How was your 10 o'clock?
Written by Steve
(MF, job)

"So how was your 10 o'clock. I had quite a nice time."

I imagined that you were under my desk.

You unzipped my trousers and took my cock out. The excitement of knowing that no one could see what you were doing meant it was as hard as steel. You wrapped your soft lips around it and took it deep into your mouth. You had me so excited that it was hard to control myself as you slid your soft, hot lips up and down my shaft. It wasn't long before I could control myself no longer and spurted my hot seed against the back of your throat. You licked me clean and gently popped it away.

But by now everyone had disappeared and I pulled you from under my desk. Now it was my turn..

As you stood up I slipped my hands up your short skirt to find that you had no panties on. I sat you on the edge for my desk and parted your legs. Your puffy lips glistened from within their furry home. I plunged into the inviting heaven and pushed my tongue deep into your hot hole.

That blow job had got you really excited and you shuddered as you started to come. I ran my tongue up and down, flicking you clit which stood hard and proud from under it's hood. You wrapped your legs around my head and clamped it tight as another orgasm hit you like a run away train. God! The excitement. The illicitness of this forbidden sex.

My cock was hard and ready again. I pulled myself from between your thighs and stood with my cock at the entrance to your cunt. I rubbed it up and down your clit a few times teasing you, but this was no time for teasing, it was hot, passionate animal sex that we wanted, so I plunged my cock deep into your cunt. You gasped with pleasure and wrapped you legs around my back, pulling my upper body down onto the desk to meet yours. I started to pump, you and me breathing faster with every stroke.

That earlier blow job would normally have meant I could last as long as I wanted but not this time. With you shuddering and writhing below me, I pumped away with the urgency of a man possessed. The familiar feeling started in my balls and rushed up through my body. My cock spurted it's hot sticky milk into your cunt. Your cunt spasmed and milked almost trying to pull my cock to the centre of your body as your own powerful orgasm shook through you.

I collapsed onto you completely spent and we lay listening to each other breathing as we slowly came back to earth.

Suddenly a noise, the others were coming back. Quickly we stood up and rearranged our clothing. Anyone walking past my door would only have seen you handing me a report before crossing to your desk opposite. As you sat down, you reached for some tissues to mop the stickiness that had started to run down your leg. We smiled at each other and thought about lunchtime...

Sharing an office had never been such fun!

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Steve Mitchell January 2000

This story is the work of my imagination. No reproduction without my written consent.

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