Last Night
Written by Steve (Oct 2001)
(MF, oral)

Last night I dreamt about you.

Here is what I dreamt.

I could hear you in the bath and slowly crept to the door. I was watching at you lying there in the bubbles, when suddenly you noticed me. You gasped and tried to cover up, but then your surprise turned to a knowing smile. You motioned for me to pass a towel and stood up in the bath. Briefly I watched the bubbles slide down your smooth body and passed you a towel from the rack.

Stepping from the bath, you wrapped the towel around yourself and picked up a jar of strawberry scented body lotion from the bathroom shelf. Leading me by the hand, you walked through to the bedroom and lay down on the bed. You rolled on to your front, exposing your bare back and I started to slowly massage you with the lotion. The smell of strawberries filled the air as I worked down your back to the tops of you thighs. I slowly worked my way down each leg, one at time, occasionally teasing as I slide my hand along your inner thigh and lightly brushed your rapidly overheating honey pot. Rolling you onto your back, I started to massage your shoulders and slowly slid down to your breasts. They quivered with each stroke of my hands and your nipples stood erect, like little hazelnuts. I worked down your stomach and you gave a little sigh as the pleasure built within. Still teasing, I stopped short of the furry pleasure dome and moved to the front of your thighs. Once again I teased with stokes towards the inside until it was too much for you to bear.

Opening your legs wide, you thrust your hips towards my face, "Eat me!" you cried. I buried my face into the furry grotto and breathed in the smell of strawberries mixed with your musky scent. I found the little love bud and flicked it with my tongue. Instantly, your body quivered and you moaned softly as your body shook with Orgasm.

I continued to eat your womanhood as I slid my body round to position my groin with your head. Reaching towards my stiff muscle, you take it towards your mouth and engulf it with your velvet lips. We continue to lick and suck each other giving mutual pleasure until you build towards another climatic explosion. Feeling the pressure building within my self, I gently pull away from your mouth to allow the feeling to subside and continue to pleasure your bud.

With the approach of yet another orgasm, I change position and slide deep inside your hot wet pussy. This is all it takes to tip you over the edge and with a gasp, you wrap your legs tight around my back. I continue to thrust as your pussy tightens its grip and you make noises of pleasure as the orgasm shakes your body.

Slowing the pace, we roll onto our sides and I continue to probe your eager pussy with my love weapon as we kiss and caress. As yet another explosion builds, I roll you onto your back once more and plunge in and out with increasing speed. You wrap your legs around my back once more, hold me tight with your arms and cry with pleasure, as your pussy becomes a milking machine. With one deep thrust I explode inside you, filling you with the cream your pussy enjoys. I continue with a few slow, gentle strokes as your pussy relaxes from it's shuddering frenzy and we roll to lay side by side. "I wish every bath night was like that you", you said.


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Steve Mitchell 2001

This story is the work of my imagination. No reproduction without my written consent.

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