Fiftieth Birthday Party Part 2
By Peter Duncan
(MMMF, Oral, Swing)

This is a continuation of Kelly's fiftieth birthday party, where Peter, her husband gave her a gang bang. She had just gone into the bedroom to renew acquaintances with her high school sweetheart....

The three of us had our fill of snacks. We had all taken off our jackets and loosened our ties and were pretty mellow having imbibed the smooth Dom Perignon. At first there had been nothing behind the door but silence for about ten minutes then giggling then uproarious laughter, silence again, then the cooing sound of Kelly's pleasure, then urgent sounds of need, pre-orgasmic screams and orgasmic grunts from both of them. Then, silence.

Through the vigil Mike and Phillip looked at each other knowingly, enjoying the preamble to what should be a wild evening. I was nervous and they knew it. Mike patted my shoulder and assured, "It's going to be great. Kelly's hot. She's already into it." When the door finally opened Thatcher came out first. His coat was off, his tie loosened, the crotch of his black tuxedo trousers showed evidence of his white semen. His grin was that of a naughty teenaged boy. Kelly followed. Her lipstick had been kissed off, some probably smeared on Warren's underwear. Her lovely auburn hair, which had been done up in a classic French twist when we came in, had fallen around her shoulders. Her black silk dress was wrinkled from the waist down and her breasts seemed enhanced, her nipples poking tents in the fabric. She came to me, draped her arms over my shoulders and looked up through her eyelids. "Peter, you are such a naughty man," she said in a husky voice. I couldn't believe how soft her lips were when she kissed me; the thought of them sliding on Warren's hard shaft drove a lighting bolt into my crotch. Kelly's tongue slithered into my mouth and snaked around mine. The taste in her mouth was different than I had ever sensed and I realized that I was tasting residue of her first boy friends cum. Her hand clutched my hard cock through the fabric of my trousers then fumbled with my zipper. She broke the kiss, looked me in the eyes, moisture welling in hers. "Thank you, Peter. Thank you for my surprise."

Dropping to her knees she pulled my member free and began licking it, at the same time looking up at the three men who had gathered behind my back. As she sucked my length deeply inside her mouth she began to purr and worked her lips and tongue covering and uncovering my glistening, pink rod. Phillip seemed to be the most assured man at the party. He undid the studs of his tuxedo shirt, his cuffs and stripped his shirt, kicked off his low cut patent shoes, dropped his trousers, hooked off his socks with his big toes and peeled down his bikini shorts. His cock was only partially hard, dangling in an arc of plumping flesh. He dropped to his knees behind Kelly undoing the back of her gown and baring the top of her torso.

As Kelly's head moved over my cock he kissed the back of her neck which made her wince then continued down her neck and shoulders, stroking his penis to full erection. He put his arms around her waist, he helped her lift her legs off the length of her dress and bared her smooth, white bottom. Pulling her to her knees he parted her cheeks and with his right hand on his cock lubricated the head with the wetness of her groove, enhanced by Thatcher's slippery semen. He positioned the helmet of his head against her threshold and popped it past her sphincter. Grunting her pleasure, which was muted by my throbbing cock, Kelly bucked back to bury his rod deep inside her. Phillip slowly fucked Kelly's eager pussy, at the same time palming and fondling her dangling breasts. I looked over at Warren Thatcher who couldn't seem to believe that he was there. The school boy grin that was on his face when he came out of the bedroom was replaced with astonished awe as he saw the girl he had loved in high school, his prom queen, on her knees grunting and bucking with one cock in her mouth and one in the pussy he had just filled.

