Fuck Toy
Written by Steve (November 2007)
(MF, spank, mild dom, oral)

You are my Fuck Toy.

Happy for me to use you for my pleasure, knowing that whatever pleasure I take I will give back to you fourfold. You willing to submit to my desires, eager to please, as your whole existence revolves around me. I am the piece which make you complete.

You stand there in front of me; I see the look of longing in your eyes, a hunger, a need, a lust, you need me more than anything else. Nothing else matters, except me.

I pull you towards me, my strong arms pressing you against my chest as our eyes lock together. My hand cups your buttock, moves around and then I move it inside the long skirt you are wearing. It finds bare flesh as in your horny state you have omitted your underwear. You naughty girl. You know how it displeases me when you allow your desire to overtake you like this.

I draw my hand back and then strike a blow across your bare bottom. Smack, smack, smack. I feel the heat as your skin burns and reddens. I continue to punish you and you writhe against me grinding your cunt me. I hear your breathing change, as you derive pleasure from the pain and the lust within you grows.

I push you away from me gently and a slight pressure on your hips tells you what you must do. You kneel in front of me and take my cock in your mouth; this is your act of submission, telling me that you are ready to pleasure me and allow you to use you for my pleasure….

Your tongue swirls round the ridge of my glans and I suppress the desire to groan with pleasure, again and again, as you commit yourself to pleasuring me. You run your tongue up and down my shaft, round my balls, before engulfing me in your hot mouth again. My mind is awash with pleasure from the sensations your are producing in my cock, your love of my cock and desire to please is so obvious in the way that you eagerly take me with your mouth. I could so easily cum right now, but I want me from you.

Pulling you up towards me I look into your eyes. I see they are slightly glazed as your lust shows in them. You desire me so deeply now and I am ready to use you. Moving you slightly backwards we lay down on the bed, I kiss you deeply and my hand slips between your thighs. Sometimes I love to feast between your thighs, drink on the sweet nectar that oozes from your cunt, but tonight you are so hot, wet and slick, I know that I must enter you now. The tip of my cock presses at your cunt and you groan with pleasure as it glides effortlessly inside. I feel the tip reach the end of your cunt and pause momentarily, a few gentle movements in and out and you adjust to my full length. We resume the kissing as I fuck you slowly with deep strokes, the base of cock grinding against your clit, hastening your impending orgasm.

The groans you make, the tightening of your cunt round my cock and the thrust of your hips up to me are so delicious. I struggle to hold back my own orgasm as my cock moves within you, bringing you the pleasure you crave and I reveal in the power I have over you as I make you cum. Your arms grip tighter round my back and I push deep into you as I shift our position so we lay on out sides. The change of position lessens the sensation for me and I can keep you on that crest of pleasure as I start to lengthen my strokes. The change of rhythm building the desire yet further, your legs pull up round me and squeeze me tight within you. I speed up just a little and your gasps, the grip or your legs and your arms holding me tight signal another shuddering orgasm within you. This time I can't hold back either, I feel the tightening of my balls, I push deep inside you and hold it as my cock throbs, each pulsing movement releasing a jet of my hot cum within you.

We remain locked for a short while, and then slowly I withdraw from you and roll onto my back. You lay there exhausted briefly and I allow you to recover a little before taking your hand and guiding it to my deflated cock. You instinctive know what I want and you straddle over me taking my cock in your mouth once more. I'm coated in my sticky cum and your juices, but you are so horny you don't care and take all of my cock into your mouth. The heat engulfing my cock and the swirling of your tongue soon has me swelling once more, forcing you to release a little of my shaft from your mouth. As much as you try you just can't take the full length when it's erect.

My hand reaches for your hip and then cups your buttock. You turn away and kneel ready for me. My revitalised cock pushes deep inside you once more and I hold your shoulders to steady myself and get us moving together. Planting kisses round the back of your neck and across your shoulders I thrust hard and fast into you. Now I can really toy with you, I slow down, then speed up, building the pleasure but making it last too. Your arms give way and your face and shoulders are down on the bed, your bum high in the air as you struggle with the pleasure. The change of position increases the rub of my shaft over your clit and you explode with yet another orgasm, but I'm not done yet….

I continue to stroke into you slowing as your orgasm subside, then I withdraw and turn you around. Your eyes are now totally gone with lust, focusing on nothing but me. I push you onto your back, sinking my cock into you and feeling your legs wrap round my back. I thrust slowly and deliberately into you, enjoying the pleasure of your cunt and the satisfaction that I've taken you on a journey of pleasure. Eventually I can hold back no longer, that familiar tightening of my balls, I start to thrust faster and deeper into you and finally the rush as my cock throbs within you once more.

We lay there, both too worn out to speak, eventually rolling to our sides. You drift off to sleep, my cock still inside you. I've used you well tonight, but you are happy for me to play with you. For you are my fuck toy.


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© Steve Mitchell November 2007

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