Written by Steve (July 2005)
(MF, cheat, oral)

Stephen opened his eyes to see Deborah enter the room. She was wearing a silky full length dressing gown which hugged her figure, but showed just a little cleavage. In her hand she carried a hot steaming mug and the waft of fresh coffee filled the room.

'Hi. How did you sleep?'

'Well to be honest I was a little chilly, perhaps I could have done with an extra blanket.'

'Sorry to hear that, I can't have my guests being cold. How about we get you warm'

With that she undid the tie to the dressing gown and allowed it to fall to the floor. Stephen's eyes briefly took in her naked body before she slid under the covers to join him.

'What about…..?'

'Oh don't worry about them, they left early to go fishing. They won't be back till after lunch', said Deborah as she pressed her body against Stephen. Her skin felt hot against his and a glow spread through his body. She leaned across to him and their mouth met as the kissed. Gently at first, but then with an increasing intensity.

Stephen shifted slightly as he felt his cock starting to stir. Deborah sensed the movement, her hand went down and she wrapped her fingers around his rapidly hardening length. He felt so big, certainly bigger than she was used to, she just had to see. Pushing the covers off completely, she gasped slightly as she saw that Stephen was a good seven, probably eight inches and thick with it.

A surge ran through her pussy and she just knew she had to taste him right now. She lowered her head and ran her tongue along the shaft causing Stephen to shudder and utter a soft moan of pleasure. Normally she would tease with lots of licking, but an urgency within her meant she ran her tongue round the purple head; she loved circumcised cocks, before quickly taking it deep into her mouth. She could barely take more than half before she felt full, so she wrapped her hand round the base and started to bob her head up and down.

Laying back soaking up the pleasure was all he could do. The softness of her mouth, the pressure of her lips on his shaft as she went up and down and the gently wanking motion of her hand. The feelings were intense and it had been a long time. He knew that the stirrings deep in his balls meant he wouldn't last long. 'Keep that up and I'm going to cum in your mouth', he said. There was no reply, just an increase in pressure as she sucked harder.

The tingle started to spread through his body, as pressure built deep in his groin and he found himself rising up to meet the down strokes of her mouth. A throb in his shaft and an intense rush as he shot spurt after spurt into her hungry mouth. Orgasms through blow jobs always felt more intense for Stephen and this one was one of the best. Deborah sure knew how to suck a guy. It felt like all his energy had gone from him.

He lay on his back getting his breath back, when Deborah came up his body and planted a kiss on his lips. He could taste himself slightly in her mouth, but didn't mind, as her tongue pushed its way into his mouth. His hands reached up and started t stroke her breasts, running his finger tips round first one then the other of her stiff nipples.

It was 'her turn' now, he felt he should give her the same pleasure he'd received. Pushing her onto her back, he gently sucked on nipples as his hand strayed down her body, seeking out her hot pussy. His fingers brushed through her sparse covering of pubic hair and found her hot wet slit. His finger ran up and down feeling her slickness. His mouth started to water as he imagined her taste and he started to work his way down her body planting kisses as he went. Reaching her hips he went lower, to her knees, and then worked his way up, her thighs parting to allow him access as he went.

He gazed at her pussy briefly, every woman is different and he liked to take in the beauty of each, her slightly plump, fleshy vulva coated with her juices. Running his tongue up between each lip, they parted easily and he was able to push his tongue inside and lap at her sweet, slightly musky juice. Then he flicked his tongue up towards her clit, it felt large and she shuddered at his touch. Plunging his tongue back into her pussy he did the same again. Pussy, clit, pussy, clit, until she started to push against his face.

Putting his arms under her thighs, he brought them round to hold her hips and pull her towards him. The fingers of his right hand pulled gently on her mons, causing her clit hood to stretch upwards and expose her clit fully. Starting a steady rhythm, it wasn't long before Deborah was really working her hips towards him, but with his arms round her thighs he never deviated from his task.

Deborah could feel the heat rising in her, a ball of tension rising, until she could bear it no longer. Her thighs started to tremble, and then her whole body as wave after wave of pleasure raced through her. Her orgasm must have lasted a minute or so and then Stephen moved away from her clit. His tongue just running gently up and down her pussy lips, pleasurable, but allowing the orgasm to subside. Her breathing started to recover slightly when Stephen moved back to her clit and once again she surged towards orgasm. She lost count of how many times he did this, 4,5,6 times perhaps more, but finally she could take no more. 'I need a little rest', she gasped.

Sliding back up her body their mouth met and this time it was Deborah's turn to taste her herself on Stephen's tongue. As they kissed she felt her hard throb of his cock against her thigh and reached down to stroke it. Running her hand up and down it long length, her desire began to burn again and she parted her thighs. Stephen positioned himself between them and she guided the tip of the cock to her waiting pussy. With one smooth motion, Stephen's cock sank deep inside her, filling her totally and making her gasp as she felt so stretched.

He held himself deep inside her for few moments, allowing her to adjust to his size, as he continued to kiss her and caress her breasts. He started to move gently, long slow strokes that took him about three quarters of the way out, before sliding fully back in. Deborah's pussy felt velvet soft and yet slick at the same time, he wanted to enjoy the sensations as she gently writhed beneath him. With a little twist of his hips he caused the motion to be slightly circular ensuring that her clit benefited from his shaft sliding against it. Her pussy started to tighten, he could feel it gripping wit each stroke, time to change rhythm if he wanted last. Pushing deep, he felt the head of his cock up against her womb, stretching her pussy, while his pubis nudged against her clit.

Deborah felt the change in tempo and the extra 'fullness' intensified the sensation riding through her body. Raising her legs round his back, she pulled Stephen deep into her and wrapped her arms round his shoulders. Right now she was oblivious to anything except the eight inches deep inside her. A hot rush swept through her and her body began to shake as she cried out in pleasure. 'Oh that's it! Fuck me harder. Fuck me! Oh god! I'm cumming! Oh! Ooh! Ooooh!'

His balls slapping hard against her ass, Stephen kept up the short, deep, hard strokes as she held him tight and cried out beneath him. He loved the sensation of knowing her was almost powerless below him, his cock having taken over her completely.

Slowing slightly, he turned them onto their sides and continued to slide gently in and out, as Deborah came down slightly from her orgasmic haze. The change in position shifted the pressure on his cock and he was able to switch to longer, slow strokes as he caressed her breasts. Every so often he could feel her pussy start to tighten slightly and he would push deep into her pussy feeling the heat of her juices around his cock, before going back to the slow strokes with only about half of his cock inside her.

Finally when he felt she could bear the teasing no longer, he rolled her back on to her back and drove deep inside her. Gasping, Deborah drew her legs back round him and gripped him hard with her arms as his cock pounded into her. The teasing build up had left her on the edge and she exploded with the most power sensations racing through her. 'Ooh! Ooh! Ooooh! Fuck Me! Fuck me hard! Don't stop!' she cried out as her pussy clamped tight around his cock. His balls tightened a hot rush along his shaft and Stephen shot spurt after spurt deep inside her. The hot sensation insider her triggering yet another shattering orgasm.

They lay there panting, shuddering with after shocks and completely satisfied, neither having the energy to speak for a moment. Then finally Deborah said, 'Your coffee's gone cold, shall I make another?'

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