Remember Me?
By Jude
(MF, oral, rom)

I got the call late one Sunday evening, and the last thing I ever expected was her bouncing voice to come flying over the line at my ears. “Remember me?” She didn’t wait for my answer. “It’s Cora. I used to live three houses down the street from you.”

Remember her? It wasn’t like I could forget. How could I ever forget one of those pivotal people in my childhood? And, as far as sexual awakening goes, Cora was the overriding figure of my teenage years.

The years washed away faster than my mind could keep up with as images of her invaded my consciousness and matched with her voice. She was the first girl I ever had a crush on. We hung out a lot back in those days, on the same block of our suburban home town. Cora had shoulder-length jet black hair, the clearest, dusky, skin known to mankind, and a body well-enough developed to have me tongue-tied every time we found ourselves alone. For almost fifteen years now, every time I came across a childhood photograph with both of us in it, I am thrown again by her beauty and the vivacious smile she seemed to display constantly.

We never actually dated, probably more because I never summoned up the courage to ask her, but there was always the feeling that we had a little “special” bond. Well, at least that was how I felt about her.

“O... of course I remember,” I almost stammered back down the phone. Some people just have that effect on you. “I can barely believe... after all this time.”

“Yeah, I know.” Cora giggled; a familiar and comforting sound. “I get dragged off to Montana by my parents; then I turn up again out of the blue. Who’d ever have figured that?”

I remembered the day that she left. Her father had been transferred and the darkness of my losing Cora far outweighed the brightness of the smile she gave me from the rear window of their departing car. Despite the previous closeness of our families before that, it was the last time I ever saw Cora or heard from her until that night.

She had tracked down my sister, who’d given her my number. Cora was catching up with some friends from her childhood, something that kind of jabbed at me when she told me, as I guess I’d secretly hoped she had specifically tracked me down.

As usual, whenever I was reminded of Cora, my mind went back to the night of “our dance.” It was at her family’s New Year’s Eve party, and we were dancing happily together. When a slow song started playing, I was about to sit down when Cora grabbed my arms and pulled me close to her. Snuggling into her shoulder, smelling her hair and feeling her body, the curve of her breasts, against mine was unforgettable. Of course, the inevitable happened and I became very aroused. At first I tried to hide the bulge and keep it from touching her, but as I brushed against her a couple of times my confidence grew and I nestled back against her, my erection pressing against the side of her body as we danced to a long forgotten ballad. It was not a moment that was about the song!

When the music stopped, we slowly broke from our embrace and I sheepishly looked up at her. “That was nice,” she smiled and held my hand until we flopped down next to each other on a sofa.

Nothing else happened that night, or for the remainder of the time Cora lived close to us. Never a word was exchanged between us about the slow dance, or the erection, or whether she noticed anything (although it was hard to imagine she hadn’t). That never stopped me thinking about what might have been, or wondering where she was now, or if she remembered anything about that night.

“I moved back to town,” she told me excitedly. “A couple of months ago actually, but I’ve not had chance to catch up with anyone yet.”

While we chatted I learned that she was divorced, consumed by work mostly and living in an apartment not far from where we grew up. I laughed at the similarity of our situations after all that time, we talked about my sister and other kids we hung out with, exchanged numbers and emails, and then she was gone again.

We swapped infrequent emails over the next few months, mainly because Cora always seemed to be busy, but at least we managed to stay in touch. There was nothing in those emails that ever gave me cause to think that she might have any romantic leanings towards me or that she even remembered our dance together. On the flip side of that, she never once mentioned any man in her life, so I continued to see a glimmer of hope that she just might want to pick up where we never started.

She’d mentioned in one message that she was looking for a bigger apartment but the invitation to her housewarming party was the first I knew she’d moved. It wasn’t a personal invitation, the list was huge, but there was no way I was going to pass on meeting up with Cora after all this time.


Cora hadn’t changed much, at least not in my eyes. Sure, her hair was shorter and there were maybe a couple of lines around her eyes that she didn’t want, but it was the same smiling face and body full of promise that opened the door. She greeted me with a warm hug and ushered me in to join the crowd that was already there.

