A Letter To Sam
By Steve
(M, dream)


I'm sat here all horny thinking of you. You offered yourself as desert and now my cock is throbbing at the thought of you spread out on the table waiting for me to eat your sweet, appetising pussy.

I love you in that red satin underwear. I'd love to lay down on the table, start slowly by kissing your soft lips, then work my way down your slender sexy throat. Plenty of kisses to the side of your neck as my hands start to caress your breasts through your bra. Then kissing the top of your chest and cleavage, before I un-clasp the bra and set you free. I'd suck and nibble on one nipple and then the other, while my hand strokes up and down your inner thighs.

I'd stoke the fire within you, make your pussy wet and your clit start to tingle before I slowly kiss my way down your body. Your belly, your hips, everywhere except your pussy.... Then when you can't wait any longer, you would push my head between your thighs, inviting me to eat dessert.

My tongue slowly snaking up seeking out your wet pussy lips, inflamed with desire, in desperate need of the relief I can offer..... My tongue lapping up your juices, flicking upward to your clit, making you tremble with each stroke. I would make the tension build, the desire, the steady build up of pressure that can only be released one way.

Then with a rush, you would go over the edge, shuddering, crying out as you orgasm. Wave after wave of pleasure sweeping through you as I keep my tongue where you need it. I feel your thighs gripping my head, my hands hold your hips as you buck across the table, your juices flooding from your pussy, hungrily I consume them.

Finally you need a break, your thighs release your grip on my head and I take this as a sign you have been satisfied. I slow the pace of my tongue, bringing you down slowly, easing back, allowing you to get your breath back. I slide back up your body for another feast upon your breasts and become aware that my cock is still hard. I need satisfying and normally I'd let you suck me in a leisurely blow job and swallow a good load or my cream, but today I need satisfying quickly.

I stand up and pull you to the edge of the table. I rub the tip of my cock up and down your wet slit, teasing you while getting my cock head nice and wet. I start to push into you, slowly at first, then with one big push I bury my entire 8 inches inside you. You gasp at the sudden filling of your pussy and I push deep, holding myself there as your pussy adjusts to my cock.

I start to move my hips, moving my cock slowly in and out of you as I lift your legs high and wrap them round my back. You grip round me, so holding your hips for stability I draw my cock in and out, long strokes, almost coming out, before I plunge deep inside, each stroke bring a gasp from your lips.

I try to fuck you slowly, but you are close to coming again thanks to my pussy licking, I'm horny too, we both start to breath heavy and know this is going to be a fast and furious ride. Building speed, my cock is sliding in and out of you, my balls slapping your ass with each stroke. Your pussy walls start to grip my cock, knowing you're close starts that heavy feeling in my balls, it won't be long now.

You cry out, your pussy contracts, my cock throbs, I spurt shot after shot of my hot cream into your pussy as you contract and greedily milk my cock. Your pull me tighter with your legs, I push deep into you, one last wave of pleasure sweeps through you before I collapse exhausted onto your breasts.


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Steve Mitchell - November 2004

This story is the work of my imagination. No reproduction without my written consent.

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