The Shower
Written by Steve (Sept 2000)

Leaving the shower we start to rub each other down with towels, gently teasing each other as the soft fluffy fabric brushes over our quivering bodies still sensitive from their recent orgasm.

We move to the bed and I push you face down onto it. Reaching for your favourite moisturising body rub, I tip some into my hands and slowly start to rub your body. First the shoulders and around your neck seeking out the sensitive spot that make you quiver. Then I slide my hands up and down your back, slowly going lower until I reach your hips. I love you hips, so I take my time and slide my hands to the sides as I go up and down. Teasingly I reach under you and start to brush across your stomach before returning my attentions to your back.

Down your thighs parting them slightly as I go, allowing me to caress the inner thighs on the return trip. Higher and higher I go on each slide up until my fingertips are brushing your pussy lips. Your breathing increases and I sense you are starting to climb another peak. I slide my hands under your hips and raise you up onto your knees, whilst positioning myself between your legs. I slide my stiff cock up and down your slick wet lips and then plunge deep within you.

You gasp and groan and your pussy contracts around my cock as I slide in and out. Deep long strokes at first, almost pulling out completely then pushing the entire 8 inches deep inside you. The gasps become quicker as you get ready to explode and then with a grunt you push you hips back towards me as your pussy goes into spasm. I respond with a series of short strokes, barely moving, pushing hard into you as you push your hips back towards me. I hold onto your shoulders for extra leverage, as my balls slap backwards and forward the base of my cock bashing at your clit as your pussy contracts tightly around my cock.

I start to slow down and ease you through your climax, thinking I can continue this fuck for a while longer, but you have other ideas. "Fuck me hard" you cry as you reach between your legs and gently stroke my balls. I though I had my climax under control, but this proves too much and I feel the stirring within that signals an impending explosion. I thrust deep into you pulling you back hard onto me and spurt my hot spunk deep into you. Your pussy responds with another wave of contractions as yet another orgasm rips through your body, you haven't come this many times in ages but tonight you seem to becoming with ease. My thrust continue keeping you there at the peak for what seems like forever as you almost scream with pleasure, until you cry "enough! I can't take any more."

I slow down and as my cock begins to soften, I gently slide out of you. We both roll over onto our sides, facing each other and I gentle kiss you. "I think we need another shower" you say, "But I don't think we have the energy."

Oh well… perhaps in the morning. After all we must make the most of it, I'm only staying for a week!

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Steve Mitchell Sepember 2000

This story is the work of my imagination. No reproduction without my written consent.

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