Molly's Visit
By Jude
(MF, cheat)

"I'm coming."

The young female voice I knew so well was more excited than I'd heard in years.  Molly had called to tell me she was coming to visit us in the Chicago suburbs, all the way from London where she had worked as a junior in my department four years previously.

I'll be there in less than a month.  I can't wait."  It was great to hear her youthful excitement and just a little strange to feel that tingle she always managed to provide between my legs.

Not that there had ever been anything between us, romantically or sexually.  Molly was ten years younger than me, nineteen at the time we worked together and I was well on my way to the marriage and two small children I have now.  We kept in touch by e-mail when we went our separate ways but back when we saw each other every day I always felt like her big brother.  I was a mentor, someone she talked to over lunch and coffee; someone who would have screwed her brains out given half a chance.

You see, Molly was blessed with the prettiest face, framed by wonderfully bushy auburn hair, which always seemed to be able to find a smile.  At 5' 4" and not exactly Kate Moss, you could argue that maybe she was a pound or two heavy.  However, my personal argument was that most of her excess weight was exactly where it should be; on her fantastic chest.  Oh the hours I’ve spent wondering what it would feel like to wrap my hands around those fantastically shaped and upright boobs.

Strange as it might seem, I'm not really a breasts man.  But Molly's were undeniable.  Big, round and fantasy-inducing like no pair I've ever seen before or since.  And now she was coming to stay with us.  No wonder that familiar tingle was there.


For most of the week of her visit we dined out in the evenings and during the days Molly either took the train into Chicago to sightsee or accompanied my family on local shopping trips.  My wife was grateful for the relief of having someone around who could spend time with the children and Molly seemed happy just to be able to take it easy in the Midwest summer.  As the week wore on she happily spent a lot of time on our wooden deck, soaking up the sun and no visit could ever have been more innocent.

Finally tired of eating out, we planned a backyard barbeque for the Friday evening.  My afternoon also contained some interesting unplanned activity.

I nearly always leave work early on Fridays, a nice little perk for me after a tough week.  That particular afternoon I arrived home shortly before 2:00, noting that our van wasn't in the garage as I pulled in; nothing unusual there.  I wasn't expecting Molly to be at home either but after I pulled a beer from the refrigerator and strolled over to the patio doors a sight for the sorest eyes struck me.

Molly was sunbathing face down on a lounger in a tiny green bikini that had the top untied, the ends dangling at the sides of the lounger and her figure more available to my gaze than ever before.  My imagination had never done her body justice all those days I used to wonder what was beneath those shirts and sweaters she wore back in England.  She looked wonderful, inviting, her skin tanning nicely and the sensual curves of her shoulders, hips and thighs just begged to be touched.  I stood looking for a full five minutes through the mesh curtain, just in case she might turn over and leave a nipple uncovered for me.  Wishful thinking maybe, but in those blissful moments I also enjoyed the warm feelings of a growing erection.

Eventually I adjusted my swelling, slid open the door and walked out into the blazing sunshine beating down on the deck.  "Hi Molly."

"Oh, hi."  Unfortunately she was perfectly composed as she reached to her sides and deftly tied her bikini top back together.  "You just missed them.  They went off swimming.  I thought I'd just stay here and get myself a little more color before I head back to the useless English summer.  Hope you don’t mind."

"Not at all," I smiled and took a pull on my beer, "relax.  You're at home.  Anyway, if you ask me you improve the view."

Molly smiled.  We'd flirted before, as friends do, but we both knew it was never serious.  Yeah, all it would take is the first opportunity; then it would be serious for me . . . real serious.

I got her a beer from the house and we shared some small talk for a while until she decided she'd had enough sun and should get dressed.  I followed her upstairs, anxious to change into some shorts myself but forgetting all about them as I made the best of a close up view of Molly's beautiful bottom, covered only by the bikini, as she stepped sensuously ahead of me.  The thought of her being close enough to reach out and grab a handful of that beckoning flesh made me smile.  That I managed to restrain myself showed incredible self-control.


There are moments when fate is your best friend.

