Lolling With Laxmi
By Abbhi Palekar
(MF, oral, Rom, cheat, slow)

This first story is of many detailing my sexual adventures with Laxmi.


If you enter my office, the first thing you are bound to notice is my secretary Laxmi. She sits right outside my cabin facing the main door and has been refusing to be moved from there.

You will notice her not just because she is out there in the front, but because she has a personality and body which no one can ignore. She is petite and very fair, has large black eyes and jet black hair. She can say so many things with her eyes, just looking at you. That is why a shy person like me... But wait; let me not get ahead of the story.

The next thing(s) which you are bound to notice depends on whether she is standing or sitting, and whether she is facing you or has turned around. You know what I mean. Well, now let’s move on...

One Sunday afternoon, I was alone in the office. I had been away on tour for almost a week and had returned only the previous evening. Usually, when I work on a holiday - which I often do - I lock the outer office door and work in my cabin. I have a rather large couch in the inner area of my cabin to rest when I feel tired.

But that day I had left the outer door open on purpose; I was waiting for my secretary. The previous evening, when she was leaving, I had requested her to come on Sunday to attend to some urgent work.

As I sat there, going through the pile of papers on my table, I saw a shadow on my table and looked up to see my secretary Laxmi, peering through the cabin door. As I looked at her she said, “May I come in, sir?”

“Please come in, Laxmi,” I said, “I have called you for some personal work today.” I said.

What I did not say aloud was that she was welcome any time. She was a watcher’s delight and, every day as she sits in the outer office, I watch her beautiful behind whole day through the one-way glass of my cabin. I get to see the front view, only when she comes in :). Her presence always excites me sexually. I had sensed that she felt the same in my presence. However, matters had not progressed beyond flirting when our fingertips touched during the course of work, sending electrifying waves to my brain, which my wife says, is located in my groin. When this incident took place, Laxmi had been working with me for six months, minus the 1 month leave she had taken recently and had joined only a week back.

Now as she entered my cabin, her pallu slipped a few inches down from one shoulder. I realized that she was wearing a beautifully embroidered bra under her semitransparent white silk blouse. The edges of the bra and spaghetti thin elastic straps formed a beautiful pattern, and were visible through the thin translucent blouse material.

“I learnt from the office staff that you often come alone to office on Sundays to catch up with the work.” Laxmi said. “You wanted to meet me alone?”

“Yes. Please lock the door, so we won’t be disturbed and then take a seat.” I invited her. She turned the key in the lock without a question and came and sat in front of me, resting her elbows on my tabletop and joining her fingers under her chin. This way I had a closer view of her white-clad boobs - one was partially hidden under the pallu but the beautiful pattern on the other one was now clearly visible at close range.

She saw where I was looking, and her eyes quickly looked down at her own bosom. But without making any move to lift the pallu back in its position she looked back with smouldering eyes straight in my eyes. She knew I was watching her breasts and she was clearly challenging me to squeeze them. With that glance, that moment I knew that she and I were going to be full-fledged lovers before we left office that afternoon. This immediately set things rolling.

“Laxmi,” I began, and surprisingly my voice had become a little hoarse, “You remember what you had said when you had come to me to ask for the month’s leave?”

“Of course, I do. I remember how I blurted out to you the real reason for the leave. I had come when all the staff had left and you were sitting alone in your cabin that evening too,” answered Laxmi. Her eyes flashed electric sparks, and the silky smooth pallu slid further down her shoulder. This way, I had visual access to the pattern on the other round beauty too. “Those days I was getting frequently pregnant, almost every time I had unprotected ....” She left the phrase unuttered “I wanted to get tubectomy done and wanted leave from the office.”

“That is exactly what I want to discuss with you today. I want my wife Pam to undergo the same operation, but I have some apprehensions. I want to know some facts about a woman’s sex life after the operation. Since I do not know any one who can give me first hand experience, I thought of you. Do you mind discussing?” I began. For a second, I thought she might tell me to consult a gynec.

“With you, I am willing to discuss every thing about it. I myself had some apprehensions, and had discussions with my” I noticed the use of plural in the last word.

“I need information on some very intimate topics...” I said, feeling happy that she had not outright rejected the discussion.

“Sir, with you I am ready to share intimate matters.” My secretary’s answer was more than encouraging.

“Laxmi, thanks again. I feel very comfortable discussing my sex life with you. To start with, my wife too gets pregnant every time I have unprotected ... intercourse with her.” I used the word she had left unuttered. Colour started rising in her cheeks and I could feel the discussion was exciting her as much as it was exciting me.

