Coming Home
Written by Steve (Jun 2000)
(MF, wl, oral)

Coming home from work

I had got home early and you were still at work. I went into the kitchen and made a coffee, thinking I would start on dinner. You car pulls up outside and I hear your key in the door. "Hi", you call. "I'm in the kitchen", I reply.

You walk through the door with a mischievous smile on your face, "The department meeting was so boring" you say, "I spent the whole time thinking of you instead!" You wrap your arms around my neck and start to kiss me. Slowly and sensually at first, but slowly the passion builds. I'm running my hands over your body gently brushing past the sides of your breasts, along your waist to your hips. Sliding backwards and over your ass, I drag you closer still, pressing you against my rapidly stiffening cock. You respond by moving your hands down and start rubbing the outside of my trousers almost teasing him to steel like hardness.

You slide downward looking for something to satisfy your hunger. That something is my meat. Almost with one movement you unbuckle my belt, unzip my flies, and push my trousers to the floor. Your soft lips engulf the throbbing purple head of my cock and you slide it deeper into your mouth. I lean back against the kitchen cupboards as you work your magic. There is urgency within you as you rapidly work your mouth up and down, pausing occasionally to run your tongue around the tip of my shaft. I feel my balls tighten and a surge through my cock, but this only seems to increase the hunger within you, as you take my cock as deep as you can and my seed shoots down the back of your throat. I seem to come forever, but eventually the feeling subsides and I feel myself softening in your mouth. You are determined to get every last drop and lick up and down and around the top until eventually I slide out of you mouth with a pop! "Was I good" you say, "Do I get a reward?"

I know exactly what you want as a reward and I kiss you gently, tasting the slightly salty taste of my own cum in your mouth. I run my fingers over your breasts and slowly unbutton your blouse. It's a front fasting bra and with a click it's undone. I lower my mouth as slowly suck on your left nipple. You sign with pleasure as I flick my tongue around in circles, gently building the pressure.

I slide my hands down to your skirt, running over the straps of your garter belt and I smile as I push you backward towards the kitchen table. I push your skirt up over your hips and see you have no panties on.
I spread your legs to gaze at the wondrous beauty that's sits at the top of them. The soft mound, with its furry coat that so perfectly matches your blonde hair, sitting above two fleshy lips that glisten at the entrance to your hot, wet hole.
I start to kiss your inner thighs and breath deeply taking in the fragrant musky scent of your womanhood. My mouth moves closer, teasing you. "Lick my cunt now. Please!" You cry.

I plunge my tongue deep inside you and a shudder from your thighs pulses through your entire body. I feel your cunt contact as your breathing becomes heavier and I lick up and down your dripping slit trying to drink your juices. I start to concentrate on your clit. Flicking up and down, round and around. A gasp. You go over the edge into Orgasm. Your legs clamp my head trying to pull me closer as your hips rise and fall upon the tables edge. I drive my tongue deep into your cunt, trying to use it like small cock as lap at the flood of juices pouring from within. I keep you there on the edge for what seems an eternity until eventually you can stand no more and you release your grip from around my head. I take this as the signal that you have had enough and slow down the pace of my tongue, lightening the contact as you slowly come down and relax.

Standing up, I move closer and lean to kiss you. I slowly slide my, once again, hard member into your slippery cunt. Inch by delightful inch, it powers to the deepest part of you, bringing the most exquisite of pleasure. You reach up with your arms to hold me tight, but I have other ideas. I take your wrists and force them down onto the table, holding them there, while I start to slide my powerful cock in and out. Slowly, almost painfully so, I drive it's full length in until my pubic bone drives against yours and the tip of my shaft nudges against your womb. Now I slide it out until only the tip remains inside you and then slowly back in. I repeat this over and over until I drive you crazy with desire, "Yes fuck me hard!" you cry. I speed up faster and faster and you cry, "Yes! Yes! Yes! Harder! Faster! Oh God! I coming! ! !! !" You wrap your legs around my back pulling me tighter until I'm deep within you, stretching your cunt with my cock, causing your cunt to contract round it. Short thrusts now, barely moving in and out, my pubic bone pressing hard against your clit. You squeeze harder, your cunt goes into spasm milking my cock, and I erupt and shoot my hot seed deep inside you.

Exhausted we hold on to each other for a while until the feeling subside and I slowly withdraw. "Let's forget about dinner", you say, "and go straight to bed". It's going to be a long night. But that's another story.

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Steve Mitchell Jun 2000

This story is the work of my imagination. No reproduction without my written consent.

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