The PA
By Ms Welshflower
(FH, oral, anal)

The team from work were all in Singapore for the annual sales conference. Last year it had been in London but the Bank takes it in turn each year to hold it as each of it offices in the major markets around the world. The conference was the usual stuff and Singapore was a bit dull once you'd seen past the initial glitz. The local personal assistant to the local MD (an American) was a Singaporean girl and seemed to have the eye of all the men. I had to admit it I was slightly jealous of the attention she got but grudgingly could see she was very pretty. Classic Asian face, cute little body with tiny hips. It was obvious that it was her looks that got her through the interview but she was responsible for co-coordinating most of the events and she had done a fairly decent job. Her name was Kym and slowly I warmed to her as she kept the men at bay.

I bumped into her in the hotel gym one morning - she was on the adjoining running machine. We got chatting as we jogged and I quizzed her on where to go out in the evenings. I must have appeared desperate as she eventually offered to take me to see the sights that evening after the days work.

By the end of the day's proceedings, I'd forgotten about Kym's offer of a tour of the nightspots. I'd gone back to my room to change and the phone rang - it was Kym waiting down stairs. I quickly slipped into some jeans and a t-shirt dashed down to reception. Kym was beautifully dressed in a short bright yellow sleeveless dress and sandals.

"Are jeans OK?" I quizzed.

"Yes," she smiled, "I just prefer a dress - I think its cooler."

She was right it was very hot out on the street. We hopped in a cab and soon found ourselves in some very trendy bars. There was quiet a few gays and lesbians around - very unusual for Singapore to see this in the relative open. I had imaged Kym to be a non-drinker but we quickly drank our way through some strong cocktails. We started discussing the people around us and the conversation got ruder and ruder. I was starting to enjoy Singapore at last. There was loud music playing in the bar with lots of people dancing. "Let's dance," Kym said suddenly. She took my hand (it was the first time we'd touched) and led me to the dance floor. A couple of men tried to join us but Kym pushed them away.

We danced for 3 or 4 tracks; I was exhausted and on the way back through the crowd, Kym pretended to offer me support by putting her hand around my waist. It was then that she kissed me - on the cheek - nothing unusual for the bar (there were several same sex couples exchanging kisses) but a shock to me! I felt confused - was it simply a friendly gesture or did it mean more. I didn't even know which one I wanted! It was resolved in the next minute or two...

We sat on two high stools at the bar, waiting for a drink. Kym hopped off her bar stool raising an arm to attract the attention of one of the bar staff. As I sat on my stool, she was now standing very close to me, her hips between my knees and the side of her body pressing against me, my breasts to be precise. She quickly got the attention of a barman and ordered 2 more cocktails. Smiling triumphantly (for beating the long queue of waiting drinkers), she turned directly towards me and gave a quick kiss on my lips. She acted like it was completely normal, and did not attempt to move back to her bar stool. I don't know why, but I must have wanted her because when the drinkers appeared I opened my knees further so that she could press herself close to me.

Kym held her drink in one hand and rested the other over on my shoulder. "Are you OK?" she quizzed. I nodded, "Why not?" I thought and took a big gulp from my drink. Kym bent her head forward and gave me a long gentle kiss on the lips. I did feel aroused. I put my drink down and placed my arms around her hips. Her dress felt silky smooth and delicate. It was not like embracing a man at all. I remember feeling the rib of her thong on the side of her hips, is this why men always rub your hips I wondered? Her hand dropped off my shoulder and she placed it on my breast. My heart raced. If we were going to do this, I needed to go now whilst my body was aroused. "Let's get a cab back," I said. Kym led me outside holding my hand as we weaved through the crowd.

Lucky there were several outside and after 15 mins of hand holding silence in the back of the cab we were back at the hotel. We walked in separately; after we'd picked up our keys, Kym turned to me and said loudly "I have those papers if you'd like to pick them up."

"Yes," I replied, "that would be very kind."

In her room, we kissed again and my desires were rekindled. I could feel her soft breasts pressing against me through her dress. Her hands dropped to the waistband of my jeans. "You must be very hot in these" she smiled cheekily. She undid the waistband button and slowly pulled down the zip. She pressed her curled fingers firmly against me as she lowered the zip so that her fingers pressed against my cotton knickers rubbing down the soft fabric. I couldn't stop myself rotating my hips forward pushing my clitoris against her hand. She was now on her knees teasing my jeans off my bare feet. Looking up she placed a hand on each of my hips lightly holding my knickers. She looked for approval; I nodded girlishly and watched as she pulled my knickers down and off. Her face was next to my pubic mound, I so wanted her to kiss and lick me. Looking up into my eyes she rocking gently forward and I felt her lips touch me. Her tongue parted my lips touched my clitoris. I was on fire. Her hand slid up my thigh, I felt first one, and then a second finger penetrate me. She was finger fucking me as she gave me the most wonderful oral experience. I was close to cumming but didn't; I wanted some more fun first.