I knew several of the people crowded into the apartment, mostly old friends that I’d managed to stay in touch with, but there were a few I hadn’t seen in a while. The evening was fun, but I was really there to see Cora, who was constantly busy mingling with her guests and showing them around her new abode. Just like I had done all those years before, I watched her every move and quietly wanted her.

As the clock moved on and people started to leave I caught her in the kitchen and mentioned that I was also thinking of leaving. “Don’t you dare leave yet,” she scolded playfully, “I want to catch up with you. We haven’t talked all night.”

So, I sat and chatted a little more, watched her flit around the apartment and was glad to eventually see a steady stream of leavers. There were only four or five other guests left when Cora finally walked over and sat beside me. She was wearing a low-cut, tight, black dress that showed every gorgeous curve of her body. She sat close enough that our thighs rubbed against each other and before she spoke, she leaned forward, undid the fasteners on her shoes and kicked them off.

“Well, this has been fun, but I’m tired now.” She leaned back in the sofa, her head inclined towards me as our shoulders brushed.

“Yes, it was fun. It’s good to see you again.” I looked over and saw her smile. “I thought you were nothing but a childhood memory.”

“At least I wasn’t a childhood nightmare,” she laughed. “Sorry we didn’t get to chat much tonight. I’m out of practice with all this socializing. I’d forgotten parties were so much hard work.”

“No problem,” I gallantly dismissed. “I figured I’d hang around now and help you tidy up a little.”

Cora protested, citing that she didn’t intend tidying anything up until the following day, but I insisted, telling her it wouldn’t take long and she wouldn’t wake up to a bomb-site in the morning. She reluctantly agreed, and then asked me about the stuff we needed to catch up about: exes, work, memories, families, etc. While we talked it was hard not to let my mind drift back to that night, so long ago, and even to think of what it would be like to hold Cora as a lover. I imagined running my hands over her sensual hips, and across the curve of her gorgeous ass. Then, when she stood up to see out her final guests, I realized that I couldn’t stand with her; not without an unwanted display of a prominent bulge anyway.

Cora went into the kitchen before coming back to the sofa, handing me one of two full wine glasses as she sat down.

“I can’t,” I declined, “I have to drive home.”

“Your choice,” she giggled, “but the sofa’s comfortable if you want to sleep here. Hey, we could even go out for breakfast if you like. I’ve been meaning to set up dinner with you for months, but it’s just been stupid crazy around here. How’s that sound?”

It sounded good enough for me to take a mouthful from the glass she’d given me. Just knowing that I could spend more time with Cora the next day was more than good enough!

“Come on then,” I reached for her hand and pulled her upright, “we need to get my bedroom a bit tidier before I turn in for the night.” I started picking up a few plates and glasses from the table and the floor.

Before Cora joined me she walked over to her CD player and swapped out a party mix for a gentle jazz compilation that eased away the edges from the night. I snuck a look over at her smoothing out the wrinkles in her dress as she stood. “Something’s been bugging me for years,” she announced as she joined me carrying another load of washing up to the kitchen.

I gave her a friendly shrug, inviting her to unburden herself.

“How come, all those years ago, we never dated?” Cora was loading the dishwasher and not looking at me as she asked the question.

I laughed a little, but definitely felt the tension rise a notch or two. “I figure I was never brave enough to ask you.” I continued to feed crockery to her. “It sure wasn’t anything to do with me not wanting to ask you, or never wanting to find out of you didn’t want to date.”

Now she stood up and giggled. “Okay, let me count the double negatives in that sentence and figure out if that’s a good thing or not. I’ll get back to you.”

I thought about it as I watched her cram a final few items into the dishwasher. The dilemma was whether to go there or not; how much did I want to find out... both about then, and now? In the end my instinct took over and the words came out, almost without consciousness, “There’s something been bugging me for years, too.”

“Yes?” She placed a cleaning tablet in the dispenser and closed the door. “What’s that?” She switched the appliance on, reached for the wine bottle, and started to refill our glasses.

I followed her back to the sofa and tried to find the right words. “Well, do you remember... at a New Year’s party your folks had, one time, probably the last one before you left... we danced?”

