Just The Sound of Your Voice
By Casi Nova
(MF, oral, cheat)

I dread the days that I have to work with you. Your voice is just a bit too much for me to deal with first thing in the morning. It's not that I don't like you. In fact, it's quite the opposite. I've always had a weakness for a guy with an accent - especially if it's thick! And you're not exactly hard on the eyes either, with that innocent grin, and that tight, firm ass. But that accent... just the sound of your voice makes me wet.

I used to check you out when no-one else was looking. I'd be eyeing up your long, lean muscles and your smooth skin, wondering just how many inches you had hidden in your pants. I'd figure about seven at least. I'd being lying if I said that I had never fantasized about fucking you. It's actually a frequent line of thought during my workout. I think the thoughts about you get my heart-rate up better than the cardio.

I had this x-rated dream about you once...

I invite you over for a few drinks when my husband isnít home. You show up looking all casual and sexy like always. We listen to some music, have a few drinks, and smoke a couple joints, and I get daring and decide to kiss you. Just once, softly, and then again. I trace my fingernails up the back of your neck and then start running my fingers through your hair. And then I start nibbling gently on your earlobe, and let my hand travel down your body. Running my fingers across your firm chest, down your stomach just barely tickling your sides, and then under the waistband of your pants. I reach down to run my nails across your balls, and then trace them slowly up the length of the underside of your cock, as it grows hard from my touch.

I ask you to talk dirty to me, and my hot, hungry cunt gets drenched at the sound of your voice. I take off my tank-top and undo my bra, exposing my large, full breasts. You trace circles around my nipples with your fingers, making them hard. I take off your shirt and you remove your pants. Finally I get to see how good you look without your clothes.

I run my fingers down your chest as I drop to my knees before you. Your cock is long and thick. I run my tongue up and down the length of it, and then make small circles around the tip of its head with my tongue before sucking the length of it into my mouth, my wet lips squeezing your shaft. I suck your big cock, my mouth moving up and down the shaft, my tongue flicking against the sensitive spot on the underside just past the head. Your hands are in my hair as I suck your cock. My lips squeezing tightly around your shaft as I draw it slowly in and out of my mouth until I can feel it pulsing, and your body starts to tense up... but I stop just before you cum.

You unzip my pants and I slip them off, and then you pull my black lace panties down to my ankles. I lay down on the floor and let your smooth, strong hands explore my body. Your fingers part the folds of my cunt and you can feel how wet I am. I bite down on my lip as you finger my clit. Your body is pressed against mine, and I can feel your huge cock against my leg as you bury your face between my breasts.

The heat from your body consumes me. I reach down and start to pump your thick cock with my hand as you continue to finger my clit. I press into your touch, so eager to feel that big, hard cock inside of me.

"I want you to fuck me..."

You rub the head of your thick cock against the lips of my wet cunt, making me moan with desire, teasing me with the head of your cock. I raise my hips, and you press slowly into my tight, hot cunt. Your thick cock stretches my walls as you fill me totally, the base of your shaft pressing against my swollen clit. You pull back slowly so that just the head of your cock is inside me.

"Fuck me harder..."

You raise my legs up over your shoulders and start to thrust that big, hard cock deep into my hot, wet cunt. In and out, harder and deeper with each thrust. I raise my hips up to meet each stroke, letting your cock press in deeper, and deeper. The wetness of my juices glistens on your hard shaft and you plunge into me. I lower my legs from your shoulders and wrap them around your waist. You slow your rhythm and you start pulling your cock out almost completely between thrusts. I clench the walls of my cunt each time you press back into me, making you moan.

"Mmmmm... that feels so good... don't stop..."

I scratch my nails down your back as your big, hard cock pumps deep inside of me. I kiss your neck, and bite down lightly on your shoulder. I can feel your thick cock start to pulse, and my cunt begins to quiver as I get close to cumming. Your rhythm slows even more, until I am whimpering between your thrusts, my cunt aching for that big, hard cock to press back into it again.

"Oh God.... Mmmhmm... Mmmhmm..."

I can feel your cock throbbing with each smooth thrust. My cunt clenches tight around your hard cock as you press again so deep inside of me, and I moan your name as I cum, my wet cunt milking your thick shaft, squeezing it tightly. You pull back and thrust deep into me again, pulling my body even closer to yours as you shudder and fill my cunt with your hot cum.

You collapse next to me, and I kiss you once more before heading for the shower...


Boy did I ever enjoy that dream

© Copyright 2006 Casi Nova

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