“So do I.” she dropped her voice to a confidential whisper. But her cheeks were now a rosy pink and her eyes were sparkling with excitement. “I enjoy the direct contact of ...” again she left the word unuttered.

“There were times when I used condoms with Pam when we were young college-going students...” I was saying, but Laxmi had caught on to the real meaning of my sentence.

“Oh, so just like I did, your wife too had started before marriage?” She interrupted. She seemed to be excited by the idea.

“Yes, but it was only with me.” I said.

A look of obvious disbelief came over Laxmi’s face. I continued, “But the same can’t be said of me; she wasn’t the only one I had before marriage. I had other women much before I started with her. My first one was with a matured lady, when I was only fourteen years of age. Before that I had regularly explored our anatomy with a couple of boys.”

“Like you, I too started in teen-age” she volunteered. “But,” she then asked, “How can you be sure that Pam did not have her urge taken care of by some one before you?”

“I just know it.” I replied.

“How did it happen?”

“I want to ask you some questions about your sex life before and after the operation.” I interrupted, avoiding mentioning my wife further in to this discussion, any more than was absolutely essential.

“Please do ask me what you want to ask.” she said.

“Laxmi, I can guess that you had a very strong sex urge right from your young age, and you yourself told me you were having it before marriage; now has your sex urge decreased due to the operation? Because, that is one thing I do not want to happen to Pam. I need her every night at least once.” I said.

“Oh, no sir, my sexual urge has not at all decreased, on the other hand it has increased several fold. Because now I can have it any time, any where, with any one, without fear of getting pregnant. And I don’t miss a single opportunity.” Laxmi declared.

“Laxmi, tell me,” I noticed the words ‘any one’. I decided it was high time to take the initiative since in most cases, even a sexually aroused female wants the male to take it. All of a sudden I leaned forward across the table and inserted my index and middle finger underneath her blouse and bra; I felt the soft, yet taut, fair surface of her boob, but withdrew my hand quickly before she could react. Although my movements were a surprise to her, her body had reacted involuntarily and thrust her breast forward in anticipation. As I quickly withdrew my hand a gasp escaped her half-parted lips, it seemed more out of disappointment than surprise.

“I think an insect, most probably an ant, has entered your bra. But it moved deeper, before I could catch it.”

“My god!” she exclaimed, “What will I do now? What if the ant bites my soft breasts? You must have felt how soft I am there.” It was obvious that she was responding to my ploy positively.

“We will have to look deeper under your bra to catch it.” I said.

“Please look wherever you think it is necessary to look - but please remove the insect, please.” she begged and inserting her hand under her blouse and bra began searching.

I got up from my chair and walked over so that I was behind her chair. She leaned backwards and looked at me with her head thrown back. I held her small but firm boobs in my palms and started feeling under the fabric.

“I will check both your breasts simultaneously,” I said, “so that it will not be able to run from one to the other as I try to catch it.”

“This is a very good idea,” said Laxmi, “please take both of them and check thoroughly.”

I cupped both her boobs in my palms and started rubbing them gently. However, I did not touch the area of her nipples directly.

“Did you catch it?” she asked, “please catch it as early as possible.”

“I think the fabric is coming in the way...” I said.

“Then remove it forthwith,” she gave me full permission.

Standing close to her, and with her face turned up towards me, I noticed a tiny mole on her upper lip. Her lips were half parted and her breathing had become faster. My own breathing had become rather heavy in anticipation of the promise of the wonderful afternoon of sex awaiting me.

Suddenly I placed my lips on hers and put only a slight pressure on them. This again was not anticipated by her. In the brief second she realized that I was kissing her, her lips had already started reacting involuntarily by pressing back against my lips. The moment I felt the pressure of her responding lips I removed my lips, once again leaving her panting with desire.

“Sorry, Laxmi,” I said, “I mistook the mole for the ant. I thought the ant had realized that it had left your sweet lips untouched before proceeding in to your bra, and realizing its mistake had come back to taste the wonderful honey on your lips.”

“And how did you know my lips were sweet?” asked the darling fluttering her eye lashes.

“I just tasted them.” I said smiling.

“And how did you know what the ant wanted?” she asked again in a low husky voice.

“I think it is a male ant, judging from its eagerness to get into your bra,” I replied, “and I know what a male, any male - ant or human - would think about your body... exactly what I myself as a male would love to do with your body...”

“Then tell me what would be your... I mean the male ant’s... next move?” Laxmi invited me into further action.

