My First Bi Experience
By Katie
(MFF, oral)

I’ve always been a little curious, but it was within the last year when I decided I wanted to finally try it. I was the lead female vocalist in a local band, so I was constantly surrounded by intoxicated , horny women. Laughing and dancing around on the dance floor, and occasionally coming up on stage to show off their breasts for the guys in the band. Most trying to score beads or free drink tokens. However, it was a fellow band member who caught my fancy. She was our sound and light girl May. May was tall and trim with firm breasts, long tanned legs and a tight ass. She was a volunteer firefighter in our hometown, and I mean hot stuff! It was a humid summer night, the band had just finished a gig. Everyone was trying to decide where to host the after bar party. May offered to have it at her house. We were all pretty smashed excluding my fiancé, he was driving. However, on this particular night, not everyone showed up. There were just the five of us. May, her boy toy of the week Steve, one of our female groupies, my fiancé, and myself. We all stumbled into the house, May asking who all wanted more drinks, disappeared into the kitchen.

Meanwhile, I decided to turn on the stereo and get up on the coffee table to dance. I always get a little frisky when I’m drunk, so I then proceeded to start stripping. Everyone was watching as I swayed seductively to the music and began removing articles of clothing one by one, and tossing them to the floor. Soon I was completely naked, my 38cs bouncing all over. The whole room cheering and cat-calling. May then returned with beers for everyone. She saw me and grinned, sitting down on the couch between Steve’s legs laying back against him. Then he began to play with May’s nipples through her shirt, she propped her feet up on the edge of the coffee table. Low and behold, I noticed that she was commando under her short navy skirt! I could see her lovely shaven mound peeking out at me. Something inside me stirred. I don’t know what compelled me to do it, but it was at that moment I dropped down between those long legs./p>

My hands ran up May’s sides and under her shirt, pinching and rolling her already hard nipples between my fingers. My heart pounded excitedly in my chest. Everyone watching with a mixture of shock and arousal, including my fiancé. Sliding her shirt up under her chin, I began licking circles around her tawny colored areolas. May giggled between wet kisses she was getting from Steve who was squeezing her breasts together. I could feel a dampness forming between my own thighs as I continued to lick and kiss my way down her belly. I sat up on my haunches and hiked May’s skirt up. I could see her bald lips glistening with her juices. I licked my lips eagerly and bent down, first running my tongue along the inside of each of her quivering thighs. May was moaning softly and I could tell by the steamy look in her crystal blue eyes, that she was enjoying every minute of my lavishing tongue bath.

I loved her womanly scent. Breathing it in deeply, I moved in for the kill. Taking May’s swollen clit into my mouth and sucking on it gently. She groaned, grabbing my head and pushing my face further into her. I licked her inner folds, reaching up and inserting a finger into her pussy hole. May’s breaths were becoming more rapid as I pumped my finger in and out of her wetness. Bucking and raising her hips in rhythm to my probing, I continued to flick her clit with my tongue. May then squealed, her body tensed as she went into orgasm. I could feel her vaginal muscles spasm around my finger. Her come flooded all down my hand and chin. When it subsided she collapsed exhausted in Steve’s embrace. Everyone looked on stunned. There I sat, on the floor, my own pussy soaked. My body shaking with adrenaline from the whole ordeal, and horny as ever. My smiling speechless fiancé kissed my forehead, snapping me back to reality. He picked me up, got me dressed and escorted me out to the truck. Let’s just say I got it real good when I got home!

© Copyright 2006 Katie Mazzie

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