I saw Mike, who was now completely naked, whisper something to him. Warren sat down and started to undress. Then both men, completely naked and rigidly erect, kneeled on either side of Kelly. Warren followed Mike's lead when he took her hand and wrapped it around his cock. Then, all five of us were involved. There was a knock at the door. Kelly looked at me, worried like we were going to be busted. I pulled my cock out of her mouth. "Oh my God Peter," she said. I laughed and told her, "Don't worry baby. It's Marta. She's coming with a video camera to record the festivities." "Damn you Peter," she said then smiled in relief. But she was too distracted by Phillip's cock slamming her pussy, making her breasts flop and jiggle. She bit her lip as she bucked back, at the same time flailing on Mike's and Warren's cocks with her hands. With her head down, waggling wildly, she said, "I can't believe Marta's in on this," her voice vibrated with Phillip's slams. I was the only one still dressed, unless you consider that Kelly's gown was like a Japanese obi around her body. She was naked with the exception of her black thigh highs. My cock, glistening with Kelly's saliva, was sticking out of my fly, dangling somewhat and flopping from side to side as I walked to the door. The crotch area of my tuxedo trousers was soaked with Kelly's spit. Standing behind the door I opened it and peeked around. Marta was standing at the door, the camera in her hand.

She walked in, looked around the room, marveling at the scene of Kelly on her knees, being fucked by Phillip and jacking off Mike and Warren. "Is that Kelly's boyfriend," she asked me. I nodded. She raised the camera and turned it on. "Nice cock," she said to me, "Always wanted to see what it looked like." She wrapped the fingers of her free hand around it and started stroking, quickly bringing it back to its full rigidity. Her hand working on my cock she coaxed me toward the group on the floor. "Hi Phillip," she said as she bent down and took a close up of his cock ramming Kelly's hole. "Is her cunt as tight as mine," she asked. Phillip was too busy grunting as he slammed Kelly's pussy. Marta kept filming. "Oh, that's cool," she said. "Her pussy ring is pulling out like a mouth around his cock. See it Peter?" Phillips face was crimson and beads of sweat had formed on his receding hairline. "God this is hot, ya gonna cum Phillip?" She knew he was; she had been with him enough to know when he was ready. He looked up, his eyes beginning to glaze, and nodded his head yes. "Pull it out Phillip; cum on her ass. it'll make a good camera shot." He pulled out and jacked his cock with his hand, threw his head all the way back and groaned as a long white stream laid a line on Kelly's back and ass, contrasting with her bunched up black gown. He kept stroking, squeezing harder, spurting another gout and spattering white flecks on the black fabric and her white skin. "Fucking cool!" Marta said. She was squatting, looked quite appealing in her tight black Tee, which showed off her 33 B breasts (her almond sized nipples standing out), and gray suede mini-skirt.

From where I stood I could see the naked flesh at the top of her black thigh highs. The way the light was hitting her I could tell that her ass was bare, no panties. She looked at me and said, "Don't just stand there Peter. Come here and do something useful," and handed me the camera. "Keep it on me," she said as she lowered herself to her knees. She took Phillip's sperm glossed phallus, put it in her mouth and cleaned it off. Then, patting Kelly's behind she said, "You have one sweet tasting pussy my friend." Through the camera's viewer I could see Marta leaning closer. She stuck out her tongue and lapped up the line of Phillip's semen, leaving the portion alone that was still on Kelly's gown. She moved in front of Kelly, whose hands were still jerking the loose outer skin of Mike's and Warren's cocks, and kissed Kelly's lips. The way Kelly responded it was as if she had been thinking about kissing Marta for quite some time.

She freed her hands of cock and touched Marta's cheeks, holding them tenderly with her fingertips. Their lips worked until Marta broke the kiss, opened her mouth to the camera, showing there was no longer cum in it. I could see that she was no stranger to a pornographic camera session. She took the camera out of my hands and said, "I want to take a picture of Kelly sucking your cock Peter." I obeyed as if she was the social director of the party telling us which game we would play next. I decided it was time for me to get naked and stripped off my shirt, pants, shoes and socks. "Peter's got a nice cock Kelly." Kelly looked at her with a silly grin, and as I knelt in front of her she took my cock into her mouth and started working it.

