Lolling with Laxmi III
By Abbhi Palekar
(MF, nc, voy, oral, MFF)


It was another Sunday afternoon; Laxmi and I were relaxing on the couch in my office after a session of passionate lovemaking. I had been out of town the previous Sunday and we were starved for each other’s company.

“Why do you leave me and go away?” asked Laxmi playing with my right nipple with her long finger nail.

“Ouch!” I said, but loved the sensation of slight pleasurable pain. I am not in to pain as such, but just a hint of pain is exciting. But I don’t want Laxmi to start thinking I like too much of it. So I put my hand on hers to prevent too much play with her nail. “I am making up for the separation now, am I not?” I asked her.

“Yes, you have to!” she said lovingly as she shifted her hand to my crotch and reaching further between my thighs started caressing my balls which had just emptied their first full load inside her. “But an afternoon is just not enough.” She continued. “I want a full night and day with you.”

“I would love that, Laxmi” I said, “But how? and where? and when?” I sighed.

“I have thought of it.” She said now her hand had started gently massaging my twin love-juice makers. And I shut my eyes relishing the pleasure she lavished on my body. “My elder sister’s hubby has been posted out and she stays alone in the new locality. There are hardly any houses there and no one will know that we spent the night there.”

“Oh, that is great! But the main problem would be your sister herself! She will know that we are lovers, won’t she darling?” I asked.

“Of course she will know. But I will handle it.” She said.

“You will handle it?” I asked incredulously, “How? Is she so close to you? Do you confide your extra-marital affairs to her?”

“She is a full five years older to me.” Laxmi said. “But she does confide in me since before her marriage. She wanted to marry another boy, but she had to marry her hubby under my parents’ pressure.”

“She seems to be quite unlike you.” I remarked.

“Not really,” answered Laxmi. “She is just a little bit different in appearance but not too much different in attitude. Circumstances forced her.” Said Laxmi as she massaged my nuts so that they coiled upwards in the tightening sack that holds them, and they started working again to bring forth more of the produce that she so loves to devour.

“Why, what happened?” I asked in a dreamy sort of way.

“Well, she was going out with this boy to movies and all. Then things started getting hot as they proceeded from kissing to necking and touching and feeling... you know how it is with teenagers.

“I and Lilly, yes - that is her name, shared a room those days. I was just in my High School and she was in the last year of her

“Then one night I went to stay with some relatives to prepare for a function. They had invited our whole family, but Lilly did not accompany us as she had a test next day. She stayed back home to study. Next morning I came home to change for the function. Lilly had gone to college early. I found the bedsheets had been changed. As I opened her closet to borrow her shawl, I saw the bedsheets stuffed in a corner. I took them out, out of curiosity. And found them stained with dark brown and other stains. Her panties were also there balled up and stained.

“As soon as I met Lilly that night, I asked her about the stains. She was reluctant at first, but then admitted she had invited her boy friend over as all of us were at our relatives. One thing led to another and she lost her cherry to him that night - a rather messy first time! She had bled a little and his cum had spilled on the sheets. I had heard about these things though I was myself a virgin at that time. She narrated me the whole night in great detail - how his cock looked frightening and ferocious and how he did not know where exactly to put it, and how he came even as he was entering her splattering it on the sheets and her thighs and how it took her half an hour of sucking and stroking him before he got rigid enough again to penetrate her hymen. The vivid description of the boys body, of the cock, of his nuts and the cum - all aroused me very much.

“Lilly had already started visiting his house often as she had grown friendly with his family too - parents and two brothers. Their family had almost accepted her as a daughter-in-law. Lilly and her boy friend used to go to his room on the upper floor of their vast sprawling house. Now they started indulging in sex regularly in his room. I used to query for details about their sex sessions and she very much enjoyed telling me everything about her acts with him. I had just turned twelve then. That is the time I started getting very strong lascivious thoughts. The boy also introduced Lilly to hardcore porn and she used to bring the discs and we started watching them on our PC in our room at night.