Without a word, I instantly moved my hands to her pallu and removing it out of my way, undid all the buttons on her blouse. My action was so quick, she was left gasping. Then slowly and deliberately, I pushed the two open front pieces of her blouse aside, and pushing them a few inches off her beautiful round shoulders, started examining her bra-clad breasts methodically. 

An exotic perfume filled my nostrils. She must have applied it under her arms. I touched the skin between her cleavage tentatively with my fingers and then moved them all over her bra as if feeling for the wandering insect. Blood rushed to her cheeks. I bent forward to get a better view and my cheek almost touched hers. A few stray curls of her hair which had come loose from her braid brushed against my cheek. Very tenderly I squeezed her boobs.

“Please check them thoroughly,” she whispered, “I am really scared of insects.”

Without warning, I caught hold of her blouse fronts and quickly and roughly pushed them back and down. She responded with a small yelp of excitement, saying, “How violent you were after all the tender squeezing, I felt as if some one was undressing me to rape me...”

But the manner in which she said it would have encouraged any prospective rapist! She raised herself from the chair, so that I could slide the blouse down her arms. In doing so her boobs jutted forward and outward. I took off her blouse which had the exhilarating mixture of the scent of the sweat from her armpits and the scent she had applied.

I caught her upturned chin and once again placed my lips on hers. This time her response was quick and complete. Before I had time to pull back, she started a very wet and passionate kiss. Losing control, I too started kissing back with equal fervour. Our lips curled against each other and tiny sounds of pleasure escaped at intervals from our moist mouths. I started moving my palms over her shoulders, which were now naked except for the bra straps. I traced the straps down to the bra cups. Her boobs were not as large and as full as my wife Pam’s, but they were much more perky and hard. It has always surprised me that hard boobs can have very soft skin. I moved my hands all around them and then squeezed them again. She let go a sigh of desire and slumped back against me.

I moved my hands down towards her flat belly and started circling her navel in a slow gentle motion. She abruptly shifted away from me disengaging our kiss.

“Did you get what you wanted from my lips ... the ant?” she asked with a smile.

“No, not yet,” I replied, “I think after tasting your lips, it must have gone deeper to lick your tongue.”

“It’s possible, but I have another idea. Supposing it was not a male ant, but a female one then...?” Laxmi’s eyes were twinkling as she too started contributing to this overt sex-play with me. “Then it could have jumped on you when you came I am in a position to predict what any female would want to do with your body.”

“And what would you, I mean the female ant like to do to my body?” I asked encouragingly.

“If I were the female ant, I would have jumped on to your chest, when you held me so tightly from behind after taking off my blouse.” she replied, then added, “Now I will take off your shirt and see that she is not heading to nibble your nipples, for that is what I would certainly do if given a chance.”

With this she moved out of the chair, with a flurry of her dropped pallu showing me her beautiful slim feminine figure. Her behind was flared slightly at the hips. I had a full erection by this time, and she glanced directly at my trouser front while closing in with me.

After she had unbuttoned a couple of my shirt buttons, she inserted her palm inside and started caressing my chest, whilst she murmured, “The female ant must have got excited in the shrubbery here.” Now it was my turn to gasp with excitement as she lightly touched the aureole around my nipples. Her own lips twisted with anticipation as her fingers reached one nipple. I reached down and put my hand over her exposed waist and started caressing it.

At this she looked up at me; her light brown eyes were filled with a simple, pure, unashamed but innocent desire for sex with me; it may sound strange to call the desire for sex ‘innocent’ but that is the only word I can think of for what I saw in her eyes. As she confessed truthfully, she had a more than average sexual urge and she did not find anything amoral in having it satisfied from another woman’s husband in the office, or from ‘any one and any where’, as she put it, for that matter. On my part I too was just like her and whole-heartedly had sexual union with any sex partner who was willing.

“I don’t want to let the ant, if it is a male one, enter your sari, while you are busy checking my chest.” I explained.

Distracted, she let go of my nipple and completed unbuttoning my shirt.

“Do you think it will enter my sari?” she asked, when the last button was off.

“You don’t know how very attractive your sexy waist is for a male.” I countered as my hand went further ahead into the folds of her sari. She responded by thursting both her hands on my chest and gripping each of my nipple between the forefinger and thumb of each of her hand. As she did this she raised her face and looked up at me longingly. The next moment we were kissing like mad. This time she opened her mouth and my tongue went into it tasting the salty taste of her mouth. Our tongues met hungrily, twisting and coiling against each other like two snakes making love.

