By Alice
(Fsolo, oral, MF)

'See you later' my husband leaned over the bed and gave me a kiss on the head. I moaned groggily and opened one eye to see him disappearing out the door. Seconds later I hear the front door bang. It was my day off and I was alone at last.

I slid out of bed and unfolded the faux fur throw that lay across the end of the bed. I spread it out across the bed, sinking my fingers into its luxuriousness. I lay face down on it just enjoying the feeling of the fur against my cheek. Then I moved again and reached for my iPod. I was setting the scene, I was going to masturbate and I was going to take my time and really enjoy it. I had been planning this all week. My husband had been off sex lately and the frustration was building inside me. I opened my toy box and took out my ever faithful rabbit vibrator. I'd had it for years but it was still the best. I put it to one side within easy reach; I wasn't going to need it for a while. Next I plugged the iPod into my ears and searched for the 'Playtime' folder. I had especially selected tracks for this very purpose.

The first track was Kylie - Slow, great to start with. I just lay back and listened to the music, my bare legs caressed by the fur I was laying on. A slight breeze came through the open window and my nipples hardened. I rubbed them gently through the satin of my nightie and they grew harder still. I'm so turned on already, must be the weeks of frustration. The next track starts; it's Justin Timberlake - Sexyback. I don't fancy him at all but I find this track incredibly sexy.

My hands caress my breasts through the satin; I move them down across my hips and stomach. I can't touch myself yet, it's too soon. I want this to last longer. I know I'm wet already, I can feel the juices seeping from my pussy

One more song and I can't take it anymore. I rub my fingers lightly across the front of my knickers, still through the satin of my nightie. The way the two fabrics slide across each other is electric. I continued to rub my fingers up and down my pussy lips; the front of my knickers was getting wetter and wetter.

I hook my fingers over the edge of my knickers pulling them down. I bring my knees up and kicked them onto the floor. My nightie was pushed up and I could feel the fur against my arse. Prince's Come was the track playing now, his voice whispered to me 'Can I suck you baby?' I pushed my finger into the wetness and brought it up to glide across my clit. God, I hadn't been this wet in ages. I slowly caressed my clit with my finger, around and around, I could feel it growing in size as I rubbed. Every now and then I would dip my finger into my pussy, rubbing the juices around my clit. My hips rocked up and down and I knew I wouldn't be able to keep this up for long. I withdrew my hand and sucked the wetness from my fingers, while the other hand was busy with my nipples.

I know I have to come soon; my pussy is aching to be filled. I reach over and grab my rabbit. I turn on just the ears and hold them against my clit, the end of the shaft just nudging my hole. I want it so badly, I push the head inside me a little way and my pussy contracts as though to suck it in. The ears still buzz against my clit. Then with one stroke I push the shaft all the way in, waves of pleasure began to ripple through my pussy and I began faster and faster to fuck myself, my hips thrusting up to meet my hand.

Prince was still playing and he urged me 'Keep going, keep going' my orgasm surged through my body, my toes curled and gripped the fur beneath me and I cried out with the relief of it. I turned off the buzzing; my clit couldn't take any more. The sides of my pussy contracted to grip the vibe and I let it slowly slip out of me.

I opened my eyes feeling very satisfied with myself and a movement in the corner caught my eye. I gasped in fright. Standing in the doorway with a big smile on his face was Nick, our builder. Shit!! I'd forgotten he was coming today. I pulled the earphones from my ears and realised Nick's hand was stroking up and down his hard cock. My cheeks flushed with embarrassment and I tried to cover myself up. Nick did look sexy though, his muscles clearly visible through his tight white vest. We'd flirted on many occasions but it was harmless banter.

'Your husband let me in' said Nick; 'He said you were up here and told me to give you a shout, but obviously you didn't hear me.' he nodded towards the iPod. 'Someone's been busy' he said 'You've no idea how horny that was to watch' He walked towards the foot of the bed, still stroking himself. He grabbed my legs and pulled me down the bed, I slid easily, satin against fur until my arse was at the edge.

He knelt down and swiftly put his head between my legs, giving me a long lick the length of my pussy and a gentle suck on my clit. I felt a sharp contraction deep inside me and I pushed his head down again. He licked and sucked at my juicy pussy and I could feel myself getting close to coming again, I ground myself into his face. Suddenly I could bear it no more. I pulled him up by the hair, kissing him deeply; I could taste myself in his mouth. 'I want you to fuck me hard and fast' I said and I scrambled onto my knees so he could enter me from behind. 'Not so fast' said Nick, pulling me onto my back and he nudged the opening to my pussy with the tip of his cock, rubbing it across my swollen clit. 'Just fuck me' I shouted now, growing impatient and desperate to come again. Nick just laughed and slowly slid himself into me.

I gasped with pleasure, feeling the size of him stretch me just where I needed it the most. I lifted my legs and wrapped them around his back, pulling him into me hard. Nick grin and said, 'Hey, I said not so fast', He grabbed my legs and held them against his chest. I no longer had any control and had to lie there while he slid excruciatingly slowly in and out of my tight pussy. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the feelings rippling through my body. I was desperate to be fucked hard but this was something else.

Every few strokes Nick pulled out completely and rubbed his cock across my clit, causing me to twitch uncontrollably. I had never been on the edge for this long before. It was agony and ecstasy, I wanted to come but I never wanted it to end. 'Tell me when you're about to come' said Nick 'and I'll give you what you want'

A few more slow thrusts and my whole body started to quiver, 'Now! Nick! Please!' I begged him. Nick slammed into me, his weight crushing my body. My legs went round his back. God this guy knew how to fuck. Now I was at the point of no return, my orgasm rippled out from my clit to every part of my body. 'Oh God Nick, harder, harder' every thrust crushed my breasts and I pushed my hips up to meet him. I could feel he was close to coming too, 'Come on Nick, come for me, it's your turn' I whispered in his ear.

It was all he needed, I felt his hot cum, spurt after spurt, deep inside me and he collapsed on top of me. We lay there twitching and panting for a while, and then Nick rolled off and sat up, starting to do up his jeans. 'You looked like you really needed that?'

'You've no idea how much' I replied.

'I guess I'd better get back to what I'm being paid to do now' He stood up and left the room, stopping at the door to give me a cheeky wink.
(C) Alice 2007

Copyright 2007 Alex Carr

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