Letter to My Lover - II
By Lolita

I like to think about you when I'm in the shower. The water hot, the room steamy. I lather up my body with my strawberry scented body wash. Squeeze my large, full breasts that you love to suck on. I think of how you liked to press your thick cock between them and fuck them. I rub and pinch my nipples until they get hard, and then I lean back against the wall of the shower and let my hand travel down. I part the lips of my cunt and begin to play with my clit.

It swells quick at the very thought of you. My fingers plunge into my tight pussy. Pumping in and out - but it's not enough. I reach for my vibrator - the one that reminds me of you... but not quite as thick. Fucking myself with it is a lot like fucking you, but without those strong, roaming hands I love to feel against my naked flesh, and without those dirty words being whispered in my ear that get me so hot and wet.

I circle the tip of the cock around my clit, teasing myself until my breath quickens. I slide it slowly into my eager pussy - just the very head of it, in and out and in and out, just like you always did, until I am shaking with anticipation. I begin thrusting the cock firm and deep in my hot cunt, the way you always did. It fills every inch of my pussy. I close my eyes and think of fucking you. I imagine your big, thick cock pressing deep inside of my tight cunt.

Your cock always fit so good. I loved to feel you inside of me. Pulsing within me. I think of how deep you would press and how tight your cock fits in my dripping wet cunt. I think of how you would press in so slow and deep, and then hold so still that I would wrap my legs around your hips to pull you even tighter into me.

The memories of fucking you consume me. I can't hold back any longer. I bite down on my lower lip as my body starts to quake. My wet pussy contracts around the cock, squeezing it tightly. Despite your absence I find myself moaning your name as I cum.

My fingers massage the velvety folds of my cunt as my body relaxes. My sense of urgency is temporarily calmed.

At least until the next time you cross my mind.


Copyright 2006 Lolita

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