Waking Up
Written by Steve (July 2001)

Waking up, I look at you lying there beside me. A smile on your face as I wonder what you dream about.

Moving closer, I slip one arm around you and gently cup my hand under your breast. You roll onto your side and shift slightly backwards towards me, my hairy chest is pressed up to your back as I continue to gently stroke your soft skin. My finger slowly circles your nipple and it stiffens in response.

You give a little sigh.

I'm not sure if you are still asleep, but if you are not, you pretend to be as my hand travels across to stomach until it reaches the soft fuzzy patch of hair above your pussy. Slowly I ease my fingers towards your pussy lips and the dampness of your hair gives a way the secret before I get there.

Your pussy is wet and slippery, obviously you've been having a sexy dream as I couldn't have got you that hot so quickly. I run my fingers up and down the slippery lips and you push your hips back towards me. I'm waking you up in more ways than one it would seem.

My fingers slide up to your clitoris and start to slowly circle it. You reach behind and take hold of my stiff cock. I know what you want and shift slightly to allow you to position it, then with one thrust of my hips I slide deep inside you.

You gasp slightly and I keep still for a moment, holding you tight as we just feel the sensation of each other. I continue to gently stroke your clit as I start to slide in and out, your breathing is becoming rapid and I know you are close to coming..

You gasp and moan, "faster, hard, now…"

Holding your hips I drive into you again and again as your pussy tightens and grips me, my cock throbs, I drive in deep and hold it there as my come spurts deep inside you. You feel the warmth hitting your womb and give one more relaxing sigh. It feels like our very souls are merging at that moment as we achieve the ultimate in closeness.

"Good morning darling"

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© Steve Mitchell July 2001

This story is the work of my imagination. No reproduction without my written consent.

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