Letter to My Lover - I
By Lolita
(MF, cheat, stroke )

Every time you call me you ask me if my pussy is wet. I'm not sure why you would have any doubts. Calling me at my work from your work to have phonesex. Of course my pussy is dripping. It is every time I hear your voice.

I was never in to phonesex before I met you. If I had never fucked you I might be content with just the phonesex. We get so explicit. You stroking your huge cock, me fucking my wet pussy with the vibrator I bought because it was about your size... though unfortunately not quite as thick.

But lately the phonesex isn't enough. I want to see you. It's been so long since we fucked. Too long. I feel like a junkie going through withdrawal. There are so many ways I want you to fuck me. Laying on the hood of your car on the top floor of the parking garage, my legs up over your shoulders. On the kitchen counter. In the shower...

It's raining outside. Something about the rain has always made me horny. The smell of the rain makes me so wet. I like to sit in the dark by an open window, my fingers dipping into my hot cunt. I think about your cock. It's so thick and long. I think of fucking you outside in the rain, water pouring over all parts of our bodies. Running in a stream between my huge breasts, dripping from my nipples onto your chest as I ride your big, hard cock.

It has been too long since the last time we fucked. I pass time by reading erotic books, and books on becoming a better lover... though we both know I don't need those. You've never had a better fuck than me. That's why you keep coming back. And I've never had a bigger cock than yours.

You make me want to be dirty. I want you to tie me up, or let me tie you up again. I want to kneel before you and suck your huge dick with your hands tangled in my hair. I want you to call me a slut, and cum all over my tits. I want you to spank me. I've been a bad, bad girl. I want you to bend me over in front of an open window, and fuck me in the ass.

I want you to fuck me hard. You know I like it rough. Smack me, spank me, pull my hair, pin my arms down. I want to touch you, and feel you, and taste you. I want to fuck for the sake of fucking. I want to blindfold you and pleasure you for hours with my tongue. Feel your big dick pumping between my huge breasts. Let you fuck me from behind. Let me ride you like a stallion. I want you to do everything that my husband doesn't do.


Copyright 2006 Lolita

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