Letter to My Lover - III
By Lolita
(Fsolo, toys)

You must have no idea how wet the thought of you gets me. I can be in the kitchen cooking and the thought of you crosses my mind just briefly and my panties get damp. You tease me telling me how much you like to lick pussy, when you know that all I have for fun here is my vibrator.

Don't get me wrong, it's good at what it does, but it's not the same as a man. Especially one with a big, thick cock. I finger my clit with my eyes closed, pretending that it is your tongue licking it. The way you say you want to, lots of pressure, the way I like it. I think of you thrusting your tongue deep inside of my hot cunt. Do you know how badly I want your face between my thighs? That long tongue teasing my clit, licking my sweet cunt...

My breath quickens as I think about kissing you, the taste of my cunt still on your lips. I'm too horny to bother imagining too much foreplay. I only get in a few moments sucking and teasing that huge cock of yours and then we're getting right down and dirty. Hard-core sex. Deep and hard.

I begin to fuck myself with my vibrator as I imagine you above me, the weight of your body on mine. The pressure as you press that big, hard cock so deep inside of my hot, wet cunt. It's so eager to feel you. I picture you thrusting firm and hard, the juice from my cunt leaving a glistening coat on your thick cock.

I want to be dirty with you. Tell you to fuck me harder. Tell you how much I love that huge cock fucking my tight pussy. I want to dig my nails into your back. Kiss your neck. Nibble on your earlobe. Whisper dirty things... I'd let you do anything you want to me. Tie me up. Spank me. Let you fuck me in my virgin ass.

I am so close to cumming. I want you to talk dirty to me. Tell me I'm bad. Tell me I'm a dirty, dirty girl. C'mon, you know the way I like it. Fuck me hard. Ask me if I like that huge cock fucking my pussy. Tell me to say your name. C'mon, say it... Faster...

I'd spread my legs farther apart and wrap then tight around your hips. Deeper... I want to feel your cock hitting my cervix. Harder... I want to feel your cock throbbing as you cum inside of my hot pussy. I want to feel the warmth of your cum filling my tight cunt.

My cunt tightens around the vibrator, my mind still on you and that huge cock. Harder... Right there.... Mmmhmmm...... Oohhhh.... yes.... Steve..... Oohhh.... Oh god....... Mmmhmmm..... Mmhmmm....... Oohhhhhhhhh........

God I wish you were here!


Copyright 2006 Lolita

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