Strawberries and Rum
By Asylem Werd
(FF, oral )

The day has been long and I need to wind down. I run a bath and strip naked before the mirror. I like to look at myself naked. My smooth pale skin, curvy figure, large, full breasts. I run my hands over my body, lingering to pinch and play with my erect nipples. I pin my hair back out of my face and step into the tub. I lower myself slowly into the welcoming bath. The water is so hot that you can see the steam rising from it.

I relax into it with a deep moan. My hand slips down to caress my thigh, then moves quickly to part my cunt-lips and arouse my clit. My thoughts drift to the girl I met on the weekend... I had gone out to The Complex (a local gay-bar) with some friends, though I had never been involved with another woman before. I saw her across the room when we walked in the bar.

She was playing pool with a guy that I knew to be one of the bartenders. Her long dark hair was in dreadlocks that were held back by a band of wooden beads. She wore no makeup, but her ears bore several rings and a tiny diamond sparkled on the ring in her nose. She wore a threadbare white tank-top which clung tightly to her firm, high breasts, and faded blue jeans that rested low on her hips to reveal a tattoo of blue irises.

She bent over the pool-table to make her shot, her jeans pulling so tight against her ass that you could tell she had no pantyline. I felt a warmth spreading between my legs, and my clit began to swell with desire. I watched her from a distance for most of the night as she danced and flirted her way around the room. My panties were soaked from my hot, yearning pussy. I was getting so hot and bothered watching her that I had to step outside to cool off.

I had just snuck around the back of the building to light up a joint when I heard a noise behind me. It was her. She took the joint from my hand and inhaled it deeply, then she pressed her lips to mine and breathed the smoke into my lungs. She put the joint back between my lips, and cupped my breasts with her hands, leaning in to nip at my neck playfully. She took my hand and placed it on her own firm, supple breast. I threw aside the joint, and began kissing her full lips. She tasted of pot, strawberries and rum. I soon had my hands up her shirt, palms cupping her breasts, fingers rubbing and twisting her nipples.

I dropped to my knees before her, my fingers fumbling as I unbuttoned her jeans and dropped them down around her ankles. I could smell the musky sweet scent of her shaved cunt as I ran my hands back up her legs. Her hands were in my hair as I spread the lips of her pussy and slid two fingers into her hot cunt. She was already so wet that she was dripping.

She tilted her head back and moaned as I fucked her wet cunt with my fingers, her juices running down the back of my hand. I pulled my fingers out of her hot cunt and licked her juices from my fingers. With her fingers twisted in my hair she pulled me towards her tight, dripping cunt. I started to run my tongue back and forth over her swollen clit. It was hard and about twice as large as my own, though by now both were quite drenched.

I pressed my tongue harder against her eager clit, and then slid my tongue deep into her sweet-tasting pussy. I thrust my tongue in and out of her tight cunt, rubbing her clit roughly with my thumb until I felt her legs begin to shake and her pussy clench, and her juices ran into my mouth as she came. I kept licking her clit ever so lightly until her pussy stopped quivering.

Then I got up off of my knees and kissed her with an open mouth. Her mouth tasting of pot, strawberries and rum, mine tasting of her delicious cunt. We parted and went back into the bar, each of us returning to our own friends, but catching each others glances every so often until closing time. She slipped me her number on the way out the door. ...

By the time I had replayed the evening in my head the water had cooled to just barely above room temperature. My clit was swollen, my breathing fast and heavy, but I wasn't ready to cum just yet. I got out of the tub, wrapped myself in a towel, grabbed the phone, and went to get her number from my purse.

Tonight she would return the favor.

Copyright 2006 Asylem Werd

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