I pulled Kym to her feet - she looked puzzled -"Is anything wrong?"

"No - it's beautiful" I replied stroking the outline her breast, "I just want to enjoy you as well" and then trailed my hand down the front of her body. For the first time she seemed a bit shy or hesitant so I turned her round and unzipped the back of her dress without another word. As it fell to the floor, I could see she was wearing a black bra and matching thong, its string disappearing between the two smooth coffee coloured cheeks of her bum. I unclipped the bra and brushed it off her shoulders. Turning her round, I could see her breasts for the first time. They were smaller than mine! They felt soft and warm and her tiny nipples hardened between by fingers as I gently fondled them. I kissed her and them we parted slightly - she gave my t-shirt a teasing tug. I took the hint, pulled it off over my head, and then slipped off my bra. I held my breasts in my hands as if to present them to her. She smiled and laughed.

We kissed and I went to press myself against her but she gently pushed me back. "I have a little secret in my panties," she said, "I'm worried you're going to be angry with me" "What are you talking about?" I quizzed looking at her thong. It covered what looking like a most pretty pubic mound - and it was clear she wasn't excessively hairy or anything like that.

"I've got a cock," she blurted out.

"No, no way," I exclaimed, "it's impossible in there," pointing at her panties again.

"Would you like to see?"

"Well I'm going to take some convincing otherwise".

Kym bent forward and slipped her thong down and off. When she stood up, I could see she was completely shaved and taped firmly between her legs was indeed a small cock. It was limp and pulled firmly back between her legs so that it was virtually flat when looking at from the front.

"Wow!" I said, "Can I see it properly?" I was now full of curiosity and still very aroused.

Kym put her hands between her legs and untapped her cock. It flopped forward; it was small, no more that 2 inches with equally small balls.

"I can pull my balls up inside me." she offered in explanation to what I was obviously thinking and then added "are you cross with me?"

To answer, I moved in front of her and kissed her firmly on the mouth playing my tongue against hers. Pausing for breath, I asked, "Does he work?"

Kym nodded and in fact, I could feel something between our bodies. We got on the bed and I immediately went down to look. Her cock was stiffening and I took it in my mouth. It sprang into life as I licked and rolled back its foreskin. It was very boyish, only about 3 inches long. It was the first cock I'd been able to put all the way in my mouth so that my lips were pressed against her shaven body.

I moved back up her body kissing her all the way, looking her in the eye I asked, "Will you fuck me?"

Kym nodded, we rolled over so I was now on my back and Kym on top our breasts pressing firmly against each other. I held her soft bum and felt her small cock enter me, Kym began thrusting up and down and my head began to spin. She had the softness and gentle perfumed smell of a female body but with a cock push hard inside me. I caught a glimpse of our two female bodies in the wardrobe mirrors but could feel the manhood pushing into me.

My orgasm began to roll over me and Kym fucked me harder and harder as I came she cried out and I realized she had cum inside me. Afterwards we lay in each other's arms. It was my first experience with a transsexual and I never knew they could be so feminine and beautiful.

Kym explained that she rarely dates women but was drawn to me. Normally she dated men who like to have anal sex with her - I thought of Brian and how much he'd enjoy the both of us. I told her about Brian and as I explained our relationship, I felt her cock hardening against my thigh. I whispered in her ear, "Would you like to fuck me back there?"

"I've never done that to a woman," she replied kissing my face.

I rolled over and got on my hands and knees on the bed. I pushed off the bed sheets - I wanted to see this in the mirrors. Kym knelt behind me, her cock standing proudly in front of her exquisite body. It was so easy, she took my hips in her hands and guided herself in. it felt better than ever. She was a comfortable fit and a sight to behold. If anyone had seen us, they would have assumed it was two girls in some ritual simulation not knowing there was a real cock up my bum.

"I going to cum again," Kym squealed.

I wanted to see this strange creature cum.

"Let me see," I cried.

I lay on the bed, her cock popping out of me. I turned over quickly and taking hold of her cock pulled her towards me. She was now astride by chest and her tiny cock jerked and a short stream of cum shot out landing on my face. Two or three more spurts of cum followed landing on my chin and neck. She could do it like a real man!

I wiped my face on the sheets and we chatted some more before falling asleep cuddled up together. The next day at the conference, I watched the men eye up Kym and thought, "If only you knew."

Copyright 2006 Ms Welshflower

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