Private Treatment
Written by Steve (October 2006)
(MF, oral, job,)

Dr Williams approached Consulting room number 4, she quickly scanned the medical notes. Male, 37, complaining of pain in scrotum. Pushing the door open she saw the patient lying on the exam bed, already stripped with just a thin green gown to cover his modesty.

He seemed uncomfortable to find that he had a female doctor to examine him, the fact that she was young, beautiful and that the white medical coat hardly disguised her large breasts, made it even worse. Dr Williams had been here before, many times, and barely glanced at him as she proceeded to take a full medical history. Pulling on a pair of latex gloves she examined his scrotum, feeling each testicle in turn and establishing that there were no unusual bumps or swelling. As she did so his cock started to swell, getting bigger and bigger and soon was fully erect. "Well everything seems to be order," she said, but inside she felt a little throb as she tried hard to look too obviously at his erection.

"Sorry Doc," he said, "It's been rather a long time..."

"No problem. An entirely natural reaction," she said. "How long since you last had sex?"

"About 4 months"

"I see. The problem appears to be Pelvic Congestion, commonly known as 'Blue Balls'. In the absence of any other sexual activity, masturbation should cure the symptoms..."

Up until now Dr Williams had remained entirely professional, but something about this guy seemed to stir within her and before she realised she had taken his cock in her hand, only this time she was sliding her hand up and down it.

He groaned and his hips pushed up. Without thinking she leaned forward and took it in her mouth. Running her tongue along the shaft, she explored the veiny ridges and savoured the slightly salty taste as she teased him. His hips pushed further up willing her to go further and she took the hint. Her hot mouth engulfed him taking almost the entire 8" length as he lay back and enjoyed the velvet like sensations and her tongue swirling round his glans.

His groaning intensified, he pushed his hips up higher and she sucked harder. Hot spurts of cum hit the back of her throat and she swallowed greedily. It had been a long time for her too. Her pussy was throbbing now and her body ached with desire as she continued to work his cock extracting all his cum. There seemed to be loads of it, but somehow she swallowed it all and then ran her tongue over his shaft, cleaning it and leaving it glistening with her saliva.

Straightening up, she undid the button to her white coat to reveal that she wore very little underneath. Her breasts were just as magnificent as he had thought and he soon undid her black lacy bra and began to suck on her nipples as he ran his hands around her breasts. Sucking, nibbling, and teasing until her nipples stood proud.

His hands traced a line down her back, around her hips and hooked under her thong. He could sense the heat of her desire and his index finger traced along her wet slit, spreading her pussy and exposing her clit. Trapping her clit between his index and middle fingers, he rubbed back and forth in a sawing motion as she started to groan and shudder, her body writhing against him. He sensed she was close to cumming and started to flick her clit faster and faster, as surges runs through her like little jolts of electricity and he had to kiss her hard to stifle her cries of pleasure. His left arm pulling her tight against his body, supporting her as her legs started to buckle under her, his right hand playing her like a fiddle taking her along a continuous plateau of pleasure as one orgasm rolled into another.

She started to go limp in his arms and he slowed his fingers, rubbing gently around her clit and up and down her dripping pussy, letting her slowly come down from her orgasmic high. Releasing his grip, they turned you to face each other and their tongues locked together as the intense hunger for each other remained unabated.

His cock was hard again; he turned her around and bent her across the table. Teasingly he rubbed the tip of his cock up and down her wet slit, causing her to groan and push her ass backwards to meet him. With one fluid movement he sank his cock deep into her soft wet tunnel and felt the tip nudge against her cervix. She squeezed him with her pussy muscles wanting to milk him as he started to slowly move in and out.

"Oh for god's sake, don't tease! Just fuck me hard!"

That was all he needed and he started to plunge in and up, fast and furious, like animals on heat. Each thrust pressing her hard against the desk, her mind awash with thoughts of how mad this was and yet her body needed it so much that it over ruled her head. His hand reached round and flicked her clit as she felt his cock expand and the throb followed by warmth within her as his hot cum filled her pussy. A hot wave swept through her and she shuddered with an almighty orgasm.

He continued to press deep within her, letting her feel the throb as his cock continued to twitch. Then suddenly the reality of the situation came back to her.

"Oh shit! The nurse! She'll be in here in a minute."

They pulled apart; she hastily pulled her white coat together and started to fasten it, grabbing her thong from the floor and stuffing it in a pocket. He started to dress as well, just as the door opened.

"Ah nurse. His symptoms seem to have settled, but can we book him for a follow up appointment next week, just to be sure."

With that Dr Williams left the room. As she walked she felt the trickle of cum down the inside of her thigh and made for the restroom before anyone else noticed. That was mad she thought. "I just let a complete stranger fuck me without protection. Oh my god!"

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Steve Mitchell October 2006

This story is the work of my imagination. No reproduction without my written consent.

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