In The Bath
Written by Steve (Dec 2000)

Laying in the bath my mind wanders back to our conversation on the phone. Replaying it in my mind, how you told me that you had no clothes on, how you described the way you were laying on the bed, the way your breathing increased as you started to play with your pussy. My cock starts to harden and rear its glistening purple head through the bubbles. I run my hand around my soapy balls and slide it up my stiff shaft. Starting to stroke it up and down, my mind drifts back to you.

I imagine you on your bed, naked, as your hands wandered over your amply sized breasts. I visualise how your fingers traced around your stiff nipples as you sighed with pleasure. How your hands travelled down your body, over your stomach until they reached your pubis. Your fingers traced their way through the soft blonde hair until they reached your pussy. Stroking your puffy lips, you trace a line down one side and back to the hood of your clit. Your juices are flowing now and you slipped first one and then two fingers into your pussy. Your breathing became heavier as you started to drift into your own world of pleasure. My hand starts to pump faster up and down my shaft, as I remember the words I used urging you closer and closer to the edge. The moan as you switched the attention to your clit, the way your breaths became a desperate panting as you reached an explosive orgasm.

I image how you face had a far away look of total bliss as you listened to my dirty talk, encouraging you to rub faster and faster until your whole body convulsed in pleasure. My cock twitches, I arch my back lifting my bottom off the bottom of the bath as I spurt a thick stream of creamy spunk across the bubbles. I slump back into the bath, feeling totally spent, just as you did.

Next time I phone my darling, I'll have my cock in my hand, you can get your dildo out and we can come together....

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Steve Mitchell Dec 2000

This story is the work of my imagination. No reproduction without my written consent.

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