Next Week
Written by Steve (July 2008)
(MF, oral)

I've woken up to find my cock is hard and throbbing and in need of attention. I've got your pictures on my pc screen and I'm slowly stroking my cock. I'm thinking of next week when we'll be together.

In my mind I'm transported to your bedroom and I imagine you kneeling before me. You take my cock in your mouth and start to slowly suck me. Long slow sucks as you strain to get the whole of my length inside your mouth. There's no way you can take the full eight inches, but you are trying hard and only the last couple of inches escape you. Your hands are caressing my balls as I groan with pleasure. You switch to licking up and down my shaft and round my balls, eagerly enjoying my taste before you go back to sucking me. I feel my cum building up in my balls and I'm ready to cum, but not yet....

I drag you to your bed, quickly stripping you naked and push you onto it. I'm soon on top of you, my weight pressing down on you in a way you just love. You want to be taken and surrender yourself to me. We kiss passionately and then I start to feast on your breasts. My hand strays down between your thighs and your wetness tells me you share my urgency. I want to plunge my cock in you right now, but your wonderful oral ministrations to my cock mean that you deserve more...

My hot mouth plants a trail of hot kisses down your tummy and you groan with pleasure, your hips rising involuntarily off the bed reinforcing my knowledge of your desire. I run my tongue up your wet slit, you taste divine, I want more. Over and over again I lap at your sweet juices, my tongue flicking over your clit causing more wetness to ooze from you.

I see your thighs starting to twitch; I increase the pace, my hands holding your hips as you start to writhe on the bed. You cry out, grind your pussy in my face as your body is taken over in a hot wave of pleasure. No words can escape your mouth; just noises of pleasure as my tongue continues to make every nerve in your body explode with pleasure. It feels like forever, but it perhaps just a minute or two, as I keep you in that delicious zone between agony and ecstasy.

Your body starts to go limp as I slow the pace, now just slow, light sweeps of my tongue as I let you come back to earth. You look at me, but almost can't see me, your eyes slightly glazed as you are still in some faraway place and your breathing comes fast and ragged. I slide up your body and kiss you and you can taste yourself on my lips as you feel my cock start to enter you. Slowly, steadily I push into you until I feel the end of your pussy. I draw back slightly, press again and this time I feel you 'give' a little and then you take my whole length. I hold still, feeling the delicious softness of your pussy pulsing round me.

Slow deep thrusts of my cock as I stir gently inside you, I can feel the tip of my cock popping in and out of a wonderful place, and it must be me rubbing against your cervix. From your little sighs of pleasure I know you are sharing the same joy too and I keep that slow steady pace going. After a while your legs wrap round my back, I can feel your pussy tightening round my shaft, ''Fuck me hard'' you gasp and I respond by pulling back till I'm nearly out then plunging my whole length in one hard thrust that almost lifts your hips off the bed. Long fast fucking now, your breath coming in gasps, I feel you tighten round me, my balls tighten and I know I'm close too. Then with a rush, my cock spasms, I feel my hot cum spurting from me, just what you need to trigger your own orgasm and you shudder beneath as my thrusting cock throbs inside you. In my mind I imagine how your contracting pussy is milking my fertile seed into your womb and I press tight into you so that none of it escapes.

We lay there, enjoying the after shocks as the little spasms run through our bodies, and then slowly I withdraw and kiss you softly. You lay there, a satisfied smile on your face and then you drift off to sleep. A little of our juices trickle from your pussy creating a wet spot on the sheet. A testament to our union soon to be repeated...

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Steve Mitchell July 2008

This story is the work of my imagination. No reproduction without my written consent.

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