I moved my hands holding her just above the buns and held her tightly pressing her crotch against mine. She too moved closer and pressed her crotch and moved it against my erection. I responded by dipping my hands under her sari at the back and top of her panties and felt the rising slope of her buns.

She disentangled quickly at that.

“Could it have reached there?” she asked with mock fear.

“I must remove your sari to know that.” I answered.

“Then what are you waiting for?” she asked.

“Well, if you were my wife, I would have had you fully naked by now. But is it not better to take permission, before undressing another man’s wife?” I said.

“Not when your intention is to catch an ant offending her modesty and on such an occasion you can make her totally naked.” she replied, smiling in that innocent way of hers.

With this I brought my hand to the front of her waist and pulled out the end of sari that was tucked under her petticoat. She twisted around so that I could unwind her sari from her torso. Soon it was lying in a heap on my table.

I ran my hands all around her and checked for the ‘ant’. Lastly, I cupped her buns in my palms and started caressing them.

“What if the female ant has entered your trousers...?” she asked. And without my permission, put her hand on my trouser belt.

“Hey, you are going ahead of me. That is not fair.” I said.

“How do you mean ahead?” she asked.

“See my chest is already bare, if you remove my trousers, I shall have only my shorts on me. Whereas you still have your bra on and a petticoat above your panties.”

“Okay, then don’t waste time. Otherwise the ant will accomplish what it wants before you even reach there,” she said smiling naughtily.

I started reaching for the cords of her petticoat, but she held my hand and said, “First make me like you... bare-chested and check it all.”

“Fair enough.” I said and turning her around reached for the clasp at the back of her bra. But at the last minute I changed my mind and hugging her from behind placed my hands on the cords of her petticoat again and said,

“Laxmi, a sexy woman usually matches her bra with the panty, should they not be viewed together? Let me open your petticoat first.” I had started feeling her thighs with my hands as I said this. I could feel the smooth skin all over the front and back of her thighs through the thin silk fabric of her petticoat. But I was unable to trace the edge of her panty through the fabric! Was she not wearing a panty? Hurriedly I felt all over again, but no panty inside.

“Now I realize you are the expert in undressing females, only a man with lots of experience with women will know how we dress underneath” she surrendered, “do as you think fit; but catch the insect before it finds my p...”

“Actually, I think I shall change my mind and go for the bra clasp first...” I started saying, but she interrupted with a short laugh and said,

“What you are thinking is wrong, do open my petticoat first, you will get a surprise.”

Now I did not want to see her lower half naked before taking off her bra. I enjoy foreplay and wanted to arouse her before making her nude for a full-fledged session. But since she had guessed my thoughts and still wanted me to go ahead, I decided to do it her way. After all she was as much, if not more, experienced in these matters than me.

So I gave a sharp tug to the cord and her silken petticoat went down to her ankles with a swish. I instantly saw what she meant. She had a thong on with the thinnest cord running around her waist and supporting an even thinner thread running through the front and emerging between her buns for a few centimetres before joining the waist band. She was wearing it very, very low. This is why I had not been able to feel it through the petticoat material.

“It’s beautiful!” I said as I tugged hard on the cord. The thin thread must have bitten into her front and back. She gasped in pain. “You really know how to dress.” I said.

“Oh, go slow, it hurt me there. I bought it only today morning for this special meeting with you, after I received the message to meet you,” she informed me. “I had to dress properly for our ‘first’ meeting. In that sense this is a virgin outfit, never removed from my body by any other man. You will be the first man to take it off me. And judging from the way you handled the cord, I seem to have made a correct choice of garments for you.”

Once again she gave me that sweet innocent yet carnal smile, looking back over her shoulder, and once again our lips locked in a wet kiss. We kissed hungrily. She was so aroused by this that she started grinding her buns on my erection.

“No ant in your lips either. The female ant must have left your sexy lips while you were busy removing my petticoat, and I am sure, by now it must have proceeded to enjoy the delicacy in your trousers,” said my precious secretary naughtily, as she turned around and touched my bulging trouser front gingerly. “May I now open and see what it is up to?”

And without waiting for my permission, she knelt in front of me and started unzipping my trousers. As she knelt in front of me, I had a superb view of her beautiful shoulders adorned by her bra straps and the beautiful skin on the bulge of her boobs under the bra cups in front. Whilst on the rear her slim waist expanded from her bikini cord into a neat bottom with two beautiful naked silky buttocks.

