Pleased to meet you...
By Casi Nova
(MF, oral)

Do you remember the first time we met? You were drinking a mochachino at the Starbucks in Chapters. I walked in wearing that kimono-style jacket that ties in the front. I was almost at the back of the store when I noticed you following me, trying to look so casual.

Remember how I walked over to the erotica section and handed you a copy of 'Best Gay Erotica of 2006' saying, "Here you go sir, I believe this was the one you were looking for!"

Your face turned so red!

You told me your name was Ryan and I asked if you would mind giving me a ride downtown. It was dark and had just started to rain. I leaned over to your side of the car as you drove and undid your pants so I could see that huge cock of yours.

Remember how I sucked it? You said it was the best blowjob you had ever had. I started slow, just teasing the tip of your head with my tongue. Tracing slow, steady circles around your head, moving up the shaft until I had all 8 inches in my mouth. Then I pulled back so slowly, applying pressure to the underside of your shaft with my tongue until I was back at your head, and I flicked my tongue back and forth over that sensitive spot just under the head of your huge cock. And then I sucked hard as I took all 8 inches back in again.

Remember how I ran my nails across your balls as I played with them? You came so fast... I had you drive down to one of the parking lots along the river. I got out of the car and stood in the rain and did a striptease for you in the glow of your headlights.

I still remember the look on your face when you saw that I wasn't wearing anything under that jacket. You got out of the car and ran your hands down the sides of my wet body. I turned from you and put both hands on the hood of your car, my legs spread and nothing on but my thigh-high black boots. You came up behind me and slipped 2 fingers between the lips of my wet pussy. I pressed my hips back towards you as you began to fuck my tight, hot pussy with your fingers. I grabbed your other hand and brought it up to cup one of my big, full breasts, and then I reached back and unzipped your pants.

Your cock was so hard and so thick. I wanted to feel you inside of me so badly. You stopped fingering me and turned me around to face you, and then you had me lay back on the hood of your car. It was pouring rain by then. Tiny streams of water ran between my naked breasts. You spread my legs and leaned down to my dripping cunt and started licking it. Somehow you knew just how I liked to have my cunt licked. Slow and deep with lots of pressure. Your tongue felt so good licking the walls of my cunt and teasing my swollen clit. I was just moments from cumming all over your face when I asked you to stop.

I wanted you to fuck me. You rubbed the head of your big, hard cock against the wetness of my pussy. I wrapped my legs around your hips to pull you inside of me. Your cock was so thick that you had to press it into my tight, wet cunt so slowly. When you finally got your big, hard cock buried deep inside of my wet pussy you started thrusting slow and deep, only pulling about half way out between thrusts. I could feel your thick cock pulsing inside of my hot, tight cunt, and I squeezed my cunt even tighter around your hard shaft and you started fucking me harder, thrusting deeper and faster into my hot, wet cunt.

Your cock was so thick it rubbed against every inch of the inside of my wet cunt as you continued to thrust into me, your balls slapping against my ass as you fucked me deep and hard. I put my legs up over your shoulders so you could plunge your big, thick cock even deeper inside of my tight, hot cunt.

I had my head tilted back, and was trying not to cum yet when I felt the warmth of your cum spread through my tight cunt, your cock pulsing, and I stopped holding back and came with you, the walls of my pussy milking your thick shaft.

Do you remember how after you drove me home I invited you in for a drink and fucked you again? And then again the next morning on the kitchen counter.

And then again in the shower...

Copyright 2006 Casi Nova

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