“Not sure,” she sipped at her glass and slipped backwards into a more horizontal position. “I’m sure we did, but I’m not sure I remember the exact occasion. Was there something about it I should remember?” Only the tiniest hint of a playful grin crossed her face.

“I don’t know,” I was heartened as I carefully sat next to her, but still not sure whether we were on the same page, “it was just a nice time I guess.”

We settled into a comfortable late-night discussion of how things had been back in the day, taxing our memories as we recalled schooldays and playful moments. I constantly caught myself admiring Cora’s lips as she spoke and smiled, how they still looked the way they did the night we danced so long ago. She looked incredible after all this time, and my desire started to take over my body again.


“Tell you what,” she put down her drink as we finished laughing about an old teacher, “why don’t we dance? See if anything jogs my memory?”

Cora stood and held out her hand for me. I accepted it and she didn’t let go while we positioned ourselves in the center of the room. The music was soft, almost haunting, as my body slipped towards hers and we started to gently move.

Her fingers were warm to my touch and underneath her dress her body was soft against mine as the rhythm casually pushed us around the room. Almost immediately she let go of my hand and allowed me to wrap my arms around her, resting my hands on her lower back. I felt her arms cross under mine and come up to rest against my shoulder blades. After a few more steps I leaned forward a little more and could smell her hair, fresh and sensual. At first I bumped against her, but after it happened a couple of times and I felt no reaction, I got confident to rest my covered erection up against her. Cora’s cheek came to rest on my shoulder.

I knew this was real, tonight, but it felt like so many years ago.

“You know,” she spoke softly into my ear, “I think I do remember something about that night now.”

I fought my instincts to ask what it was had reminded her, but felt another rush of blood to my tumescence. “You know, that night has lived with me forever.” We kept moving gently as I spoke, my erection now almost glued to her body. “I’ve always wondered if you felt... me. I always wondered if there was something I should’ve done, or if I should’ve ever let that happen, or what would’ve happened if we’d just sat together a little longer that night. If I should have done something else...”

Cora lifted her head a little and nodded. Her breasts started to push a little harder into me as she straightened up. “I know what you mean.” She angled her head back to look at me. “And, yes, it felt good that you did what you did, that you were the way you were while we danced.”

“I think...” she looked at me with her youthful eyes and a widening smile, “I know now what I should’ve done that night.”

“You do?” My hard on was almost pulsing with the growing tension of the moment now.

“Yes,” she whispered, and brought her lips to mine.

They were the softest lips I ever tasted. She kissed me gently, over and over, pulling our bodies harder together but keeping our lips’ touch to little more than a brush against each other. At her first firmer push, I instinctively opened my mouth and allowed her tongue to come play with mine. The moment was sublime. Cora twisted her tongue around mine and began pulling our hips together with a new firm grip on my ass cheek.

The smile on her face as we broke the kiss was the sexiest thing I ever saw. I moved my hands over her lower back and up her sides as we continued to dance and silently smile at each other.

“That was good,” I whispered to her, “late, but very good.”

Cora giggled. “I guess I remembered that night all along,” she confessed, “and... there was one other regret I’ve always had from that dance.”

“Tell me,” I urged.

“I can’t.” Her voice deepened and her eyes narrowed as the tension continued to rise between us. “I need to show you.”

Cora’s hand made its way along the outside of my hip and squeezed between our bodies until it rested length-wise against my erection. My eyes closed involuntarily and I caught my breath as she gripped me. In the sensual atmosphere of her post-party room and with Cora’s wonderful body virtually wrapped around me, the moment was worth waiting for.

I kissed her again, deeply and urgently this time. While I pinned her to me with one hand on her buttock, my other hand ran up her side, all the way over the top of her breast to her shoulder, then down to her soft curve again. Her body pulled away from me, inviting me to cup her fully while she rubbed me and I kissed her breathlessly.

She wasn’t wearing a bra, so her excited nipple was easy to find through her dress and I pressed hard against the breasts I had dreamed of for so long. Cora moaned a little through our kiss as I ran my fingers over her.

