Sandra's Dad Part III
By Ms Welshflower
(MF, anal)

Out of the blue one day I got a call from Sandra's dad. He was in town, did I want to meet up for a quick drink after work? Why not I thought, and a week later I met Brian after work in a pub for a quick Christmas drink. I hadn't seen him since the wedding but our brief encounter in Majorca last summer was never far from my mind.

Brian looked very smart in his business suit and I have to confess to taking particular care to how I dressed that day. My best charcoal grey suit, knee length pencil skirt and matching jacket, silk blouse and expensive lacy underwear. As I went in, I couldn't resist undoing one more button on my blouse just to make it a little more revealing when I lent forward. We got a drink and we chatted politely about our Christmas plans - it all seemed a million miles from when we were last alone together beside the pool in Majorca 6 months ago. I wanted to talk about it but didn't know how to bring up the subject, I just wanted to say I was completely OK about what we got up to - in fact I really wanted to say how much I'd enjoyed it but bringing up the subject of anal sex in a pub is not that easy!

I went and got a second drink and felt the need to tease Brian, so as I sat down I leant well forward over the table giving him a good view down my blouse. Surely he could see my lacy uplift bra supporting my pert little breasts? Why did I like tempting this much older man I pondered. Brian interrupted my thoughts. Are you still enjoying what we did in Majorca he quizzed innocently - he could of meant anything but I knew it was a reference to our afternoon of anal sex. I nodded in a matter of fact way adding 'in the right circumstances' What I wanted to add was 'you opened up a whole new side to my sexuality, doing that and enjoying it, has given me true sexual confidence' .. but I just smiled sweetly - he was my best friends dad after all.

"Perhaps I could help you with that sort of activity again one day" he added in coded innocence. My heart pounded, I wanted to scream 'Yes!' but feigned a shy look and smiled. I so wanted to be released from my inhibitions with this man but didn't know how to ask or if it was right. 'I hope you don't feel I took advantage of you' he quizzed. I shook my head, 'no I really enjoyed our afternoon together, I've thought about it a lot since.'

As more people left work the pub filled with people and soon we were asked to share the table with a crowd of office workers. Our drinks were empty 'Look lets get another drink at the bar - it's a bit crowded here' I was already feeling the effects of our drinks but didn't want to end the evening just yet and it was definitely helping me relax . We squeezed through the crowd; I followed Brian pressing myself a bit deliberately against his arm. As we ordered our drinks we were pushed together facing each other at the bar by the crush of people. I casually took his hand so not to draw attention, and slipped it inside my jacket. I unrolled his fingers from mine and pressed the palm of his hand onto my right breast. My body tingled as I felt the warmth of his hand through my blouse. Goose pimples stood out on my legs and arms. He looked at me and whispered in my ear 'I'd almost forgotten how nice that feels' Our drinks appeared and Brian dropped his hand from under my jacket, no one had noticed but Brian now knew exactly how I felt. I was feeling very aroused, my nipples were erect and I was sure Brian knew. Brian placed his hand on my hip and ran it up under my jacket across my bum. I felt his fingers trace the outline of my French knickers - I leant towards him and kissed him very gently on the cheek. The bar was getting very busy and we were been pushed together by the crowd. I turned my back to Brian gesturing to some space in the corner but also took the opportunity to wiggle my hips against him - I was sure I felt the hardness of an erection in his trousers. I turned back towards him and glanced down at his trousers, he caught my eye and began to apologise - I placed a finger on his lips and smiled my approval.

Brian lent forward and whispered in my ear - "find somewhere for us to go" it was as much as instruction as a suggestion. I thought for a second and then had an idea. I took his hand and led him out of the pub. We crossed the street to office building where I work. I took him inside, letting go of his hand, flashed my ID card at the security guard and said I was just popping back up to my desk to get something and gesturing to Brian asked if it would be OK if my dad came up with me. The guard muttered approval 'as it was family'. We got into the lift, as the door shut I giggled an apology about calling him "dad" - 'Well I guess I am old enough' Brian commented giving me a hug. As he held me I added, 'this is your Christmas treat from me to you, but we'll have to be quick or else the security guy will start to wonder'.

The doors opened and I led Brian across the floor past my desk and into the ladies loos. I took him into the first cubicle and sat down. I looked up at Brian placing my hands on his trouser belt. 'This is to say thank you for last summer' I whispered unzipping his trousers. I slipped my hand inside and pulled his erect cock out of his shorts. Wrapping my forefinger and thumb gentle around his foreskin and stroked it back revealing the smooth moist head of his cock. I leant forward and gave it a kiss and then a teasing lick with my tongue. Brian led out a low moan as I wrapped my fingers around his shaft and slowly moved it back and forth from the base of his cock to the head. I took the head of his cock in my mouth and began to rub him more vigorously. The few drinks had done their trick in removing my inhibitions. I took him out of my mouth and flicked the tip of my tongue cross the very end of his cock pushing it against the small opening at the end. I looked up, Brian was in ecstasy and I knew from his breathing he was close to cumming. I took him back into my mouth as he let out a deep moan and, before I realised, his first shot of hot cum hit the back of my throat making me cough! His cock came out of my mouth just as his second ejaculation came splashing on my chin. I cupped my hands around his cock as he came for the third and forth time.

