Feeling Better Now
Written by Steve (July 2007)
(MF, rom, oral)

I was laying on the bed with just a towel around my waist. You had told me to relax and you would rub my aches better. Last night's accident on the motorway had been a lucky escape, at the timeI felt fine, but now I ached from being thrown around in the car. You emerged from the en-suite bathroom, wearing a gown, a smile and holding the massage oil.

"Roll onto your back and let me do my magic", you said.

I did as you said, sighing to myself as warm oil dribbled across my shoulders and your delicate hands started to work it in. I felt my tight body start to relax as a peaceful feeling filled my body and I felt like I was sinking into the deep feather mattress. Your hands worked slowly down and I started to drift away. Almost on the edge of sleep, I was jolted back by you reaching my buttocks and a change in rhythm to a firmer more forceful kneading. Your hands worked their way down my thighs, now awake I could feel my buttocks tightening in response as the touch became soft once again and started to stray up my inner thigh. Little brushes against my balls, whilst the pretence of massaging my thighs continued. I could feel my cock stirring, my earlier pains now forgotten.

"Now the front," you said. "Over you go."

Not a word, I was putty in your hands, as I did as you bid. You put a little oil on your hands and started to massage my shoulders before leaning down for a kiss. Softly at first, then with more urgency, our mouths parting and our tongues exploring each other. I could feel my cock straining and pressing against you. It gave a throb and you broke the kiss.

"It's seems we have another problem that needs taking care of."

Moving down the bed you took me in your hand and lowered your head. Your hot, wet lips, engulfed the tip of my cock and I shuddered as you swirled your tongue around me. "Oh so good" was allI could utter as you started to work your head up and down, taking most of my length in your mouth, then sucking tightly as you drew your head up till my cock nearly popped out, a swirl of your tongue before taking me deeply again. Slowly, again and again, each time the sensation more acute than before, my body awake with pleasure. I'm so close to cumming, but you know my trigger point, deliberately keeping me just short of my peak, my body trembling with pleasure.

"Please. I'm so close. Make me cum."

"Not yet. My turn now."

And with that you slide up my body, your legs straddle my chest and gripping the headboard for balance you lower your pussy towards my face. I inhale your musky scent, it causes another wave of pleasure within me and I reach for your hips to guide you. My tongue runs up and down your wet pussy and I pull you a little closer. I want you now; I want more of you. I start to tongue up and down your wet slit and now it's you that is groaning with pleasure. You breath quickly becomes ragged and I realise how close you are. I move my hands to your buttocks, pulling you firmly against my face, my tongue flicks against your clit and you cry out with pleasure. Faster and fast my tongue flicks as I mash your pussy against my face.

"Ohhhh! Don't stop. Oohhhh! Christ! Arrrgh. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!...."

Your juices running down my face, my tongue laps hungrily trying to capture your essence as it flows from you. Then suddenly you pull away. It's too much, too sensitive and you can't take any more. You look at me, panting, unable to say anything. Till finally, you gasp, "That was good"

You take my still hard cock, rub your hand up and down it for a few strokes and then position yourself above me. I close my eyes briefly from the pleasure as you rub the tip of my cock up and down your wet pussy lips and then sink slowly down onto me. A small grunt escapes your mouth as your hips meet mine, my full eight inches inside you, I can feel the tip of my cock pressed tight at the end of your pussy. You pulse around me and then soften slightly as you adjust to my size.

We stay motionless for a few moments, enjoying the pulsing of each other, my cock throbbing in you, your pussy gently milking around my shaft... You start to ride me slowly, small bobbing motions, a slow gyrating of your hips as you grind your clit against my cock. Your breath is becoming ragged again. Normally you would want to ride me slow, stringing out the pleasure, making both of us wait for release. But not this morning, perhaps it was the fact you nearly lost me last night, a desperate need to have me giving an urgency inside you.

You ride mefaster and faster, long strokes. Most of my cock sliding in and out of you as you approach a rapidly building climax. Your teasing earlier left me so in need of release too; I can feel you tightening round me.I'm going to cum' I say. "Go on fill me" you reply andI feel you tighten around me. My balls tighten, I feel the throb in my cock, I grip your hips and thrustup, meeting your down stroke asIspurt 4 long powerfuljets of cum inside you. "Arrghhhh Ohhhhhh" The feel of my cum inside tips your own orgasm and you shudder overme. Your hips bucking as your own orgasm rushes through you in a series of spasms.

Finally spent, you collapse across my chest; we lay there panting, unable to speak the emotion we feel, until sleep takes us both over. We both feel better now.

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Steve Mitchell July 2007

This story is the work of my imagination. No reproduction without my written consent.

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