“There were some explicit lesbian movies among them. That started me and Lilly off on our own steamy nights. We enjoyed hours of licking and dildoing each other.” Laxmi said.

Laxmi's narration had an exciting effect on me too. “Oh, you have had that experience too!” I remarked.

“Why, didn’t you look at any boys in the locker room, in your early teens?” she queried naughtily.

“More than just looking,” I confessed. “But later about that, first tell me about Lilly...”

“Oh, yes. Later her boy friend had to go to the University in another city to pursue further education. Even after he left for study at the University she continued visiting his family. One day her boy friend's brother encountered her in the boy friend’s room while she was taking CDs from his porn collection for me.

“Embarrassed, she tried to hide the CDs. He playfully tried to grab her hand to see what she was taking. She tried to keep the CDs away from him. He was an athlete, very powerfully built and strong. In the process, they ended in a heap on the floor with him on top of her. Her full bosom was heaving as she was breathing heavily from the tussle. Later he confessed that although he had not initially intended to rape her, the scent of her sweat and the close touch of her warm, full body probably had aroused him. When he had a glimpse of the pics on the porn discs in her hand, he really lost his head. Pinning her down with his weight, he whipped his cock out and lifted her sari with his foot. Like me, Lilly too was often horny and went around without panties. In a flash he was inside her, raping her with powerful strokes. His cock was much thicker and longer than her boy friend's.

“In the middle of the rape, he realized that Lilly had not only stopped resisting but had opened her thighs fully and wound her legs around him.

“They had real steamy sex that whole afternoon.”

“Oh, she truly is your slutty sister.” I heartily certified her.

“But that afternoon shattered the chances of her getting married to her boy friend, as his brother turned out to be a real pig. He kept enjoying uninhibited sex with her in his own brother's room until his brother's return from the University. Lilly realized that her would be brother-in-law was really great at sex and confessed to me that she was planning to continue her affair with him even after marriage. However, the pig told his brother that his would be wife was a slut. Her fiancee was shocked and flatly refused to marry her.

“Those days if a girl’s reputation got stained it was impossible to get her married to some one else. So Lilly quickly consented to the proposal that my parents had brought.”

“Oh, a sad story!” I sighed.

“So, you now know how close I am to Lilly” Laxmi said. “After she was married and left our house, I had no sexual outlet, so she was the one who encouraged me to take boys and advised me to go for experienced men as sex with them was more satisfying than with teenage boys. She knows about all my affairs and I know about hers. And she knows everything about you and me too.” Laxmi concluded as she shifted position to a 69 and planted a light kiss on my cock which had by now become engorged listening to Laxmi's incestuous lesbian story.

I in turn stopped the dialogue by putting my lips on her nether lips to suck and devour the thick, tangy produce of her deeper and untangiable assets.

But before we left office that day we had finalized our plan to spend a whole night together in her sister’s house. She gave me the address and it was agreed that we would both present ourselves there next evening by 7 p.m. I was going to tell Pam, that is my wife, that I was going out of town on business. Laxmi needed no excuse as she was going to tell her hubby the truth - that she was going to stay with her sister for a couple of days.

“I have already told Lilly every thing about you. She knows about most of my affairs. She is afraid of having affairs now since her husband is a very strict kind of man - the only affair she has ever had is the double affair she has had was before her marriage - but she loves to listen to mine in great detail again and again.” Laxmi told me.

The idea of fucking Laxmi with the knowledge of her sister, somehow had an exciting effect on me too. Trust Laxmi to find ways to enhance the thrill in lovemaking.


I arrived at the gate of that secluded house in the new locality at sharp seven that evening. It had a hedge growing chest high all around. I parked my car safely out of sight inside the compound.

