Thinking Of You
Written by Steve (June 2002)
(MF, dream, oral)

I’m sat at my pc thinking of you. My mind wanders, thinking of the conversation we had earlier, imagining you now lying in your bed alone….

I’m standing at the side of you bed, looking at you through the shadows as the moon shines through a gap in the curtains. I lift the duvet and slip gently in beside you. Taking you in my arms, I kiss you softly on the lips. Your mouth opens slightly and our tongues begin a delicate dance. I run my fingers through your long hair and sweep it aside to nibble on your earlobe. My mouth moves down and plants a series of kisses behind your ear and down you neck. You sigh gently and pull my mouth back to yours to continue the dance of tongues…

My hand slides up and down your back, gently caressing the soft, smooth skin. My fingers trace a line up and down and then brushing gently over your hip, across your waist and up your front. Cupping your left breast in my right hand, I caress it gently as the nipple stiffens. Breaking the kiss my mouth continues the trail of kisses down your neck and across your breast until to take the nipple in my mouth and gently suck, my hand now dancing a trail down your body to the furry plateau of womanhood.

Brushing through the soft fuzz I can feel the moist heat that beckons me further. I reach your puffy lips and feel the slick moisture that is oozing from them. I slide my fingers up and down the rapidly flooding slit and probe its inner space. I brush your clit, now poking from its hidden folds. “I need you now”, I hear you moan as your thighs spread wider. I need no more encouragement as I position myself over you and aim my stiff cock. Placing the tip inside you I pause for a moment, wanting to savour the moment that I enter you for the first time, your hips push up towards me and I slide further inside, a small thrust and my entire length is inside. Holding you in my arms I lay still, your pussy feels so good wrapped around me like a glove, the tip of my cock right against the end of your pussy. I’ve filled you completely.

Kissing you again I begin to slide my cock out and then back, just small movements at first, that feel so good, then longer strokes until I’m almost completely withdrawing and sliding back to the hilt. Your breathing is starting to become rapid, you wrap you arms around my back and pull me tight towards you as you lift your legs and wrap them round my hips. “Harder, please!” you beg me. Changing rhythm, I move to shorter strokes keeping deep inside you my pubic bone bumping yours with every thrust as I trying to push almost my entire body inside yours. The slick sides of your pussy start to tighten, I can feel you are close; your legs tighten around me pulling me closer. Then I feel it, your pussy grips my cock squeezing and relaxing trying to milk me, you are gasping with pleasure, I feel that build up inside me as I get ready to explode. Then, there it is, my cock throbs in rhythm to the squeezing pussy as I spurt my hot spunk inside, you must feel the heat inside because you give a cry of sheer pleasure and pull me tight.

And now spent, we hold each other close and feel the bliss as each other’s bodies relax, rolling onto our sides to recover. I must have fallen asleep in your arms, for suddenly I’m aware of your hands gently stroking my cock. As it stiffens you slide down and kiss my balls before sliding your tongue along the length of my shaft. Rolling your tongue around the glans, you take me in your mouth and start to bob up and down. Oh such pleasure as your hot mouth engulfs me and your tongue plays little swirling tricks around my tip. Your hand cups my balls gently, stoking them in time to your oral administrations and I feel quivers running through my body. You try to take more of me in to your mouth, but gag slightly as the length is too much to take. You release me and run your tongue up and down the shaft once more and then around my balls. Such pleasure, my excitement is such that I know I can’t last much longer, but I want to save myself till later.

Pushing you backwards it’s now your turn. I start to suck first one nipple and then the other, teasing them to peaks of stiffness, whilst gently stroking the underside of each breast. I start to plant a trail of kisses down your body, when an idea comes to me. You had been to a fancy dress party as a policewoman and there lying across the room is the uniform complete with handcuffs. Leaving you for a moment I grab the cuffs and before you realise I have cuffed both arms over your head to the headboard. Now I have you at my mercy….

“Trust me” I say as I kiss you on the lips, then the side of the neck where it drives you wild and makes you shiver. Having gotten you to relax, I begin my journey down your body once more, breasts, nipples, tummy, and hips; planting a trail of kisses as I go downwards, stroking your thighs as I do. You are starting to writhe and move your hips in anticipation. The fire is burning inside you as I kiss my way up your thighs, I can feel the heat from your furnace and the deep, musky scent of your juices.

Soft licks of my tongue up the slick wet lips, before I probe the wet juices of your pussy. I’m trying to drink as much of your juice as your hips rise towards me and your thighs start to tremble. Continuing with little flicks across your clit I know you’re close to coming again. Your breathing becomes rapid, your hips are writhing but you can’t do anymore, pulling against the handcuffs, you buck and wiggle your hips and your body explodes. I drink your juices, savouring the honey that pours forth from the path to paradise and then allow you to calm for a while.