She undid the zipper and putting her hand inside grasped my cock beneath the brief. It expanded under her firm caress. Looking up at me she said with a sweet smile, “If I were the female ant in your trousers, I would suck up this big bent banana till it ....” she left the sentence incomplete and undid the buttons holding my trousers in place. With loving hands she slid my trousers caressingly down my thighs.

Simultaneously I reached and started caressing her bare shoulders.

When the trousers reached my ankles, she held them down with the toes of her feet, while I stepped out of them. In the meanwhile Laxmi started moving her fingers through the curls on my thighs. Then as she once again put her hands on the waist band of my shorts and inserted two fingers to pull them down, I placed my hands over hers and said, “Hey, not so fast. I have to do some things before you take it out. You know a man must make a woman naked before he becomes naked himself.”

“And why is that so...?” she asked, but let go of my waist band, and touched the bulge in front, before withdrawing her hand completely.

“Because..” I said, while I inserted two fingers of each hand under the shoulder straps of her bra and pulling on them started raising her from her kneeling position; the fabric bit into her torso and she quickly got up. “Because, you women can be fondled all over for hours, where as we men can not hold back as long. So let me check if the male ant has been caressing your beautiful bosom while you were looking for the female on my thighs.”

“Please do it then” she whispered, when she stood up, “or the female will bring you to the finish, while you are still at my boobs!” As she said this, our lips met again and her mouth opened to admit my tongue.

We both knew that we were actually engaged in a full-fledged sexual act, which was going to culminate in an exciting intercourse, but we were also enjoying this game pretending that we were merely helping each other in catching the ant.

We kissed each other for an even longer time, while my hands undid the clasp of her bra on her back. As the two straps on the back hung loose and slid down, I started caressing her back. She moved closer and embraced me tightly, rubbing her now unsupported boobs under the cloth of her loosened bra on my naked chest. Simultaneously our crotches met and rubbed against each other.

Suddenly I pushed her away and holding the two straps on her shoulders pushed them down her arms. She responded by squealing with delight as I caught her naked boobs in my hands and squeezed them gently. Then slowly I released them and bent forward to view them. Her boobs were smaller than Pam’s but were firmer. The areola were a shade of darker brown and the nipples were even darker, almost black. Their size surprised me. They were quite large compared to the size of her boobs. That explained why she was so sexy. My childhood tutor in sex, Shalini used to tell me that among bodily indications of the strength of sexual desire in a woman is the size of her nipples.

“Hmm, they are quite large and nice.” I said.

“Oh thank you, for the compliment,” said Laxmi.

“I think the male ant must have not only enjoyed sucking your wonderful nipples, I suspect it has entered the aperture on them.” I said.

“What an idea!” Laxmi exclaimed, “and what will you do now, if it has gone in?”

“I will suck it out!” I lunged forward and took one of the black quivering beauties in my mouth. I started deep sucking on it and it started getting erect and further grew in my mouth. After a while I let it out of my mouth and took the other beauty in my lips. With my fingers I kept rubbing the erect and hard nipple which I had just let off my mouth. Laxmi, highly excited by now, held my face tightly against her bosom and kept caressing my ears, kissing my forehead and murmured sweet nothings under her breath.

Now I started moving my hands down her back and soon reached the waist band of her thong. She opened her buns by bending her knees. I took her invitation and started rubbing the thin cord of her bikini in to her behind. She started squirming and holding my hand in her buns by pressing them together. I pushed them aside by holding each in one palm and then with the forefinger of my right hand, slid the now wet cord aside and started rubbing her anal aperture.

At this Laxmi pushed my head away from her boobs and whispered huskily, “Do you think the ant must have entered there?”

“Without a shred of doubt, for any male would like to finger you there, you are so tight there.” I said huskily.

“Then insert your finger in mine and catch that rapist male ant.” She uttered, hardly able to control the excitement and immediately started wet-kissing me.

“But it will go for the pussy first,” I told her, and with this I removed her thong completely to advance to the next base.

Now she stood stark naked in front of me with our clothes strewn all over my office. “Let me see how far the female has progressed,” she said and holding the elastic in the waistband pulled my frenchie shorts down. I stepped out of them and stood with my dong sticking out in front of me.

I then led her by her hand to the couch inside and made her sit on its edge.

“I will now check if the ant has entered your lovely pussy.” I told her. She parted her thighs with an anticipatory sigh and kneeling in front of her I pushed her backwards so I could have a good look at her beautiful apparatus.