As I approached the door and was about to ring the bell, I heard footsteps inside. Lilly must have seen me arrive. The door opened to reveal a woman, she was almost the same height and had the same features as Laxmi, but she was much darker in complexion and a just a hint little plumper. She had beautiful, large black eyes.

“Lilly?” I guessed.

“Yes, of course.” She said with a smile which seemed to brighten her sparkling eyes. Her voice was also similar to Laxmi’s, but a shade huskier.

“Laxmi has not arrived yet,” she informed me as she turned to show the way to the living room. A hot rush of blood raced to my loins as I saw for the first time the incredibly sexy ass on her! Her hips were a little heavy - just the way I like them on a woman.

Just then we heard footsteps at the door and through the little window besides the door we saw Laxmi arrive. She had come in a cab.

Lilly opened the door again and let Laxmi in. She then invited me and Laxmi to a drink. The house had a sort of courtyard in the centre. There were flower beds and in one corner of the courtyard grew a vine. It was an evening plant and its tiny white flowers had just started blossoming and exuding a strong, exciting fragrance. Lilly left me and Laxmi on the veranda. The veranda ran on all the four sides of the courtyard. On one side was a cane sofa set.

Laxmi walked ahead of me towards the sofa. Her undulating behind reminded me of her elder sister’s incredible backside. On an impulse, I pulled Laxmi towards me with force. My arms went around her holding one boob in each palm and buried my hard crotch in between her buns simulating a fast fuck! Laxmi was taken by total surprise. I saw her mouth had fallen open as she turned her face towards me. I put my mouth on hers and inserted the tip of my tongue in her parted mouth.

Slowly, I found Laxmi’s mouth responding too, as her tongue pressed back against mine. Then she pulled her head back and whispered, “What if Lilly sees us doing this right in the middle of her house!”

Well, that is what was exciting me - the thought of Lilly watching us. And I had a feeling that Laxmi was not averse to that idea either, for betraying her words, her hips were grinding against the hardness in my trousers.

Just then we heard Lilly clear her throat at the door. We parted hurriedly, but Laxmi’s sari pallu fell in the hurry. Lilly entered and put a tray of soft drinks on the centre piece. Her face was flushed a scarlet red and I knew she had stood near the door and seen me and Laxmi embracing lustily, before clearing her throat and announcing she was there.

The three of us sat there and started sipping our soft drinks. After a couple of sips, Laxmi asked Lilly, “Hey, don’t you have anything better than a soft drink on an evening like this? The bottle I had brought for you from Goa?”

“I wanted to offer that to you both after dinner...” Lilly started saying, but left the sentence half as Laxmi interjected, “Let’s have an early dinner...” Indicating that she wanted to go to bed early!

At that Lilly got up and started walking towards the door leading to the kitchen and dining area. My eyes involuntarily followed her and stayed riveted to her incredible lilting ass. When she had gone through the door, I looked at Laxmi and found her looking at me with a knowing smile.

“Sexy, isn’t she?” Laxmi was not one to mince words.

“Oh, come on.” I said unconvincingly. She left it at that as Lilly entered just then with the bottle. She added the contents in three glasses already containing the soft drink. “It tastes great when mixed with this...” Lilly said. Her fingers touched mine as she poured it in my glass, and I was not too sure if the touch was accidental. Our eyes met briefly and what I saw there excited me deep within.

We sipped our drinks. It was a local Goan brew and tasted great. We finished three drinks as we talked shop. The drinks had a very exciting effect on me and I guessed the girls were experiencing the same.

After we had finished the bottle with one more drink each, Lilly announced that she would go and warm up the dinner. Again I could not help looking at her behind as she walked to the door.