Molly came out of the family bathroom, fresh from her shower, moments before I came out of my bedroom, freshly casual.  I’m not sure exactly what happened, but something did.  It took me a few seconds to realize she had dropped her towel and was stooping to pick it up when I stepped out of the bedroom.  Slightly startled by the noise or the movement, she stood upright and faced me, those wonderful breasts in full view for a few tantalizing seconds while the towel was retrieved.

"Oh, God, I'm so sorry.  I dropped . . ." she scrambled to cover herself up.

I smiled and gulped, not immediately sure what else I could do.  "Hey, don't worry.  It's not like they're awful to look at."  I tried to put her back at ease.  "Truth be told, I've wondered what they looked like for years."  I’m not sure where the words came from, I just said them

It was one of those timeless moments.  She could have grinned in embarrassment and run off to the bedroom, but she stood there, obviously weighing up her next action carefully.  I stood before her and felt the tension rise quickly between us before she moved.  Then, slowly, she let the towel drop away from her figure again.

It was impossible not to allow my eyes to feast on her breasts, now fully on display, proud and awesome with only feint tan lines.  Molly had a stark white pair of panties on that were small and sexy in their simplicity, but her breasts demanded all of my eyes’ attentions.  I felt my head move from side to side in wonder as I examined the large nipples that topped off her horizontal mountains of desire.  I was transfixed and only just noticed the smile that had slowly crept across Molly’s face.

"There's a part of your body I always wondered about too you know."

I knew I should've backed away.  In my mind there were some lame thoughts of how I was married, never cheated, never thought I would; but I never thought I would have Molly's body at my disposal either.  I took the two steps that separated us and reached out to cup her left breast in my right hand.  My afternoon suddenly became a visit to paradise.

It weighed more than I expected and I watched as she closed her eyes and obviously enjoyed the sensation.  "Oh my God.  I just love having them fondled.  Please, the other one."

She didn't have to ask me twice.  I marvelled at how her soft, warm flesh felt against my fingers, how silky her breasts felt as my hands wandered over them and let her budding nipples slip between my fingers.

Somehow we made it back into her bedroom.  She fell backward on the bed and I kneeled over her and kneaded those wonderful breasts, squeezing the large nipples between my thumbs and forefingers.  They responded, standing firmly to attention as the fleshy mounds flattened against Molly's prone body.  She kept trying to open her eyes but failing as pleasure seemed to wave over her and small moans came from her now gently writhing body.

Taking her breasts in my hand one after the other, I fed them into my mouth.  I sucked on them hungrily and licked at them with my tongue, delighting in the response I got as her nipples got even larger.  My cock was throbbing with every beat of my accelerating heart as I teased her with more sucking as my lips closed around her.  It was hard to believe after so many fantasy visions of Molly that I was here with her now.

I took one hand and let it trace a path down her tummy to the top of her bikini bottom.  There I gently rubbed at a few stray pubic hairs that protruded before continuing down the outside of the fabric, seeking the increasing heat source of her body.  I felt the divine outline of her pussy through the material.  It felt like her lips were already swollen and I was beginning to smell that unmistakable aroma of pussy juice as I rubbed with increasing pressure.  With the very tip of my middle finger I traced a line all the way up her cleft and started to softly swirl around the top of her pubic mound.

The last thing I expected was Molly to arch her back so suddenly and grab my arm to keep my hand down there.  She came in such an unexpected rush, gasping and spasming as I rubbed hard at her still-covered pussy and tweaked her nipples alternately as I tried to make her climax last.  It was the quickest I'd ever known a woman come and it was very arousing was I watched her lose herself in the moment.

“Oh God.”  She breathed, still clutching my arm, keeping my hand on her panties and the hot, damp sex in there.  “That was amazing.”  A broad smile spread over her face now.  “I’ve wanted that for such a long time; an orgasm from you.”  She confessed, only slightly sheepishly.

Just as she relaxed and I was about to slip my hand inside her bikini bottom I felt Molly's urgent hand pull my shorts until I shuffled closer to her and she could feel my enormous erection through them.  "You feel huge."  She smiled, beginning to recover some of her composure and grabbing at my zipper.  "Let me see."