She was smooth-shaven there. The outer lips were slightly wrinkled and darker in colour compared to the skin on her thighs. The inner lips were pinkish and glistening. They led to the wonderful mound sitting atop. I wet a finger with my saliva and putting on it started massaging it slowly in a circular motion. As I bent forward to have a closer look, the sweet, irresistible aroma emanating from her excited vagina hit me in the face.

“No ant is visible here!” I informed her.

“He must be already deep inside my vagina, raping me with strong powerful strokes of his tiny cock.” She now had started using the language that I like to use in bed. “You took your own time getting here, didn’t you?” she said with mock anger.

“I will still catch the fellow,” I said and parting her puffed up pussy lips inserted a finger gently in her. She squirmed and grasped it with her vaginal muscles. Slowly I moved it in tight circles and she relaxed her muscles. It went smoothly in the hole slick with her love juices. I operated it a few times tentatively.

“Push it deeper,” she urged. “The ant must be in there.”

With this encouragement, I now used my index finger along with the middle finger and started probing deeper with double enthusiasm. I moved the fingers around as if to catch the ant. She lay still, savouring the movement for some time. Then resting on her elbows, she bent forward to look at me, and said,

“How selfish of me to ignore the female, which must be enjoying itself on your dick.” With this she reached forward and extracting my fingers from her vagina, I stood up in front of her. She clasped my hard cock in her hand and started examining it. She caressed my scrotum with the other hand, gently tracing the engorged cum-carrying ducts which emerged from the testicles upwards.

She looked at the tip of my penis and seeing the large drop of fluid which had appeared there, gave it a quick lick with her warm tongue.

“The female ant must have gone in this hole to eat the delicious meal.” she said almost to herself and put the tip in her mouth. She lathered it with saliva drooling from her lips without any shame. She spread the saliva all over and sucked slowly and lovingly on the engorged tip of my ferocious looking cock, and then when I started feeling the initial build up of an orgasm, I stopped her. I did not want to cum yet.

“I think the male ant has gone deeper in you.” I diverted the action back to her vagina. “I could not reach deep enough with my fingers.”

“Yes,” she said softly, “we need some thing longer and thicker than your middle finger to reach deeper. What can we insert?” Then suddenly, as if noticing it accidentally, she exclaimed, “Hey, why not try putting this inside me?” and shook my cock indicating what she wanted to be inserted.

“Oh, I had thought of it earlier, but did not know whether it would be appropriate to suggest inserting my cock in to some one else’s wife.”

“You should not entertain such thoughts in emergencies, did I not tell you before?” she chided me.

With this, I pushed her back on the couch in a rough shove and plunged onward as she fell backwards. She opened her thighs wide to expose the very wet and glowing pink of her slit and guided my cock in her gaping hole as I landed on top of her.

“Put it deeper, deeper, you fucker” she hissed in my ears, “How can you be a spectator to my rape? Catch the ant who is raping me right in front of you. Thrust harder, harder and crush him against the walls of my vagina.”

I set in to a healthy rhythm of thrusts and she started raising her pelvis upwards to meet my strong thrusts, keeping the rhythm.

Soon the room was filled with sounds of her moaning, my grunts and the slick, liquid sounds that were emanating from the sacred union of our love juice soaked organs. I felt the orgasm building again within my scrotum. I also felt she was ready for it.

“Now I will blast him with a long shot of my thick, sticky cum and drown him in the flood.” I uttered aloud between gasps for breath, as I humped her faster and faster.

“Yes, and along with your cum shoot out that bitch ant female who is sitting and enjoying her self inside your cream-roll.” she breathed.

We were moving fast in the throes of an ultimate sex-frenzy and the heat of that Sunday afternoon made us sweat from every pore in the body. I could taste her sweat on my lips and smell the exciting odour of her vaginal fluid which was now gushing inside her to meet the eruption from my exploding cock.

Soon we were crying out in sheer ecstasy in our sexual release and then it was all quiet except for our laboured breathing as I lay on top of her naked glistening body. Then she clung to me and pushing me slightly away from her face looked at me and said,

“What if the female ant shot from your cock has met the male ant already in my pussy?”

“They must be fucking each other inside you!” I said weary from my frantic love making.

That is how I and Laxmi became lovers one fine Sunday afternoon. Our illicit liaison has grown and matured over the years. We meet every Sunday in my office and enjoy each other’s body in every possible manner and position. As we rest between intercourse we pass time narrating to each other all our varied sexual experiences. More of which I will share with you soon. .

© Copyright 2007 Abbhi Palekar

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