My Wife's Fantasy
By Gene
(MMF, BM, oral)

We had just finished up with a beautiful afternoon of wet, wild sex. We reserved at least one Saturday afternoon a month to ourselves, the kid's shipped off to Grandma's house for the weekend. Even after seven years of marriage, our sex life was still great. As we lay exhausted on the bed, we began to talk about fantasies. I suppose the subject came up because of the porno's we'd watched that afternoon. At any rate, me being the man of the house, my fantasy centered on having two women at once. Any man that tells you he's never had that fantasy is either lying to you or he's gay!

Then she began with her fantasy. Of course, I figured she would want to be with two men at once, and yes, that was it. But, her deepest fantasy had the one man being black! This totally took me by surprise because we live in a small town in a western state where the black population is few and far between. I asked her why she thought she wanted to be with a black man. She said the porn's we watched had always shown black men to have huge cock's and she wanted to know what the feeling would be like. Now, I'm no slouch in that department- 9"- but she's talking 12' or more! After talking about it for awhile, I asked her if the chance ever came up if she'd take it. She said she wasn't sure but if I was the second man she'd think about it. End of story, at least for now.

I managed and played on a men's basketball team during the winter months. Most of our games were played against teams from the surrounding small communities, but because we had a pretty good team, we were always looking for stiffer competition. I had placed an ad in a larger cities newspaper looking for teams that may want to challenge us, and we were willing to travel. It wasn't long and I received a call from the manager of a team from the Aior Base in that city. Arrangements were made, and off we went. I met up with the manager upon arrival and it turns out he's one big black man! My thoughts immediately went to my wife's fantasy! Of course, it probably wouldn't go any farther than my thoughts, but it still stuck with me.

After the game, I met with the manager again ( his name was Mike ) and he agreed to come to our little town for a rematch in two weeks. Usually after the game we all headed to a local pub for a drink or two, and this time Mike invited us all down to his favorite watering hole. Him and I ended up sitting alone at a table talking basketball, life, whatever popped to mind. "No, he wasn't married." Yes, I was." "No serious girlfriend." His duties in the Air Force didn't allow him time to get serious. I had told him that our team travelled in an old Winnebago that we had all chipped in for. He said they usually car pooled. I told him that if he'd drive down by himself I'd very much like him to join me and my wife for supper after the game. He agreed! I've set it in motion!

Game day rolled around, and I had had the wife make arrangements for the kids to be gone that weekend, explaining that I had invited someone over for supper after the game. I told her that after he left we'd have our usual little fun and games. I didn't tell her who was coming, of course. The game was over and Mike followed me to my place. I had no idea how this was going to play out or even how I was going to make it play out. Truthfully, I wasn't even sure if I could go ahead with my plans. I was a bit chickenshit, to say the least! Now, you must know that my wife is a very beautiful, tall blonde with long legs and a wonderful set of tits! She draws stares from the men wherever we go!

When Mike walked in the door, he was no exception! From the look on his face, he was instantly horny! I made the introductions, then Mike excused himself to use the bathroom. My wife approached me asking me if this was a set-up! I laughed and asked her if she would want to live out her fantasy if it worked out that way. Her face turned ten shades of red and, of course, I knew the answer was yes! I told her that I hadn't said anything to Mike and that I had no idea if he was game or not, that we'd just have to play it by ear. That was fine with her.

We finished supper and headed for the living room. I asked my wife to grab us all a beer and when she left the room, Mike told me what a beautiful wife I had! Laughing, I asked him if he'd ever had a white woman, hoping not to offend him. Quite the contrary! "Sure", he said, " but not one like that!" I couldn't carry on the conversation any farther because my wife was coming back into the room, but we both just started laughing when she entered. She asked us what was so funny? I told her that Mike was quite taken with her, thought she was quite beautiful. She turned those ten shades of red again and thanked him. Small talk ensued and after a couple more beers, the conversation began to get a bit racy. Out of the blue, my wife asked us if we'd like to watch a movie. We answered yes, and off she went to get one.