" Now," Marta said, "who hasn't been inside Kelly's cunt?" Resting on his elbow Mike had been watching. He rolled into action, got behind Kelly on his knees and slid easily inside. His was the smallest cock. But he wasn't circumcised so his foreskin rolled just below his head and gave her a thrill she wasn't expecting. My cock in her mouth muted her joyful shriek. She rocked forward taking it to the back of her throat then, when Mike pulled back, rubbing her g-spot area with his bunched foreskin, she shrieked again. Kelly's mouth moving back and forth my cock was bringing me close to orgasm and Marta sensed something special. She knew the feel of Mike's cock and how it drove her nuts and it seemed to be having the same effect upon Kelly. Faster and faster Mike's cock buried itself inside her cunt, driving her mouth over my cock. Marta could see Kelly's face flushing and knew she was going to cum. "Pull out Peter and jack off. I wanna catch the stream of cum going into Kelly's mouth. I complied. Mike fucked and Kelly bucked, each time letting out a louder screech. When she started to spasm her mouth was wide open. I froze and then shot a long stream of semen into her mouth. "Wow," Marta elated, "That's going to be one hellava shot." Mikes orgasm followed almost immediately with a manly growl. He pulled on Kelly's hips as he buried his cock deep inside, his balls pulsating, pumping load after load. His head was back and he gasped for air then dropped his head forward, wrapped his arms around Kelly's body and clutched her breasts tightly to her chest. The camera caught Kelly's Adam's apple moving as she swallowed my load. Then it caught my cock, glistening white with my cum. Mike pulled out, the end of his cock drippiing cum and Kelly's pussy oozed a white string that caught on the inside of her right thigh.

As a two bedroom suite the hotel provided four white terry bathrobes. I had ordered two more, providing these as party favors for the three men and Marta for their participation in the event. Everybody with the exception of Marta took a shower and put on the bathrobes after which we lounged, ate from the buffet which I had ordered, and drank Dom Perginon, compliments of Warren Thatcher. Each man, with the exception of me had fucked Kelly during the evening. And each man had had his cock sucked by her and had come in her mouth. About ten o'clock Marta, once again acting as the social director, asked Kelly in front of all of us how many orgasms she had had. She responded that she had had an orgasm with Warren when they first made love in the bedroom.a clitoral orgasm when he had eaten her pussy. She said that she had never had a vaginal orgasm before tonight, and that happened with Mike because of the way his foreskin stimulated her g-spot.

"Okay guys." Marta said, "you've all cum a couple of times. The guest of honor has only cum twice." Then to Kelly she said, "Show us your clam sweetie." Kelly pulled up her robe and spread her legs. Her large lips were bright red. "See guy's, you've worn out her pussy and she has only cum twice. What are you going to do about it?" Phillip, always in tune, was the first to pick up on it. He knelt in front of Kelly and spread her legs, licking and eating her pussy until she came. Each man gave her a few minutes after each orgasm and then ate her pussy again until she had cum four more times. Finally she said, "That's it. I've had as much as I can take tonight."

The party broke up at about 11:30. Phillip and Mike who arrived together left together. Warren took the other bedroom and to his pleasure Marta joined him for the night. The next morning, while the four of us were having breakfast in the suite Warren announced that Marta was going back to Chicago with him. As it turned out Marta had indeed fucked her brains out during the wildness following her divorce and was ready to settle down. But it wasn't until she met Warren that she found someone that interested her that much. Warren felt the same attraction and wanted her to move in with him to see how it would work out. They were married about six months later and have been married for the last five years.

Kelly never had another gangbang. It was a wild experience for her and she loved it. But she found that, while she was wildly pleasured by multiple men fucking her that one time, she really wasn't comfortable performing with more than one man at a time. She did however persuade me to allow her to have an ongoing liaison with Mike, which happened ever couple of months. The way Mike's bunched up foreskin hit her g-spot that night gave her too much pleasure, and, once she had experienced her first vaginal orgasm with him she wanted more....

Copyright 2007 Peter Duncan

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