Slipping her hand inside and pulling down my underpants, she sprung me skilfully and effortlessly.  I looked down as she let her fingers trace their delicious way around every contour of my dick for several moments.  "I love it."  She looked up and smiled.  “Even better than I’d imagined.”

Despite Molly's delightful comment, I know I'm not huge but as she took hold of my fullest length I certainly felt as big as I'd ever been.  She looked up at me one last time with an impish grin then she bent forward to lick my throbbing cockhead.  After a few slow licks she pulled me into her sweet little mouth.  I let my hands wander through her luxurious hair as she ran her tongue along the underside of my shaft, sucked and bit playfully along my entire length.  No one had ever really used their teeth on me to increase my pleasure but the gentle pressure Molly imparted with her playful bites was exquisite.

When she pulled away her hand continued to gently massage my length.  "Shall I take care of this swelling for you??'  She asked with a smile that I doubted I could resist.

I resorted to nodding as the pleasure of her fingertips’ movements started to travel along every nerve in my body.  Molly saw the excitement in my face and tugged a few times on my shaft, causing me to catch my breath just as she returned to her gentle teasing.  I’m sure she almost giggled at my reaction and then returned her attention to my twitching cock.  Shuffling herself up to a sitting position, she made space for me to kneel before her, my meat firmly at attention and luxuriating in the ministries of her gently hands.

"I knew you'd have a nice one."  She said wile examining every square inch of the straining member.  "Not too big, definitely not small (an extra little tug there) and not bendy.  I like it when they're straight."

Her hands were more expert than I had imagined and as she calmly stroked the underside of my shaft with the palm of one hand she held me firmly with the fingers of her other hand.  It was obvious, just looking into her face that she knew exactly what she was doing to me.

“Relax.”  She most definitely giggled this time.  “This’ll be fun.”

“Exquisite” was a better word, I thought as her palm slid all the way up me again.

Now Molly took one of her hands and firmly squeezed my balls as she continued the gentle massage, now with her fingers wrapped around me.  As she softly worked hand up and down along my shaft she constantly changed her angle, first her palm below the shaft, then above, then to one side or the other.  Mostly she made slow strokes but once in a while she threw in a couple of quick ones.  All the time her other hand was opening and closing around my balls, which were tightening all by themselves anyway.  It was my turn to close my eyes and let the pleasure run through my every fibre.

I felt myself coming from further back than ever before, rushing down the ecstasy tunnel to release.  Molly obviously felt it too as she slowed her strokes until her hand was barely moving, barely touching me.

"Look at me."  She commanded as I tipped over the edge.

I looked down and her eyes were wide open, loving the moment she had created for me.  "I've wanted to do this for so long, wanted to make you feel like this, wanted to feel you inside me.  God I wanted you so much when we were working together, wanted you to fuck me stupid and fill my pussy with your hot cum."

The images she created in my mind and the intense look on her face was just too much and with one final brushstroke of her hand my moment arrived.  It seemed to last forever, my head swimming in the gravity-defying zone of a huge orgasm.  The first spurt of cum didn't arrive until way after the sensation did.  Molly gently held my cock as it spasmed and shot a load at her breasts, hitting her just above the nipple and making her smile wildly.  The second spasm shot straight over her head and against the wall, the third also over her head but on the bed.  I couldn't ever remember getting close to those distances in the past; such was the shattering impact of Molly's technique.

"Oh God."  I slumped next to her on the bed, exhausted from the emotion and the intensity of the moment.  Molly still held my twitching cock, squeezing out the last of my juice.


When I recovered enough strength to talk we lay on the bed and shared our stories of how much we'd wanted each other while sharing the same office.  I thought she was too young and she thought I was almost married.  It felt like we'd treated each other with too much respect and this visit was our last chance to find out what we'd missed.  Now I knew what I'd missed, but at least we'd both got our desires out in the open at last.

There was one final thing I needed to do though, one final taste of Molly.

Without telling her what I was doing I sat up, pulled her bikini bottom down and pulled her legs apart.  I paused for just long enough to memorize the wondrous sight of her hairy pussy close up, and then I eased my face down to nuzzle her.