I was sure what she was after but didn't say anything to Mike. Her favorite porno was on it's way- that much I'd bet on! It was of two black men taking on one blonde woman, the movie that was the basis for her fantasy. She slipped the movie in and when Mike saw what it was, he became instantly quiet! The first few minutes of that movie, you could have turned off the volume and heard a pin drop!

Then my wife excused herself and headed for the bedroom/ After a few minutes, she came back out in my favorite negligee and I was sure she had on her crotchless panties! Mike's eye's got as big as those basketballs we'd been shooting earlier in the day!

She went right to Mike and stood in front of him. Then she bent down and began to run her fingers over the outline of his erect cock under his jeans. He sat there not saying a word, obviously savouring the moment. She began to unzip his jeans, struggling to get the button undone because of the huge bulge. Soon she had his cock out in full view of all of us! I could hear a gasp from deep in her throat when she saw the size of his cock! It was all of 10" and very thick around! She sat down beside him on the couch and wrapped her lips around his swollen cock. As she began to suck him, I moved down between her legs and began to finger her already wet pussy. I could hear his moans of pleasure as I fingered her even harder, could feel her pleasure from my movements and from the pleasure Mike's cock was giving her. I moved my lips to her pussy lips and began to lick her clit, her juices coating my tongue. In no time, she was starting to have her first orgasm of the day!

I stopped my licking, and when she calmed down she got up and pulled Mike by the hand and began to lead him to the bedroom. I followed them in, and we all stripped naked, no inhibitions among us. Shehad Mike lay back on the bed and proceeded to climb up over him. I had to see this so I stood at the foot of the bed. As she crawled down over him, she took his huge, black cock into her hands and began to guide it into her soaking wet pussy! I watched as the head of his began to disappear into her depths. She took it slowly at first, inch by inch. As his cock was nearing bottom, she plunged down on him hard and held his cock at the very depths of her pussy! She began to buck him and soon was in a very intense orgasm, the screams flying from her throat! After a minute or so, her orgasm subsided and she began to ride him. I marvelled at the sight of his cock moving in and out of my wife's pussy! I had seen it many times in porn's, but to see it in real life was the ultimate turn-on!

I'm stroking my rock hard cock as she begins to ride him harder, faster with every stroke his cock makes in and out of her! I then moved up alongside her on the bed and put my cock to her lips. She swallowed me whole on the first gulp and was sucking me just as feverishly as she was fucking him! She began to cum again and when this orgasm subsided, she moved off of him and lay back down on the bed, near exhaustion.

After a few minutes of rest, Mike moved between her legs and began to rub his rock hard cock against her pussy lips and her erect clit. She was begging him to put it in her, and I watched intently as he once again buried his huge member into her pussy! He began to fuck her hard, pounding his cock in and out of her pussy! I could see her juices covering his cock, the contrast of her creamy white juices against his black cock! Then, he slowed down and was soon moving off of her. I took his place and he took mine. I threw her legs high in the air and began to push my own cock into her. She took his cock between her lips and sucked her own pussy juices from him. I began to pound her hard and she sucked on him even faster as if to keep pace with the pounding of my cock in and out of her pussy!

I could feel my orgasm building, and when she sensed this she let her lips fall from Mike's cock and told us both to shoot our cum all over her tits! I moved up and over her and began to stroke my cock until my cum was shooting over those beautiful tits of hers! As my cock began to explode Mike had his doing the same thing! We covered her tits with a mixture of the cum of both, and the sight of it set her off into another orgasm!

After resting for what seemed like hours, we all headed for the shower. Mike fucked her from behind as she sucked me to another orgasm. We finished the shower and soon Mike headed out the door, never to be seen from by either one of us again.

Over the years, we had more experiences similar to that one, and I even got to fulfil my fantasy with two women at once! All were great but nothing has or ever will compare with that first experience.

To all of you with fantasies, don't let them remain just that. If the opportunity arises. Seize the moment and run with it. You won't regret it!

Copyright 2006 Gene

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