Gresham Street
By B.J Knightly
(MF, oral, job)

344b Gresham Street was a very average old office building in London. Situated between Guildhall and The Bank of England, it gave no visible signs as to the nature of what went on inside but was home to Morgan Chapman Investments. Set over several floors the building still gave the impression of tradition and conservative values. However, today's brokers work in a high pressure environment where the fast pace leads to a 'work hard, play hard' ethos.

Steve James was the boss and his office took over most of the first floor. His large wooden desk stood imposingly at one end and the ornately carved front panel had on many occasions hidden more than his legs. His PA Diane had worked for him for many years, but their relationship often stretched beyond the simply professional. 

Today she was in was in a horny mood and determined to do something about it. Outwardly her dress was strictly professional, crisp black jacket and skirt and white blouse concealed suspenders, a matching a lacy black bra and thong, and black stockings. She had just taken the afternoon post in and was about to leave, but as she stood in the doorway she lifted her skirt daringly and briefly flashed at Steve. She could have been seen by anyone coming up the stairs, but it was enough to stir Steve’s interest and she knew from the way he squirmed slightly in his seat that it had had the desired effect. However he had an important client to phone. "Later" he said.

Feeling the hot throb from between her legs Diane couldn’t take no for an answer and pushed the door closed before making her way over to his desk. Positioning herself concealed from any view she slipped under the desk. Her fingers made straight for the treasure within Steve’s trousers. Unfastening the zip then freeing his magnificent cock she found it hard and warm. She licked his balls till they were wet all over. While savouring the taste she was so familiar with Diane heard the phone go but was enjoying it too much to stop. She heard his voice struggling to sound normal as her warm tongue swept up his hard, long, thick cock. Long licks all along the length, swirling round to relish the taste as she cupped his balls with a hand, his cock glistening as his head was with precum. Seeing that fuelled the fire in Diane's pussy more, each lick sent a pulse through her pussy. Her tongue eagerly lapped up that sweet precum, in swirls around the head. Round and round, worshipping her idol, eyes shut as she worked so nothing existed but that wonderful cock.

A soft moan escaped his lips, disguised on the phone as a furtive cough, as she wrapped her mouth around her trophy, fire burning out of control within her.  Diane tightened her lip's grip and started bobbing and couldn’t stop the wave of heat which engulfed her. Still with a cock in her mouth she groaned through the contractions of her pussy and stomach as she experienced her first orgasm of the day. As she took him deeper and deeper towards her throat she felt the cock's veins pulsating. The entire cock unbelievably got bigger still. Sensing the moment was near Diane speeded her actions, all the while Steve trying not to squeak during the deal he was making. There was a pulsing as he emptied his balls down her eager throat as she swallowed hungrily. She gently cleaned his cock off with her tongue sending little after shock through Steve’s body before she replaced it in his trousers.

“Very naughty, I’ll get you back” he grinned as he came off the phone.

The whole episode became a pleasant memory, virtually forgotten. But a few hours later at around 5, knowing she'd need to warn her husband she'd be late, Steve called her in to his office and asked her to work overtime. Something had come up, could she spare an hour? Suspecting nothing as he shut the door, she picked up the phone, making herself comfortable on the big, old desk. As she started to talk she felt a hand push her business like skirt up. Lazily massaging her voluptuous breasts through her blouse with his other hand, Steve pushed her thong aside as he traced her thigh, homing in on her pussy. His fingers stroked up and down her wet slit and he gave her clit a few teasing flicks. Then getting on his knees he parted her thighs and holding her thong to one side he started to lick. Her moans of sheer pleasure as his warm tongue flicked her clit couldn't be stifled, and had to be disguised. Her big nipples became engorged within her bra. Relentlessly he licked as she squirmed on the desk. Thankfully the call was over, as she became unbearably hot, starting at her toes and finishing in her head, radiating through her. In heaven as she cried out and exploded, her pussy trying to hold on to the source of pleasure as it pulsated!  

Getting up from the floor Steve said, “And now for that problem we need to solve”. He unzipped his trousers; "the problem" was his swollen cock, already swelled to its full 8 inch length. Diane slipped off her thong, putting it in her pocket. Although she’d just come she was still horny as hell, her nipples poking through her blouse and her pussy hot and wet. Lifting her work skirt she sat on the edge of the desk. She lay back, offering her body to him. He needed no more encouragement. Positioning his newly freed cock at her pussy she moaned as he rubbed the glistening head against her pussy lips. "Mmm that is nice but I am throbbing, I NEED you inside me now!" she moaned. That was exactly what he needed too; he loved the feeling of that velvet glove enveloping him. His cock rested on her entrance then he plunged home. "Feels so good, please stay still a moment”, she panted.

She knew he was married and it shouldn’t but it felt like her pussy was where his cock belonged. She wanted to relish that warm full feeling; his cock was stretching her, almost inside her womb. A minute or two to let her enjoy it then they fucked like animals he pulled mostly out then thrust roughly home. Quickly he found his rhythm, fast, deep, pounding so her pressure built to a crescendo. His tongue met hers as they kissed, exploring each other's mouths. Just as she thought she could take no more he gave an almighty thrust, his cock swelled even thicker and she felt the cream she craved. The hot wave hit her, filling her, the pulsations of her pussy milking every last drop from him.

There was a loud bang, "Oh no" she thought "the cleaners" and jumped off the desk. By the time the cleaners arrived all appeared normal, except Steve and Diane knew her thong was missing and that a little cream had dribbled from her pussy down her leg top. Work was over for the day, but there would be more special overtime soon.

© Copyright 2006 B.J Knightly

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