I felt her body relax as I smelled her sweet aroma and felt her wetness on the tip of my nose.  As I straddled her she sighed and pushed one of her breasts up to tease my balls.  I was already hardening again, fast.

She tasted sweet and sticky as her pussy juice started flowing more than I had ever experienced any other woman.  Molly was just an outright fuck machine, eager to please and not afraid to show she loved to pleasure.  As I lapped at her pussy lips and brought my hand up to rub her swollen clit, she had started working on my cock again.  This time she was rougher, responding to the rhythms her own body was pumping out as I rubbed and licked and pushed my tongue as far into her hole as it would go.

I felt her body stiffen again and stopped rubbing at her, inserting my fingers and licking her clit instead, hoping to take her higher.  As soon as I felt her raise herself off the bed just a tiny bit I slowed down my licking on her.  This went both ways, I didn’t want the sensations of being so close and tasting her to end and I also wanted her climax to be as good as I could deliver.

I slowly pushed a finger deep inside her as I made long slow strokes across her clit with my tongue.  I felt her gasp as I swiveled my finger and felt around her warm and welcoming pussy.  Her breathing was becoming less regular now and I reached down behind her with my other hand to grasp her ass cheek and pull her up onto my hungry tongue.  She started to moan and I knew there wasn’t long before she climaxed again.

Molly grabbed at my head urgently and held it in place as her body froze and her pussy started to spasm around my finger.  Her movements on my cock had ceased as she gave herself up to the moment, moaning loudly in a deep, breathy voice filled with passion.

“Oh fuck.”  She collapsed back to the bed, shivering.

But just like after her first orgasm, Molly recovered quickly and was already moving and urging me.  “I need you.”  She stepped off the bed and bent over, holding onto the dresser.  “I want you inside me.  Now.  God, please fuck me.”

If her words weren’t enough encouragement, the sight of her ass being presented to me and her juicy pussy peeking out at me had me throbbing wildly as I positioned myself behind her and inched towards her with my cock in my hand.  Molly’s hand was behind her, pulling at my thigh to get inside her as quickly as I could.

The entry was just so sweet.  Once positioned with the tip of my cock between her soaking pussy lips, I started to ease forward gently just at the same time she backed up onto me.  It felt like I’d been gripped by a tight velvet hand as she closed over every inch of me.  I heard someone gasp and only realized it was me a few seconds later, so intense was my desire to focus on the simple act of being inside Molly.

“Fuck me.”  She looked back, flicking her bushy hair away from her face that was now reddened with passion.  “Give it to me.”

No one had ever spoken to me with quite the urgency Molly displayed and as much as I tried to stay with a slow and delicious rhythm, I found myself thrusting hard into her as I held tightly onto her hips and pushed.  Molly met my rhythm with her own movements and reached a hand up to feel my shaft as it plunged in and out of her.  As I felt the burn arrive I tried to slow the rush down but the moment was too intense and the first wave of orgasm hit me before I could do anything to slow it.

I continued to slip into Molly’s hungry pussy as I began spurting wildly for the second time in a half-hour.  As soon as she knew I was cumming Molly took hold of my balls again and squeezed, I’m sure increasing the velocity of my shots inside her.  As my rhythm slowed and the last of my orgasm shook around my body I felt our juices mix and my cock slide around that gorgeous young pussy like it had been greased for a week.

As we collapsed onto the bed I was smiling widely, giddy with the thought that I had finally fucked Molly.  Her smile was no less evident as she pulled those wonderful breasts of hers close and snuggled to me.


She left us the following day and I knew I would never see her again.  There was just too much danger between us now and we both knew it.  At the airport she smiled and hugged me as I urged her to come back, without any true passion. She somehow managed to work her hand between us and give my cock one final squeeze before heading through the departure doors.

Having previously missed our opportunity to be together it was all about sex; and none the worst for that.  I often think of Molly’s fantastic body and her wonderful, fun way of making love.  It always makes me happy and hope that one day she just might decide to return and see me.

© Copyright 2006 Jude

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