Snowy Night
Written by Steve (January 2009)
(MF, rom, oral)

I feel the bed move and open my eyes to see you slide in alongside me. Your body glistens slightly in the half-light as the glow of the streetlight comes through the open curtains. ďIíve been watching the snowĒ you say as you press your naked body against me. I shudder slightly as your cold skin hits my warmth, then my arms reach round you pulling you close and you quickly feel warm to my touch once more.

I see your eyes sparkle in the semi-dark and I hold your head gentle as we kiss. Softly at first, then with increasing passion. Your breasts press against my hairy chest and I feel the hardness of your nipples. The cold? Or a sign of your arousal?

My kisses stray down your neck, across your shoulder and then down towards your breast. My lips brush past your hard nipple, Iím tempted to take it in my mouth, but I donít for now. Instead, I kiss all over your breast and then move to the other. I hear the signs of pleasure you are making and decide now is the time to take your nipple in my mouth. I suck hard, then my teeth nip into it, I know you like it rough and I get the expected groan of pleasure mixed with pain.

My hand strays down your body and I find your wetness. My fingers slip easily up and down your wet lips and my fingertip teases the bump of your clit. Iím careful to use just the slightest pressure, teasing, building the desire, knowing you want moreÖ I listen to your breathing, knowing how you are close to orgasm, but easing off every so often, keeping you on the edge, not letting you go over.

I release your nipple from my mouth and start to trail kisses down your body, till my mouth reaches your thighs. I linger, kissing up the inside of one, then the other, knowing what you really want me to do. Your hands reach down, pulling on my head, letting me know of your urgent need. You groan slightly as you feel my hot breath on your pussy, Iím lingering, enjoying your scent before my tongue finally reaches out to taste your honey. Slowly up your wet slit, not quite reaching the top at first, dipping in and out of your pussy, lapping your juices into my mouth.

The first touch of my tongue against your clit sends a jolt, like an electric shock, through you and I know you are so close. I keep it slow, and then see the quivering in your thighs; I can hear your breathing close to panting, time to let you come. My tongue flicks hard and fast over your clit. Your body jolts, your hips buck around on the bed and I hook my arms under your thighs so that my tongue doesnít loose contact with you. Your cries of pleasure ring out round the room, encouraging me to keep at my task of joy. Finally, you can take no more, you hands push down on my head, telling me enough and I slow my licking then stop.

Thereís just enough light for me to see you, panting, unable to speak, but the look in your eyes tells me I took you to a magical place. I kiss you softly on the cheek, your to breathless for me to kiss your mouth just yet. I position myself over you, the tip of my cock glides effortlessly up and down your wet slit and I look into your eyes as I slowly push myself into you. I feel the tip of my cock reach what feels like the end of your pussy, reaching under your thighs I pull then up round my back, change my position slightly, then push harder into you. I feel the tip of my cock go deeper, push past something and into a magical spot. My long cock deeper inside you than anyone has ever been. It feels so good and I pause, holding myself there, both of use just enjoying the sensation. Your pussy contracting softly round me with the aftershocks of your orgasm, my cock throbbing inside you as my desire intensifies.

I start to slide in and out of you, the tip of my cock rubbing past something on every stroke in and out. It must be your womb I feel. Thereís just enough light for me to see you, panting, unable to speak, but the look in your eyes tells me I took you to a magical place. Whatever it is, it feels so delicious for both of us. Itís taking all my self control to fuck you slow, fighting the desire to take you hard and fast.

Suddenly, your sighs of pleasure give way to a much more intense groan, I feel your pussy tighten round me, your legs wrap themselves tighter round my back and your arms pull me to you. I start to fuck you hard and fast, your body exploding beneath me as your orgasm sweeps you from head to toe. My own is not far behind you. My cock contracts, your muscles milking it as it pulses and I shoot 5 or 6 jets of my hot cum inside you. You feel me filling you, my cock pushing my seed into your womb.

Our orgasm seems to last ages, but finally we are spent, I collapse exhausted on top of you, both unable to speak. Pulling you tight against me, I roll us to our sides, still locked together enjoying the little shudders running through our body. We kiss and lay there, looking into each otherís eyes, no words necessary other than ďI love you.Ē

Off to sleep we drift, my cock still inside you.


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© Steve Mitchell January 2009

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