Written by Steve (Jun 2001)
MF, dream, oral)

Sitting at her pc Karen opened her inbox. A new message. "A Hemail for you" it said. Hemail, surely it meant email? Clicking on the box the message opened.

Suddenly a flash from the screen and she was aware of a stranger beside her. She gasped, but he signalled to her to be quiet and kissed her. She wanted to resist, but as his lips met hers and he began to probe her mouth with his tongue all resistance left her body. Picking her up, he carried her to the bed and laid her upon it. She had been wearing a nightie but it seemed to have vanished…

Cupping her left breast in his hand, he planted a trail kisses down her neck and took her nipple in his mouth. Her nipple stiffened as he rolled his tongue around it and she signed softly with pleasure. Slowly his hand trailed down her body to her hip and then her thigh. His mouth followed, kissing and caressing her body as he went.

She knew where he was heading and shifted slightly, opening her thighs, offering herself to be pleasured. His mouth nuzzled through her soft pubic hair, lingered for a while before tracing a trail up and down her thighs. His tongue licked her wet pussy lips, savouring the essence of her womanhood, before flicking up towards her clit. The touch was electric and sent pulses of pleasure through here body, her hips rose to meet him. Probing her pussy, licking and flicking her clit he sent her racing towards orgasm. It had been so long since anyone had been there for her, a pent up explosion of pleasure raced through her body, waves of bliss that made her shudder again and again. Three times he took her to a peak and down again, the last so intense she could bear no more.

Reaching down to his head, she pulled him away and upwards, he followed as she drew him up her body till they were face to face. She felt his hard cock between her thighs and shifted to allow him to position at her wet, slippery tunnel. Inch by inch, he slide inside her, almost teasing until fully inside. He felt big, bigger than she had ever had before, she felt total full as her pussy adjusted to this welcome invader. He started to stroke in and out, slowly at first, each stroke causing her to gasp, then with increasing speed till he settled at a steady rhythm. Her pussy started to contract, after his earlier oral ministrations she was ready to come again, her tummy fluttered, her thighs began to tremble, her breathing quickened. Wrapping her legs round his back, she pulled him tight towards him and urged him to go faster. Faster, faster, harder, harder, fuck me I'm coming….. Her senses went wild, she felt him throb inside her, his cock spurting his hot seed deep inside her pussy, as the came in an explosion of bliss.

Totally spent they lay there, recovering… and suddenly he was gone…

Her pc flickering in a corner of the bedroom brought her back to her senses. It was only a dream….

But as she sat up, she felt a trickle of fluid between her thighs leaving a damp spot on the sheet. So was it??

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© Steve Mitchell Jun 2001

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