Under Cover
Written by Steve (September 2000)
(MF, job, oral)

Under Cover

She sat at her desk with a smile on her face, everyone thought she was just happy, but she hid a secret. Her secret was me. I was hiding under the desk hidden by the front panel.

She was glad that today she had left her knickers off. That would make it so much easier. My hands gently parted her thighs and my hot breath on her thighs made her tremble slightly in anticipation. She knew what was coming and that fact that she was in an office with two other girls made it even more exciting. Exciting because only she knew I was there, only she knew what was to happen, only she would get the pleasure...

She pushed her chair back an inch or two to make more space and wiggled her bottom forward so she was right on the edge of the seat. I opened her thighs as wide as I could and moved my mouth towards her sweet pussy. I could feel the heat, smell her fragrance and see the moisture on her private lips. I slid my tongue up her hot slit and her lips gently parted, encouraging my tongue to probe her depths. She gave a little shudder as she struggled to compose herself and gain control. No one must guess our secret. I started a gentle licking up and down her lips, probing into her sweet juice pussy but avoiding the little button. I didn't want to give her too much too soon as she would surely lose control. She seemed to be in control, I could only guess at the expression on the face, but I hoped she gave nothing away.

She started to type at her computer. Good, she acting totally normally, the other girls knew nothing of her little secret. I started to tongue her clit, she wriggled slightly and her thighs clamped tightly on my head. I couldn't move anymore, but I could still reach her button so I thrust my tongue hard towards her hole, flicked it up the hot slit towards her clit. That was it, she gave a little gasp just loud enough for me to hear but unheard by anyone else Her pussy flooded with her hot juices as an orgasm shuddered its way through her body. For her this was absolute bliss and absolute torture all in one. Here she was experiencing the greatest of pleasure but had to keep her enjoyment totally silent. I lapped at the juices trying to drink as they flowed but there was too much and a damp patch appeared on her seat.

She could take no more, she had to get away from this please machine between her legs. She picked up a piece of paper slid from the chair and went to the photocopier to recover and let her breathing recover. No one noticed she was slightly breathless. Thank goodness those phones are so loud.

But I was like a magnet to her pussy, it had barely recovered when it over rode what her head said and drew her back to her desk. If only the other girls knew... there would be queuing up to use her desk! Now her pussy was back for more, it was going to be a long very exhausting morning for us both.........

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Steve Mitchell September 2000

This story is the work of my imagination. No reproduction without my written consent.

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