I Miss You
Written by Steve (September 2005)
(F, dream)

My love how I miss you. Our separation is worst at nights, when my thoughts drift to you and how I ache for you to fill the space beside me in bed. Last night I imagined you were with me, making love to me once again and how my body yearned for your touch

The satin sheets on my bed felt cool and yet comforting against my skin as thoughts of you filled my mind. I began to recall how it felt when you kissed me and it was almost as if you were there doing it for real. Little ripples of pleasure ran down my spine and the ache grew greater. I could feel the softness and warmth of your tongue sending shivers through me, my body starting to respond physically now, just as it would if you really there.

My nipples were hard and sensitive, ready for you to lick and suck upon and in my mind thatís just what you did. Your nibbling and sucking sent waves of pleasure through me and my clit was standing proud, my pussy wet with my juices and the pressure grew greater. Just when I thought I could take no more it burst like a dam sending dozens of mini contractions through my soaking wet pussy.

The temporary relief was replaced by a sense of anticipation making me even wetter as I imagined your kisses on my thighs. Little waves of pleasure ran straight to my pussy. Your tongue working its magic, licking and kissing itís way to my pussy lips and slowly teasingly to my clit. I found it hard to stay still now and my hips writhed and ground on the bed as I imagined you taking me to orgasm with your tongue. The feelings were so real and without touching myself I found my body shaking, my stomach muscles and finally my pussy contracting as I reached yet another peak.

I was amazed at how my body was responding to my thoughts alone, how much I missed your physical presence; I needed to feel you closer. The image of your cock came into my mind and I found my mouth open and my tongue start to move as in my mind I took you into my mouth and started to suck on you, my tongue running along your eight inch shaft and around your large cock tip.

Little spasms from my pussy reminded me how it feel so good to have you inside me, how you fill and stretch me and make me want to abandon my body to you. In my mind it was so real, you were there your cock entering me sending ripples of pleasure through my pussy, your hot cock moving closer to my womb and making me stretch out to accommodate you. There was a sense of belonging, a closeness that felt so good. Oh my god, it felt so good, so real as you started to move your cock in and out of me, my legs thrashed about as I imagined them wrapped tight round your back pulling you deeper into me.

Those ripples got bigger and bigger, an ache built within me, I needed you, I needed a release which only you can give me. You rolled us to our sides, your cock continuing to thrust as you prolonged the teasing pleasure making my body ache and shudder. My pussy started to contract, gripping your cock and you turned me back onto my back as you started to thrust hard almost animal like into me. I could feel you plunging into me hard and deep as my muscles started to tense, I felt your hot cum spurt into me and a huge orgasm engulfed my whole body. My back arched off the bed as all muscles tensed as one and then relaxed, leaving me quivering with little aftershocks my breathing ragged and a hot wave sweeping my body.

As I lay there, a little liquid trickled from my pussy just as it would if you had been with me for real. Perhaps you had been, perhaps you joined me psychically as our spirits were briefly rejoined.

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© Steve Mitchell September 2005

This story is the work of my imagination. No reproduction without my written consent.

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