As he cock softened I looked up and could only apologise ' not the neatest blow job I've given' I smiled. I had his cum on my chin, my fingers were covered and there were one to two big drips of cum on the front on my blouse. He pulled me to my feet and gave me a big gentle kiss on the lips and then on my chin sucking up his cum. 'That was the best Christmas present ever' he whispered.

I cleaned up as best I could with some toilet tissue and then we were back in the lift and out the building no more than ten minutes after we had come it, me with my jacket wrapped tight around my as if cold but really to hide the damp patches on my blouse.

We said our goodbyes in the street and I caught a taxi home still feeling very horny, I knew I'd be playing with my pink dildo that I kept secretly my my bed that night!

A few days later I received a Christmas present in the post at work. The card said it was from Brian so wisely I waited until I got home before I opened the package. Inside wrapped in tissue paper was the most exquisite set of underwear. It was very naughty, a black quarter cup bra, lacy and under-wired. I tried it on, it had fine silk straps and cups that gently lifted my petite breasts but best of all it left my nipples uncovered. The knickers were even more intriguing, they were silk 'shorties' with a deep slip down , what at first I thought was the front, held together by a silk bow. I then realised the bow was meant to be at the back leaving the panties with a split right down my bum. There was also an invite to a Christmas art exhibition the next Friday night at a top London gallery. I knew then I'd be going and what underwear I'd be wearing for that evening.

Friday came, I wore a short black dress, hold up stockings (my dress was too close fitting for suspenders) and a small pink cardigan - only because I was sure my nipples would be too prominent with Brian's choice of underwear. We met and went to the gallery. It was very smart with lots of free drinks, canapés and beautiful people admiring the art. But my mind was on Brian, we were now clearly having an affair and I was feel very horny and wanted my sexual needs satisfied. The exhibition finished at around 9pm, we had chatted and touched but never been alone. I invited Brian back to my place, he accepted. I felt a bit nervous in the taxi home - this was a much bigger step in our relationship and clearly Brian had arranged with his wife to be away that night under some excuse.

We arrived back at my flat, it wasn't tidy but I didn't care, I'd now made the commitment, I was wearing the underwear he'd bought me and I wanted him to see it. I poured us a glass a wine each and then we embraced and kissed standing in the kitchen. His hands rang down my back and gripped my bum hard. "Are you wearing my present' he asked. I smiled and turned around and leant forward slightly over the kitchen table push my bum towards him. I looked over my shoulder and whispered 'would you like to check?'. His hands slid up the back of my dress lifting it up revealing first my stocking tops and then the knickers he had given me. He knelt behind me and kissed my bum, his tongue pushed between the slit of my knickers and on to touch my anus. God, he was licking my bum hole! I felt weak, I didn't think we'd be doing it in the kitchen but I so wanted him. My heart was racing, "undo them" I murmured, I knew, by saying so, I was inviting him for anal sex.

He stood up and I felt the silk bow undo, my knickers fell loose but stayed on. I heard his trouser zip and then felt his hot hard cock press against me. "Is this OK' he asked, I nodded and leant slightly further forward taking my weight on my arms. He held his cock in his hand and pushed it down between my legs pressing the silk of my knickers against my vagina. I could easily have let him fuck me doggy style there and then but it was what I wanted. I put one hand between my legs and pushed his cock back, 'not there' I said ' - the other place'. He knew exactly what I meant, his cock now pressed against my bum hole, I could feel it pressing hard against me trying to get entry. I rocked back and with a firm push he was inside me. He held my hips with his hands and pushed slowing and gently all the way inside me. Brian held my hips as we rocked slowing together his cock sliding in and out of me. I never thought I'd be having anal sex across my kitchen table but I was loving it! Brian was close to cumming. His breath was short and hard, I rocked on my arms in time with his thrusts and as he led out a deep groan I knew he'd cum inside me. I'd never had a man cum inside me like this before and when he withdrew I realised I wasn't going to be able hold his cum inside me. I stood up and made a dash for the loo, sat down and did what a girl has to do in these situations!

I came out a couple of minutes later, fully dressed except for my knickers which I'd left in the loo. Brian was in the shower and came out a couple of minutes later naked, drying himself with a towel.

We kissed and I felt him unzip the back of my dress. I led it fall to the floor and stood before him in my stocking and bra. His cock rose nicely to the view in front of him. My nipples pointed proudly towards him above the low cut bra cups. He sucked and kissed them until they hurt. I needed a good old fashioned fuck. I led him to the bedroom taking of my bra and we sank down onto the bed, Brian on top of me. I opened my legs wide and his cock found its natural target. I rolled my legs back until my knees hooked over his shoulders. His weight pressed hard down on my vagina his cock as deep in me as it could go. I started to cum. The tingle turned into the most wonderful spasm as I came and came.

Afterwards Brain rolled off me, his cock still as hard as steel, he hadn't cum but I was too exhausted to continue. We hugged and kissed, bodies pressing hard against each other. I ran my hand over his bum and he raised in knee and thigh over my body. Running my hand against that bit behind his balls I found his bum-hole. A thought passed through my mind and wondered what he'd do. Why not find out I thought. I pushed my middle finger against his sphincter until it eased and my finger was up his arse. The next thing I felt was his hot cum spurting against our two bodies as we embraced. I smiled at Brian and said ' good for you too then.'

© Copyright 2006 Ms Welshflower

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