Written by Steve (Nov 2005)
(MdomF (mild) )

You are a slave to my cock.

The first time you saw it you fell in lust with it. You told me you are not used to one so big, so long and so thick. I know that just thinking of it makes your pussy start to moisten as your desire grows, an ache builds within you and your clit starts to throb. You may try to deny it, but your body betrays you.

You yearn to cup my balls in your hand and run your tongue up and down my shaft. You want to explore every part of my cock, lick around the ridge of my glans and take my throbbing tip into your mouth. Sometimes you are so greedy you want to take all of me in deep, but then you cough, as you can't cope with my length as it starts to go down your throat.

You want to spend a long, long time enjoying my taste, enjoying the throbbing of my cock as you slide in and out of your mouth, building up my pleasure until I finally explode. You love that explosion, as my cock spurts jet after jet of my thick, hot cream into your mouth and you let it wash around before you finally swallow.

Your pussy contracts hard as you cum just from sucking me and you want me there as well. You want me to slide inside you, my thick shaft pushing aside your contracting walls, making you gasp in pleasure as you adjust to having me inside you. You know my cock will reach right to the end of your pussy, stretching you and my tip pushes against your cervix. You want me to leave it there, not moving as you enjoy the sensation of being totally full, stretched but width and length.

You want to feel my cock sliding in and out of you, feel each ridge of my cock teasing and stimulating your pussy, making that pressure build stronger inside you. You like me taking you doggie style so the curve in my shaft ensures the underside of my cock rubs against your G-spot with every thrust. You become helpless beneath me as I just take you and use you, while your pussy spasms around me.

Most of all you like to be on your back, submissive as my cock pushes in and out of you, my arms pushing you legs high onto your shoulders so I can get even deeper into your pussy. My cock is all you can think of, all you care about, as I drive you towards your explosion.

Your pussy aches for my cock, aches for the release which only my cock seems to bring to you. Your orgasms are stronger, longer, totally mind-blowing, multiples experiences which just keep coming, wave after wave until I finally withdraw. Even then your pussy continues to spasm, your cervix contracting, sucking my spunk into my womb, while your mind is just a blank and you pant for breath.

You'll do anything for my cock. You want my cock again and again. You want me to control you, use you again and again. For you are my cock slave.....

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Steve Mitchell November 2005

This story is the work of my imagination. No reproduction without my written consent.

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