“I see you do remember me, then,” she smiled, pulling away from our kiss, but increasing her hand action on me. This time we stopped moving to the music and simply stood I front of each other.

Without another word Cora slipped down to her knees, her hands never leaving my body as they slipped downwards along my legs and then back up again to start unbuckling my belt. My dreams unfolded before me as Cora unlocked the buckle, then looked up and smiled as she pulled down my zipper.

My pants were still hanging around my thighs when she reached in and pulled me free, springing into the open, hard and throbbing. Rather than hold me, Cora brought her mouth up to lick along my shaft, first one side and then the other, before flicking at the tip of my cock a few times. She looked up at me and her eyes never left mine as she closed her lips around me. While her lips locked and she applied some suction, her tongue sensually ran around the head of my cock, causing it to throb even more. I heard someone moan, and belatedly realized it was me. “Cora,” I managed to whisper.

Cora’s fingers wrapped around my balls gently while her thumbs pressed into the base of my shaft. Her mouth started to slip up and down on me a little, tightly over the rim of my head and making those balls start to tingle already. She knew what she was doing, though, and eased her mouth off me as gently as she’d taken me inside. Now holding me lightly with one hand, she licked up and down the shaft a few times again.

I knew what to do when she stood up and kissed me again. Her hand was gently rubbing me as I reached around, pulled her zipper down and pulled her dress off her shoulders. I immediately pulled it away from her chest now, revealing the wonderful mounds and their crowning nipples I’d thought of so often. My eyes feasted on her dark nipples as my fingers reached up to test their excitement. Her now not-so-little buds stood proud and felt hard between my fingertips.

It was my turn to slip to my knees, and pull her dress over her hips as I did so. The limp garment fell down her legs and revealed the smallest black g-string I’d ever seen. I reached around to take hold of her buttocks and pull my face closer. Cora smelled luxurious as I inched towards her and nuzzled the silky material. The musk of sex and perfume was heady as I licked at the top of her thigh, across the bottom of her belly and onto the other thigh. Next I came back to lick above her pubic area while I hooked the strings in my fingers and started to ease her panties down.

By now all thoughts of past dreams of Cora were gone, replaced by the most wonderful present; perfectly represented by the dark and swollen lips and neatly trimmed triangle of bush that was a vision of heaven. I couldn’t resist finding out if she tasted like heaven also, so I leaned forward far enough to touch her lips with the tip of my tongue.

Cora was already excited to the point that I could taste her from the very tips of her lips. She was citric sweet, and amazingly warm to the end of my tongue. I felt her thighs open and usher me to probe deeper, so I started to lap slowly up and down her sexy folds and immediately felt her juices start to flow freely onto my tongue.

My hand slid slowly up her thigh, hardly pausing as my fingers split apart and the middle one headed straight for her slit. It slid in effortlessly, Cora gasped in pleasure and I licked at the exposed pink.

“I need to sit,” she groaned at me with a half-laugh, “I might collapse.”

As much as I sympathized with her state, I did not want her to sit yet, so I withdrew my finger, stood semi-upright and took a nipple into my mouth. I sucked hard, rolling her hard bud with my tongue and sucking on her. My hand took hold of her other nipple, squeezing it and being rewarded with another pleasure moan. It was about then that Cora’s hand managed to find my hardness and started to stroke beautifully.

“Dance with me a little more?” I slipped off my shirt, wrapped my arms around her, kissed her deeply and led our resumption of our erotic slow dance.

While we kissed and stepped around the room naked, my hands roamed over her buttocks, pulling her into me, repeatedly seeking to fondle her breasts and caressing her cheek as she kissed me with a wonderful, deep, passion. Cora’s body was soft and warm, and her own hands were doing everything in their power to please me. After only a few minutes of our dancing I felt her almost try to climb onto my erection, so I started to ease her upwards.

With her hands on my shoulders, her legs tight around me and my hands under her arms, we raised her up. All the time we continued silent eye contact and simply let our instincts take us where they wanted. When Cora was raised high enough, my cock found its way underneath her and was poised beneath her desperate pussy. Feeling me touch her lips, Cora made a small adjustment to her position and we slowly allowed her to slide down onto me.

