My Thoughts
Written by Steve (June 2007)
(MF, dream)

You came into my thoughts, as I lay in bed alone....

Suddenly I'm in your bed, lying beside you; I'm naked, you are wearing that silk leopard print nightie. I turn towards you and gaze into your deep blue eyes, you lick your lips seductively and they glisten with the moisture. I raise my body slightly over yours and bring my head down, we kiss, our mouths part slowly and our tongues brush together. My hand brushes up your body and I feel my cock start to stiffen as my chest presses against your large breasts.

I start to kiss further down your neck, unhooking the straps of the nightie as I do; my hand massages your nipple through the flimsy material before I uncover you completely. I gaze wondrously as your magnificent breasts and then start to feast on them like a starving man, as indeed I am and it is you that produced that hunger.

You writhe beneath me, surrendering yourself to me, your breath quickening as I stoke a fire within you. With a gentle push you remind me that fire rages lower and I travel down your body as you open your thighs wider to let me in. Pushing the hem of the nightie up, I expose the treasure I seek and bury my face in your pubic mound. Your wonderful musky scent fills my nostrils and I lower my head further to your waiting pussy. It glistens with your moisture, just like your lips did, and my tongue reaches out to taste you. You shudder slightly and your hips come up off the bed as I lick up and down your wet pussy, savouring your taste and going back for more. My tongue probes inside you seeking out the sweet flavour, before I start to run it round your clit. Each little sweep of my tongue building that fire until you explode and your pussy tries to extinguish the flames with a flood of more juices.

You lay there panting, but I know that you need more, I press my cock to your pussy and it sinks deep inside you with one easy movement. I pause for a moment, enjoying the soft, yet slick, feeling of you around me and letting your pussy adjust to the long length inside you. I start to move my cock within you, slow, deep thrusts, my cock causing you to give little gasps at the end of each deep thrust, just the way you like it, my size causing you to feel just slightly 'stretched'.

You wrap your legs round my back, a sign you are getting close to another orgasm, your message to me to start to fuck you faster. I respond, gradually increasing the tempo and the length of each stroke. Your hips are coming up to meet me, I can feel you tightening around me and my own explosion is close as I can feel my balls tightening. You cry out, you're close, I feel you grip me so tight, my cock thrusts deep in you as it throbs and I shoot my hot cum inside you. You always say that you can feel it and it triggers an explosion in you, your arms and legs grip me so tight and pull me close to you.

We lay there, spasming with little aftershocks, our orgasms leaving us drained. I look into your eyes. They are glazed and have that far away look in them, the intensity of your cum having taken you to some magical place. Our breath is ragged for a while, but slowly starts to calm a little. I kiss you softly and continue to hold you as my cock slowly softens within you.

You push me up and I slip out of you and onto my back, while you kneel over me. Taking my cock in your hand, start to lick me, your tongue round around my shaft, up and down to my balls and then round the tip. You take me into your mouth as I quiver slightly, sensitive to the rub of your tongue. Normally I take a while to recover, but I sense your desire and my cock starts to stiffen in your mouth. You straddle me, one hand directing my cock as you sink slowly down onto it.

Bleep, bleep, bleep. The alarm clock sounds, I'm back in my bed, it was just a dream. But tonight I will be beside you for real.......

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Steve Mitchell June 2007

This story is the work of my imagination. No reproduction without my written consent.

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