Laying alongside you, my cock still hard from the excitement of watching and hearing you orgasm, I start to kiss you gently on the lips. Positioning myself over you, I part your thighs and position myself between them, my cock at the entrance to your slick wet pussy. I move my hips towards yours and my entire length slips smoothly inside you causing a slight shudder as the pleasurable sensations sweep up your body. Moving slowly I slide my cock in and out like a piston, gathering speed and stoking the fire inside you. I can feel the pressure building in my balls, but don’t want to come just yet, so I change rhythm and switch to slow deep thrusts. Barely moving my cock, but pressing deep inside you, keeping that feeling of fullness within your pussy as my pubic bone bumps against your clit. I hear your breathing quickening; feel your pussy tighten around my cock, as you get ready to ride that peak of pleasure once again. Quickening the pace, but keeping the thrusts short, I ride you up the mountain and down again. Your body quivers and shakes, your arms pull me tight as you pant and cry with pleasure.

Slowing down to small gentle movements, I let you regain your breath and recover slightly as I kiss and caress your shoulders and across the tops of your breasts. Kissing you on the lips, you open your mouth and our tongues entwine and dance for a while. My hand travels down your back, around your hips until I can cup your buttock. Breaking the kiss, I kneel above you and using both hands I roll you over onto you knees. Knowing what I want, you push back with your hips and lower your shoulders offering your pussy to me once again. Sliding some pillows under you stomach for support, I position myself and slide once more into your slippery tunnel of love.

You push back to meet my thrusts as my cock plunges in and out and I hold your hips to steady myself. At first I pull your hips downward to enable a series of short deep strokes, your breathing quickening already, know that another orgasm is not far away. Then rising high above you now using the headboard to steady myself I begin to plunge rapidly in and out of you, long strokes, knowing my own orgasm is building to meet yours. You start to pant and groan, your insides grip me, harder and firmer than before as the most intense sensations shoot though your entire body. It’s almost too much and your legs buckle as you collapse into the pile of pillows below you. I push deep inside you, my cock throbs and I spurt deep inside you. There seems almost no end to the spurting and the throbbing, pulsing, sensation triggers another orgasm within you. Drained, I sink down on top of you and we roll to our sides, my cock still inside you as I hold you and we lay still too exhausted to move. Eventually my softening cock slips out of your pussy, slowly gently, as if you are reluctant to let it go. We roll to face each other, kissing and caressing for a while, until tiredness dictates the need for rest and we drift into a relaxed satisfied sleep.


Coming to, I feel the heat of your body alongside me, as daylight creeps through the curtains. I move closer to you and press my body against your back. You stir slightly, shift your legs a little, but continue to sleep. Kissing your back with feather light kisses, I work slowly down your body, sinking under the duvet until I reach your hip. I plant a kiss at the top of your thigh and you roll on to your back, still asleep (or pretending to be), parting your legs a little. I continue to softly kiss around your hips, the top of your thighs and allow my hot breath to fall on your furry mound. Opening your legs a little wider, my tongue reaches out for your wet slit and gently I lick up and down. You shift your hips, allowing me better access, still laying there half asleep, but now realising what I’m up to… I start to lick up and down, flicking my tongue over your stiff clit, tasting your juice, savouring the taste, before plunging my tongue into your now very wet pussy. Your hips starting to move up and down, you push yourself towards me and I start to speed up the pace. Long licks up you wet slit, followed by a steady rhythm of flicks across your clit, I feel your thighs tightening. Your breath becomes rapid and your body shudders as the wave of pleasure sweeps through you. Reaching, down you pull me up towards you and plant a kiss on my lips. “Mmmm, that was good. Good Morning babe”. I hold you in my arms for a while, as we kiss and caress each other, then you push me back and say “My turn now”. Taking my stiff cock in your hand, you run your tongue up and down the shaft licking my full length and making me groan with pleasure as I relax and enjoy the treat. Your lips engulf the tip and you lower your mouth taking half my shaft in to your hot mouth. Bobbing up and down, you tongue swirls around teasing me, making me shudder and sign with pleasure. I can feel a stirring in my balls; I won’t take much more of this. But you sense my building tension, releasing my cock from your mouth, you straddle my body. Lowering your hips, you position the tip of my cock at the entrance to your slick lips and slide down my shaft. You pause for a moment, allowing your body to adjust to the fullness before slowly starting to move up and down.

Rocking back and forth, you ride up and down, sometimes long strokes, sometimes short, as you become increasingly breathless. I can feel you tighten, your muscles contracting as you near your peak. My hands holding your hips, I speed your rhythm and you bounce with almost reckless abandon, your body shaking, your muscles gripping, milking me, and urging me onwards to join you at the peak. I feel the rush. My balls tighten. My cock throbs. I feel the rush as my hot spunk shoots, spraying deep inside your pussy. You feel the hot flood inside you, it takes you over the edge, your body contracts, you hold me tight as you cry with pleasure and then your body relaxes.

We lay there not moving, until eventually we must break the embrace. You kiss me and head for the shower. It’s a great day already and it’s only just started……….


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© Steve Mitchell June 2002

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