Fossil Fuel II
By KissdBoots
(FF, oral, MFF, anal)

Amy smiled as she drank her coffee on the patio outside. Last night had been a revelation in more ways than one. Finding her husband ‘in flagrante’ with another man would have made a lesser woman pack her bags and leave like a shot, but Amy was no ordinary woman. Paul saw her as the wife who cooked for a living. The simpering little lady, who was happy with sex when he so choose and be happy. Amy knew for a fact that she was far more experienced than him, but she liked to play the novice and she’d learnt years ago, that a woman never told her real ‘man count’. The fact that the man she caught him with, was the husband of the woman she thought he was originally having an affair with, was so deliciously twisted, it nearly made Amy clap her hands with delight. When it became obvious that Cara was more interested in her, made the whole thing even more exciting.

They’d sat drinking one of Paul’s more expensive wines, savouring the bouquet, as Cara had curled up against Amy on the sofa and stroked her arm, nibbling the soft lobes of her ears, gently removing her hoops and licking her neck with a practised tongue.

“You make me so hot Amy” she’d whispered, her free hand stroking the stiffening nipple, encased in seam free bra.

Amy had groaned, allowing the beautiful woman by her side to slip her hand inside the fabric, making her catch her breath and exhale in sweet abandon.

“I want you” Cara had said, taking the wine glass from Amy’s hand and undoing the belt of her top she guided Amy hands underneath the silk to her naked breasts.

“What about the men?” Amy had said, knowing full well what Paul and James were up to.

“Then I’ll pleasure you” Cara said, as she slid onto the carpet and disappeared under the folds of Amy’s long Batik skirt.

Amy felt Cara slip her hands under her bottom and pull off her knickers, then she arched her back, gripping the sofa as Cara began to delve into pussy, swirling her tongue in crease and find her clitoris. It was on fire, as Cara expertly blew cool air onto it, making the hard nub twitch. God this woman was good. Not only was she perfectly formed, she knew what to do with her mouth and Amy could feel her orgasm beginning to grow.

Suddenly she heard Paul’s feet on the stairs and she stiffened slightly, then she smiled. It would teach him a lesson to see his wife being pleasured by his lovers wife! Cara was oblivious to what was happening as Amy picked up her wine glass, trying to steady her trembling hand as Paul entered the lounge.

He leaned forward kissing Amy on the cheek, as he leant over the back of the sofa and then his eyes widened as he saw Cara’s head bobbing up and down under the fabric of Amy’s skirt, her bottom plainly sticking out from below. Amy stopped him as he began to pull away and she placed her finger on her lips.

“Don’t say anything” she mouthed to him, as he watched his wife begin to come, her eyes glazing over as the first pull of orgasm took her into the swirling vortex of her body. She gripped Paul’s arm, as he stood open mouthed, then he grabbed the neck of her top, pulling it down and exposing her breasts, kneading them in his hands as he stuck his tongue in her mouth and kissed her thoroughly and hungrily.

Cara emerged from the skirt and smiled, licking her lips as she watched Paul playing with Amy’s nipples, his fingers pinching at her, making her wince and arch back. James, hated breasts she knew that. Time and time again, she had tried to get him to suckle and pleasure her that way, but he was almost perfunctory in his love making, the only time he seemed to be really hard, was when he chose to enter her from behind, over the back of the weights machine, his love making aggressive and wanton then. When she had tried to get him to do it again, he had refused and walked away, as though it had been a foolish mistake. Now Cara’s only pleasure seemed to be her relentless exercise routine, the adrenaline making her feel alive once again.

“Do that to me” she said, her voice sounding croaky as Paul stopped what he was doing and looked at Amy. Amy nodded, standing up and gathering Cara by the waist, she kissed her, nibbling her bottom lip with tiny sharp bites, running her tongue around the soft flesh on the inside of her mouth. Paul came from behind the sofa and lifted up the silk top, fondling her breasts from the rear as he pressed his burgeoning erection against her. Amy smiled as she pulled the rest of Cara’s clothes off, helping her to step out of the tiny G-string on the perfectly toned body, as she lay her down on the soft velvet of the couch.

“What would you like me to do?” she said to the woman, her pussy already dripping as she licked her lips at the sight of Cara.

“I want you to suck my tits” she said to Paul, who was stroking the flat of his hand all over her muscled body.

“And me?” Amy said smiling.

“I want you to fuck me”. Cara said her voice hoarse with pleasure.

Paul pulled his clothes off, kneeling by the side of her as he began to knead and fondle her breasts, sucking her nipples and running his teeth against the sensitive areolas, making the sensitive buds pucker and stiffen. Cara pushed her feet deep into the depths of the sofa as Amy took off what was left of her clothes and pushed Cara’s thighs apart. Slowly she bent her head and felt the first contact of skin on skin. Cara was completely hair free, the slit of her pussy like silk to the touch. Gently she pulled apart the folds with her fingertips and pushed her tongue into the heat of the other woman’s pussy. She tasted of salt and of almost honey as Amy began to suck and jab her tongue into Cara’s depths.

“Oh God that’s so good” Cara moaned as both Paul and Amy ravaged her body, Paul’s cock pushing against the side of the couch, as he sucked at her breasts, Amy’s head and arse bobbing up and down as she pushed her fingers into Cara and rotated them, making the other woman groan with pleasure.

Amy felt somebody stroking her bottom and she instinctively knew it was James. Knelt on the sofa she pressed her knees further into it, as James’s hands explored her, his fingers in her pussy, his other hand stroking her back, following the curve of her back, to the crack of her arse. She felt him part the cheeks, using her own secretions to rub all over the pucker of her bottom. She’d never let Paul have anal sex with her, and the thought of the husband and the wife having her, made Amy wetter than she’d ever been in her life.

James put his hand in the back of his jeans pocket and pulled out a condom, then he stripped off his clothes and rubbed the hardened cock against the thigh. Then she heard the unmistakable rip of the condom wrapper as he rolled the rubber onto his cock and started to feed it slowly into her pucker. Amy felt her body refuse, then slowly he edged himself in, bit by bit, making her feel full and then pull up. Amy went into overdrive as his hands steadied her by holding onto her hips, slowly fucking her arse.

Cara groaned her orgasm now exploding as she grabbed at Paul’s cock, her hand gripping it and rubbing the shaft. Then she pulled him towards her mouth and began to suck at him in a frenzy, her tongue swirling around the stiffened vein as she felt Paul grip her hair and guide her head, pulling her away as he came over her breasts, rubbing his own fluid in the creamy mounds of her chest.

Amy was lost. Her body rippling with desire as James drove further into her, his balls now slapping against her as he began his own orgasm. She drew in her breath deeply biting down on her lip as she gripped James, tipping herself over into one mind blowing, body crushing crescendo.

Amy winced as she took another sip of the hot coffee. She really had chewed her lip to pieces, feeling the hot fluid sting the cut, then she smiled. Paul still didn’t know she knew about him and James. Even Cara had no idea her husband was bisexual. She pondered on how to tell him. Then she shrugged. A few more nights like last night and then maybe she would tell him. It would be a shame to stop, now they’d just started.

Cara had already suggested they should all go away on holiday together and Tuscany at this time of year was glorious. It had even got Amy thinking about a new book, but slightly different than her usual fare.

She looked at her watch. Cara was coming for lunch today. Wait until she finds out what’s for dessert!


© Copyright 2007 KissdBoots

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