Her soft folds covered me in slick velvet skin and when she was fully impaled Cora smiled at me. “You’ll never, ever, have to ask if I remember you after this,” I said and kissed her again.

With one hand on her bottom and another supporting her back, I helped her ease herself up and down on me a few times. I loved the way she was possessed by the passion of the moment now and ground herself tight onto me. “God you feel so good,” she almost hissed at me as our small movements started to deliver a huge physical impact.

I made the couple of steps that it took to position us close to her sofa and then eased our bodies downward so that I was on my knees. Now, without ever slipping out of Cora’s glorious pussy, I leaned forward and rested her on the edge of the sofa. Her arms let go of my neck and deliciously ran down the length of my chest as she leant away from me. Cora looked amazing, her impassioned face, her incredible breasts and her wonderful pussy that had my cock disappearing into it.

Simultaneously I started to thrust slowly in and out of her and reached over to take a nipple between my fingers. Cora shuffled to better position herself for my thrusting. I watched as she closed her eyes and sighed, obviously enjoying what my cock felt like as it plunged in and out of her with a slow but relentless pace.

Within minutes I could feel my own body start to near the summit of our lovemaking; my skin tightening and my blood feeling like it had an electrical current running though it. Watching Cora start to moan, I started to massage the top of her very wet pussy, immediately finding her clit, now noticeably swollen. She moaned a little more as I stroked her and continued to pull gently on her nipple. Just for a second I took in the scene, Cora’s eyes closed as she moaned, my hands working her body, and my cock moving in and out of her. It was the most incredible scene I’d ever witnessed, and I knew I was going to cum soon.

My dream with Cora was always that we would cum together, and I was starting to work at that goal when she took away all need. Using her elbows to prop herself a little more upright, Cora opened her eyes, locked onto mine, and said, “Cum for me, baby. I’m ready when you are, let’s cum together.”

I didn’t need any further encouragement, but got it anyway, in the form of her reaching over and holding my hip so she could assist my rhythm. I slowed my strokes on her clit, synchronizing with my thrusts into her and started to feel the orgasm build slowly and tighten my balls to the root of my cock. “Now, baby, now,” she breathed at me as I felt her hips buck upwards and press her pussy onto my fingers.

The climax was so intense that I almost stopped thrusting. Rushing like a freight train through every nerve in my body, the sparks started to tingle and the depth-charge of pleasure was released. It went off somewhere at the base of my belly, radiating waves of pleasure through every inch of me, burning my skin like a flash wildfire and squeezing my balls harder than I’d ever known. My cock spasmed several times before I started to shoot cum, and just before the first shot I realized that some of the contractions were directly from Cora, who was now deep in the throes of her own climax.

Her eyes were closed, she was pulling me into her and her pussy was bucking onto my cock and into my hand. I felt her squeeze my shaft time and again as her moment seemed to go on forever. Just as I started to ejaculate I felt a sudden rush of wetness all around her pussy and knew that she had done the same. With each of the next five or six thrusts, I felt my balls unload into her, my burning white cum swimming all around her soaked pussy when I’d done.

Breathlessly, I looked down and saw her open her eyes and smile at me. “Oh my,” she half-giggled and half-whispered, “what have we found here?”

I pulled her up from the sofa and kissed her, the salty taste of her sex sweat newly awoke my senses as I tasted her again. My cock was still inside her as we hugged, tight, warm, and satisfied.

“Well,” I cleared my throat and looked at her beautiful, flushed, face, “that’s one of my life’s ambitions taken care of.”

Cora kissed me again and smiled playfully now. “You’ll have to fill me in on the rest of your ambitions, see if I can’t help you with more of them. If they’re anything like as good as that one...” I felt her hand brush my cheek and her pussy squirm on my cock. “And...” she smiled impishly, “I know another good thing that comes out of this.”

“You do?” It was hard to imagine the night getting any better.

“Yes.” She paused for a long, deep, kiss. “Now you don’t have to sleep on the sofa. But I have to warn you, I charge for sleeping in my bed, and the only currency I accept is lovemaking.”

That was one price I was more than happy to pay.

© Copyright 2006 Jude

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