As soon as she was gone, Laxmi got up from her seat and came and sat next to me on the sofa. This time it was she who placed her lips on mine - obviously the drink had done things to her as much as it had done to me. I pulled her closer and lifted her sari with one hand as I put the other hand around her. Our tongues met and we French-kissed for a long moment before I put my hand between her thighs. To my delight Laxmi was not wearing anything inside her sari and petticoat. I worked my fingers to touch her pussy and she adjusted her thighs for better access for my hand. She was already a little moist. I inserted one finger in her vagina and started working it in a slow circular motion, pressing it against the cylindrical wall of her canal. She started moaning as her pussy started turning more and more moist. We could hear Lilly preparing the dinner in the kitchen across the courtyard. I inserted one more finger in Laxmi’s pussy stretching it further. Laxmi clung to me harder and put one hand inside my shirt and started caressing my nipple.

The thought that Lilly was right in the house and could come in any minute was very exciting. Laxmi was moaning softly in my ear. I wet my thumb against the moistness of the other two fingers and put my thumb on her clit while two fingers went back inside her vagina, rubbing the inside front wall of her slick passage. Laxmi shut her eyes as I started moving the thumb on her clit in slow, steady circles. She started pinching my nipple hard as her pussy started releasing more profusely.

The sounds in the kitchen stopped and I sensed Lilly arrive at the door. I turned my head and our eyes met. I did not stop finger-fucking Laxmi. Laxmi’s eyes were shut tight as she started moaning slightly louder. I thought she too was aware of Lilly’s arrival, but was pretending not to have noticed.

Lilly watched us, looking directly at me. Her face too was flushed from the drinks and the scene unfolding before her - her married younger sister getting finger-fucked by her paramour in her own house!!

I stopped the movements of my finger as I sensed Laxmi had had enough for the time being. She opened her eyes and looked at me. Then her eyes turned to Lilly, who was watching us.

Laxmi got up from the sofa, pulled down her sari and started walking nonchalantly towards her sister without saying a single word. Lilly too turned and started leading the way to the dining hall. I too got up and walked behind them.

As we sat at the dining table and once again conversation began to flow as if nothing had happened. I was amazed at the understanding between the two sisters.

We finished lunch rather quickly. Laxmi told me the bedroom was upstairs and led me to the stairs. As she walked ahead of me I put my hands on her buns and she looked back and smiled at me.

“Hey, wait. Be a good boy now. I have to go and help Lilly tidy up the kitchen...” she said.

I went to the room and was delighted to see it was well made up for the occasion - the bed had pink satin sheets and the curtains were matching lace. The pillow had ‘L’ embroidered on it. Must be L for Lilly, who had lent the bedroom to me and Laxmi for the night.

I waited for a while, but the sisters seemed to be taking their own time in tidying up the kitchen for the night. I was getting hornier and impatient by the minute. The clock struck ten and at the last stroke, the lights went off as if on a cue. The house was left in total darkness.

I heard Laxmi call out from downstairs, “I forgot to tell you - there is a one hour shutdown every night from 10 to 11!” Her voice carried clear in the dark to me.

“Come soon then!” I growled, as I could not control my lust any longer.

I heard the sisters laugh. The sound of Lilly’s husky laughter some how excited me even more. I quickly shed my trousers and shirt followed by my underwear and lay naked on the bed in the dark waiting for Laxmi to arrive.

I heard footsteps on the stair and then saw Laxmi’s silhouette first against the window and then against the door frame. She came near the bed and I pulled her down on the bed without uttering a single word. Our lips met and I felt the taste of the wine again in her mouth. It seemed she had a sip again after she had gone downstairs. The taste of that heady wine further stoked the fires within me and I threw her on her back. I lifted her sari running my hands all along her legs and thighs and parted them before I took the lunge and entered her with one swift movement. She gasped as if in pain, but her hands went around my naked torso and held me to her firmly, kissing my neck and ears.

I kept my cock buried in her pussy for a moment and then started fucking her wildly. The whole evening had aroused me too much, especially the eye contact with the elder sister while I fingered the younger one on the sofa. For the first time since my affair began with Laxmi I found myself thinking of another woman while I thrust in her wildly. I imagined it was Lilly panting underneath me and not Laxmi. Laxmi too seemed highly excited as she thrust her pelvis eagerly upwards in the dark night to meet my strong strokes. She held my buns in her palms and started caressing them.

