Written by Steve (June 2006)
(MF, oral, preg)

Stepping out of a nice cool shower, I walk to my bedroom with just a loose towel wrapped around me still wet where I have not dried myself off completely. I see you laying on the bed nothing but your birthday suit on, arms behind your head, legs apart, your big cock already half hard.

I smile to myself. Your eyes are shut and your thoughts are far away; you hear me enter the room and open one eye and see me enter the room. I slowly drop my towel; let your eyes feast upon my body for a moment and then I climb onto the end of the bed. I start kissing you from your knees and work my way up your body. I reach your cock which is slowly stiffening. “Mmmm. What do we have here?”

I take it in my right hand and gently lick the tip, then very slowly I slide my mouth all the way down your cock and feel it pulse and throb in my mouth. I slowly wank your cock with my hand as I ride it with my mouth, and every now and then I lick your balls, just to tease and get you rock solid. My pussy dripping as the thought of sitting on your cock and riding it turns me on. I take your cock out of my mouth and sit up onto my knees.

Feeling more and more aroused, I caress my breasts with both hands, and my right hand starts to wander slowly down my wet body until I reach my pussy. Partly wet from the shower and partly from being so turned on, I slide my fingers over my clit which sends quivers through my body and an over whelming feeling of wanting you so badly. I pass my clit and enter my pussy, as you just lay there and watch. Left hand still caressing my breast, as I slide my fingers in and out, I ride myself up and down, head rolled back and eyes shut. You ask me if I’m enjoying myself and I whisper "Oh yeah".

You let me carry on for a few minutes and you start to groan as your own desire intensifies.

"Wank for me baby,” I say, “Wank. I wanna see you rub your cock."

Slowly you start to rub your cock and it drives me mad, I want your cock so much I’m aching, and getting wetter and wetter, I feel my body trembling as I know I can’t take much more.

“Fuck me baby! Fuck me! I need to feel your cock in me….. Make me a baby. I need to feel that hot spunk shoot inside me!"

You leap up, push me onto all fours and from behind me you slide your hard throbbing cock into my wet pussy. I feel every inch slide in. "Mmmmmm," I groan. You start off slow and I can feel every vein in your cock as it slides in and out. You grab my hips and ride me good. "Faster baby! Faster!" I say as my groans get louder by the second. Your cock drives into me quicker and quicker, riding me like never before.

I hear you whisper, “Cum for me baby! Cum! I want to feel your hot juices cum over my cock!”

You take one hand off my hip and still riding me, you lean over me and slid the free hand round and start rubbing my clit.

"Oh my god" I shout out, as you certainly hit the right spot. I can feel my body begin to tremble and a tension building up within me. I shout out, “Don’t stop! Don’t stop!”

I need to cum. Your fingers go faster as you fuck me harder and harder, your balls slapping against my arse.

“Faster, its cumming baby! Its cumming!” I groan loud, “OH YEAH! FUCK ME!” I shout.

My knees start to shaking  and then the whole of my body. I go nuts as a hot wave sweeps my body, my pussy contracts and floods with juice as I cum over your cock. My body is still spasming as you pull out and throw me onto my back. You go down on my pussy and lick the juices from me as I continue to cum. I’m in heaven and by now had no control over my body, I just lay there and let you take control giving me orgasm after orgasm, your tongue licking and flicking my clit sending me into orbit a few times but wow I’m loving it.

You slide up my body and gently start sucking my breast, send wonderful tingles through my body. I just lay there letting you enjoy my body. “Suck it baby. Suck it. Mmmm.” I caress my breasts as you suck on them, offering you first one nipple then the other, my body still wanting more, I can never get enough of you.

"I want your cock I NEED it now"

I look at you, and you sit up right, take your cock into your hand and start to tease my clit.  

“In me!” I demand, “I need to feel you”

I lift my head up and watch you slide it in very, very, slowly. Teasing my pussy, as I get hotter and wetter, I feel you stretching the inside of me, I feel so full, and finally a deep feeling of being stretched as your cock reaches the end of my pussy. It’s almost more than I can take, but some how I grow to take all of you.

“Oh yeah baby! That’s what I like to see. A soaking wet pussy” you say.

You draw your cock back out and start to tease me by only putting in part of your cock, then pulling it out, you know I need it all, I carry on watching, and getting turned on by the second. You’re getting close to coming too.

“You want it baby ?” you ask me.

I just give you a look which you know the meaning of. My eyes glazed over and full of desire.  I lift up some more and watch you slide all of your solid hard cock back in and then out. A few more strokes you pull him out and take him into your hand and start wanking. As you wank you keep pushing him onto my clit to keep me going.

“You want my spunk don’t ya?”

 You kept teasing and I can only nod as I watch you.

Then taking me by surprise you thrust your cock deep inside, your body presses down on me as we kiss and your cock pounds in and out of my pussy. The pressure inside me explodes like a bomb and my pussy clamps down on your thick hard shaft. I feel it throb inside me, a hot sensation deep inside me and I know you are filling me with your spunk. My arms pull you tight to me and our bodies spasm as one.

Finally we are done. We roll to our sides unable to pull apart, and my hand rubs gently across my tummy. You've given me what I need and in my mind I visualise your sperm making a baby deep inside me. A satisfied smile is on my face as I can almost feel it happening inside me…

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© Steve Mitchell June 2006

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