Fossil Fuel
By KissdBoots
(MF, MM, FF, cheat)

Amy stirred the casserole and tasted the velvety sauce. The venison had been marinated overnight and fell into silky pieces in the mouth. She wanted everything to be absolutely perfect tonight. It wasn’t often that she entertained the woman who was screwing her husband. When Paul had suggested they have Cara and James over for dinner, Amy had been surprised. They’d only just really moved into the area and both her and James were busy people, Amy writing her cookery books and James busy at the museum. The long hours sometimes took their toll on their marriage, but Amy tried at least to make an effort at the weekend. Now James had suggested this.

Cara had started at the museum almost four months ago and had then searched for a house around the area. Paul had only been too helpful to tell her about the house, that was for sale in their street and no sooner had they seen it, then they’d moved in. Amy had even been the one who had taken them one of her famous apple pies with the cheese crust, to welcome them.

She’d known of course as soon as she’d seen her, that Paul was about to embark on an affair with her. For all her buttoned up suits and square glasses, she looked like a woman who would and do it well. When Amy has taken the pie round, she’d been in a tube top with no bra on and Amy could feel her gut knot as she realised she didn’t need a bra, her breasts were as firm as hell. They matched the bottom in her jeans, the type you could crack a walnut in between and when she’d watch the men bring in her stair master and bar bells, she knew the woman was made of steel.

The woman walked into the kitchen.

“Is there anything I can do?” she said, her perfect figure in a pair of black silk palazzo pants and a black and white silk screened top.

Amy poked at the potato soufflés and smiled.

“No all in hand Cara” she said, taking a bowl of mixed leaves out of the fridge and pouring a dressing out of a china pot over.

“Have some more wine!” Cara smiled and poured more Chardonnay in her glass and looked for Amy’s glass. “You not drinking?” she said.

“I had a brandy before you came” Amy admitted. “I always get nervous before a dinner party” Cara walked over and rubbed Amy’s arm.

“But your recipes are wonderful, I use them all the time!”

“I bet you do!” Amy muttered under her breath. She smiled. “That’s so nice of you to say so”.

“Where is James and Paul?” Amy said changing the subject.

“Paul has taken him to see our latest project at the museum” Cara said absentmindedly. “Virtually of course. He’s uploaded the site onto his computer he said”.

“And you don’t want to be there too?” Amy said slightly sarcastically. “You have been working on it too!”

“I don’t like to take work home, unlike our husbands!” Cara laughed. “I like to work out!

Amy felt like punching Cara, but grabbed a glass from the cupboard and poured out some wine to steady herself. “I’m sure” she said, taking a huge slug of the wine.

Suddenly the husbands appeared. Cara’s husband James, his mop of unruly curls falling over into his blue eyes, the same blue as the shirt he was wearing. Paul in his buttoned down shirt and chinos, smoothing his hair down. He walked over to Amy and opened the oven, his face slightly flushed.

“Smells great. When are we eating?”.

The food had been a complete success of course. Ceviche of mixed salmon, trout and sole to start with, marinated in lime overnight and served with the mixed leaves and Amy’s dressing. Then the casseroled venison and individual twice baked, potato soufflés. Amy had finished it with a classic berry terrine, the tiny strawberries and fresh raspberries offsetting the jelly made with Muscat wine. Cara had been more than complimentary all through, marvelling at each course and asking Alice would she share the recipes later with her. Amy had smiled. Well we share my husband, why not my work as well?

“I can't tell you how much I’ve enjoyed this evening” Cara said as she helped Amy take in the plates. James and Paul had gone back to the study with a bottle of whisky, Paul saying to James, he had more of the museum pieces to show him.

“I’ve enjoyed it too” Amy admitted honestly. Try as she had Amy realised she didn’t hate Cara as much as she thought. In fact she quite liked her.

Amy opened the dishwasher and began to pile the dirty crockery in. She hated things left until the morning. She liked to start afresh everyday.

Suddenly Cara stopped her, by putting her hand on her arm.

“I have really loved being here” she said hugging Amy.

Amy went stiff in the other woman’s embrace and tried to pull back, but Cara hugged her tightly.

“Its meant so much to me, that we are friends” she said. “I love my job, but I feel so lonely at the moment, what with James away so much”.

Amy pulled away with more force now. She looked at the doe eyed woman in front of her. Oh charming, she was lonely, so she was shagging Paul then.

“Paul works long hours too” she said trying to keep the antagonism out of her voice.

“Well the fossil exhibition has taken up a lot of his time” Cara said. “It has been interesting, but I work mainly in the Egyptian section, so it hasn’t been as demanding for me, its already such an established portion in the Museum”.

Amy looked at her strangely. “So you don’t work in Paul’s sector then?” she said curious.

“Oh no. Paul being curator, has mainly worked on that piece himself. I am an archaeologist, but my speciality is Egyptian artefacts. Dinosaurs really don’t cut it for me! Give me Cleopatra any day!”

“But I thought?” Amy said drifting off and looking at the woman clearly for the first time.

“That I was having an affair with your husband?” Cara said smiling, her jet black bob, swinging on her head as she helped herself to more wine and poured some into Amy’s glass.

“No flattering, but he’s not my type!”

Amy suddenly blushed as she realised what Cara had said. She walked over to the woman and held out her hand. “Oh god I am so sorry, I feel such a fool!, I really thought Paul was having an affair and with you!”.

Cara laughed and grabbed her hand clutching it and swinging it.

“No harm done sweetie” she said. “Any more of that terrine left?”

“In the fridge” Amy said. “I’m just going to freshen up and clear my head!”

Amy headed for the bathroom and checked herself in the mirror.

“Stupid woman!” she said laughing into the reflection, then she heard a noise. Silently she took off her heels and walked over to the spare room and then her hand flew to her mouth.

She could plainly see the bare arse of her husband as he bent over the end of the double bed, she had changed the sheets on that very day. His hands were resting on thighs of James whose eyes were closed in rapture as he held his own cock in his hand, as Paul rimmed him, sighing in ecstasy. Amy felt Sick, but curiously aroused at the same time, her feel unwilling to move from the spot as she watched Paul lap at James, his own cock, harder than Amy had ever seen it.

Gradually, Paul moved further up to James cock and began to suck furiously at him, making the other man buck and grab the sheets. Then he raised his buttocks off the bed and pushed a pillow under him as Paul entered him, his balls slapping against the other mans, both totally oblivious to Amy who was still watching them at the door. Then chest to chest, nipple to nipple, they kissed and came at the same time, an all consuming moment that took Amy’s breath away.

Amy backed away and walked back downstairs, contemplating telling Cara, then she smiled to herself. If she told the other woman, they would have to confront them and watching them had been mind blowing. She decided to tell Paul later what she’d seen. If he allowed her to watch, then she’d let them carry on. Sex with Paul was non descript anyway and now she knew why!

Amy entered the kitchen and smiled at Cara.

“Lets have another drink” she said touching the woman’s arm as she grabbed another bottle from the wine rack. “We were going to keep this for a special occasion. But I think I'd rather share it with you” she added.

Cara looked at Amy and smiled, as she opened the bottle and handed her a glass. Then she crossed the space between them and pulling the clip from Amy’s head, that freed her long dark hair, she traced her hand over the other woman’s face and leaning over whispered.

“Where are the men?”

Amy stroked Cara’s hand.

“Probably still doing men things!” she said smiling. “You know what men are like!”

Cara grinned, then kissed Amy full on the mouth, her hands running down Amy’s arms and round her waist.

“And to think you thought I fancied Paul!” Cara laughed.


© Copyright 2007 KissdBoots

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