We reached climax soon - I sooner than her. I lay on top of her as my cock spluttered its contents in her hot, wet, throbbing vagina. My penis released several pulsating bursts before it was totally empty. She kept holding me inside her for a long time after I had orgasmed. Her vagina kept contracting, then it convulsed uncontrollably as she reached her orgasm and her nails bit in the skin on my back. We lay there, sweating slightly in the dark, our lust satiated for the moment. I then turned on my side, spooning her from behind. She parted her thighs and held my sticky shaft between her thighs.

The scent of the delicate, pretty, white flowers known as ‘night queen’ floated upwards as we lay there contented.

After some time, I happened to turn my face towards the window. It was paler than the room around. A new wave of excitement engulfed me as I saw the silhouette of Lilly framed there! I whispered in Laxmi’s ear and drew her attention to the figure. The silhouette seemed to move at our whispering! Lilly was trying to watch me fuck her sister!! Laxmi murmured something back in my ear...

The figure stood framed at the window as if waiting for some thing. Was Lilly waiting for Laxmi or me to react... or to start our next sex session?

Just then the clock struck eleven some where in the guts of the dark house and lights came on. I looked at the figure at the window, it had already started moving towards the door leading in to the bedroom and was momentarily hidden by the wall. I was expecting Lilly to arrive at the door to watch me fucking Laxmi as she had done earlier that evening. Next moment the woman reached the door, which Laxmi had left open when she had come in the dark room. She stepped in and what I saw stunned me!! The woman coming in was smiling at us - but it was not Lilly, it was Laxmi!!

I turned to the woman in my arms, whom I had fucked a few minutes ago with abandon and there smiling at me as innocently as her sister in the door was Lilly!! My imagination had come true!

Laxmi strode in the room and climbed the bed on which I and Lilly lay spooning. As I turned towards her, she put a caressing hand on my chest pushing me back and bent down to kiss me lightly on the cheek.

“Darling, after I saw the lust in your eyes when you were looking at my sister’s ass, I decided to give you a pleasant surprise! It did not take much longer to convince Lilly either, she being starved for sex with her husband away!” Laxmi said. I was too stunned to utter a word, and any way I could not have spoken for Laxmi’s lips were now on mine, kissing deeply.

I shifted from Lilly to face Laxmi, but she firmly pushed me on my back. A signal passed between the two sisters. Lilly reached across me and pulled at the knot on Laxmi' saree tied at her waist then she undid the knot on the cord on her petticoat. Laxmi stood on the bed and slid out of them showing me in full the beauty of her naked front.

She slowly lowered herself down on my supine torso affording me a view of her parting pussy lips, while Lilly held my shaft in position for Laxmi to ride me. Laxmi lowered herself with slightly adjusting herself in a cowgirl position.

Lilly got up and squatted near my head, one foot on the bed and one on the floor, opening herself up fully and adjusting her wide open, slick and smelly pussy to cover my eager mouth.

I started licking her pussy pie as Laxmi started pumping up and down on my torso.

This time I lasted long enough and Laxmi came first. Resting her hands behind on the bed, she lifted herself from my cock and kneeling on the bed she took my cock in her mouth. I put both my hands around Lilly's pussy and took a mouthful of the thick, sticky juices now flowing out freely from her engorged vagina. I was groaning and Lilly was moaning when Laxmi brought me to an orgasm inside her mouth, taking it all up straight in to her throat.

That night and the whole of the next day, we had sex in every possible way - it was one of the best sex sessions I have ever had.

At the end of the two days, a long relationship began with the two sisters. And while Lilly’s husband is away on transfer I am keeping his wife happy...


© Copyright 2007 Abbhi Palekar

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