chair; I was beginning to lust after a taste of her now and made moves to get nearer to that objective.

“You don’t wanna chat guys up on there when you can for real!”

“How you mean?”

“Here and now, Linda.  Me. Look I am willing and able!”

“But Mark, he wouldn’t like it!”

“Well Mark my word,” I said with a grin - “you will be waiting forever.”

I could see she was thinking about it now, She looked so good in those tight brush jeans, they did everything for her ass as she wiggled some more. Was she enticing me or was she just doing it without thinking. If only she knew what she was doing for me? I knew I was getting a hard-on and no way could I hide it.  I saw her eyes glance down and thought how would she react? When her eyes froze I thought I would just stroke it a little over my jeans.  “Go for it Jack you only live once and it always worked with Sue, my last conquest!” Yes she was onto it, now I knew I would soon be fucking her!

“To tell you the absolute truth, Mark is beginning to make me go crazy, all the waiting. It is really so hard and I feel I have to have an outlet soon otherwise I shall burst. He keeps saying :”wont be long now before we meet and always has an excuse when it comes to the crunch, like he has a tummy bug or whatever. Know what I mean?”

I found myself siding to her and there was no cold shoulder treatment, I was still gently rubbing myself through my jeans, just fiddling with the zip tab and she seemed to want that.

“Oh God!” she suddenly yelled. “It is just not fair!”

“I reckon you need comforting, Linda. I can be Mark for you if you would like that, close your eyes and just pretend I am him, with you now, doing all those things you talk about on the web and on the phone huh?”

She looked at me, her cheeks flushed. I knew I had it made then, she closed to me, her hand going down, her fingers squeezing my stiffened cock through my jeans, then busily unzipping with a mad passion I had not realised for some time, this woman was full of fire and I was about to discover just how hot her flames were.

Linda was literally mad hungry for it, her whole body wreathing in ecstasy as I stripped in front of her, then she did the same, going down upon her knees she was like a crazy animal as she pressed her face into me, her tongue working overtime, stretching back my foreskin and finding my pee-hole with very firm teasing sucks. I just stood there and enjoyed the moment, it had been a long time since I had enjoyed such a lust hungry woman and now I was in heaven, just standing there legs astride, feeling her fingers squeezing my balls, feeling my ass cheeks and exploring my hole as she deep sucked my cock for all she was worth.

Now I was learning just what she and Mark talked about as she relived some of her online conversations with him. I realised she was imagining me to be him and I was only too pleased to oblige.

Linda had the perfect ass on her, as she beckoned me to follow her upstairs, the way she moved was unbelievable and I was longing to get inside her, ass as well full package. She had the perfect diamond shaped crevice between her crutch which I just craved to get my cock between, to get the first touch of wet pussy against my cock.

We were soon exploring each other on her bed now, after she carefully drew the curtains and I teased her saying why was she doing that!  She sort of rolled sideways towards me. “You know, Jack I love Mark and it is only because I love and ache for him so much I need the comfort to ease my sheer frustration?”

“Of course, of course,” I repeated pretending to understand - not that it mattered  - I mean can you really fall for someone on the internet without even having met them! Sounded unlikely and sad to me. But I was about to be fucked and abused so much it didn’t matter, all I wanted was her fuck and soon we were in a beautiful sixty nine really enjoying the smell and taste of each other.

I relished her, I was so hot for her and anything she did I was doing too, the way she sucked my cock, so deep and with so much vigour was out of this world. I was lost with tongue and mouth playing with her pussy, squeezing and licking and teasing her clit in a way she showed me how she liked it, squeezed tight between my thumb and forefinger. We soon reached our waterloo and I was like a volcano she told me afterwards, we both came it seemed several times and being inside her was the most invigorating experience I had ever known.

Then over her mahogany table, cushion beneath her  tummy as she bent over fully for me, I knelt and enjoyed her ass first, squeezing and licking her hole, so good and so tempting as I was soon pushing my cock inside her tightness making her scream with joy as we both fucked each other numb.

When I left her she was flat out on her bed, she had half hour to dress, to be ready for her kids on return from school,  “Hope you enjoy your evening computer chat,” I said leaving her.

“Darling, Jack. I’m tired of computer chat now I have had you. Maybe we can again tomorrow?”  

“Okay I will send a text. “ I lied.   Or maybe not, Linda had earned a top notch and I could just go for that again…..  


© Copyright 2007 Alex Carr

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