Pleasing Him
By Miami Girl
(MF, oral, rim)

“Lay down on your stomach.”

He did without uncertainty.

I bent over his feet and slid my tongue slowly up the middle of his leg until I reached his butt. I bit on it a little. He was going to turn on his back, but I stopped him, by enveloping his hips, and pulling him up on all four. I trailed my hands over his hips and ass. I began to spread his ass cheeks open. I started blowing on the hole. I knew he felt my warm breath, because he sighed just a little. I could see his ass as it relaxed and I kept on blowing on it. I saw his cock getting harder and knew I was doing something right. I used my tongue and tease around the hole, slowly.

He backed up toward me just a little. My tongue went deeper. I backed away, so he couldn’t get the full craving.

He grunted a little, in frustration. The mixture of wet tongue and my warm breath had him really hard. He reached down to touch (I guess he was going for his cock) but I stopped him.

I licked his ass and moaned at the same time. I love this feeling I get, a feeling of total control. I slid my fingers under him and played with his cock. I pushed my tongue deeper and deeper, till I felt it slip through the opening of his ass. He groaned in excitement and that was because of my tongue ring in his ass. I buried my face in his ass, as I forced my tongue to go further, while my fingers engaged in recreation with the head of his cock.

He groaned, sexually. I could feel him breathing in, really deep, so I knew he was enjoying what I was doing. I jacked his cock, while I pushed my tongue in and out of his ass. His ass wasn’t opening as wide as I wanted, so I withdrew my tongue softly, so the tongue ring wouldn’t hurt him on the way out. I told him, “Turn over on your back.”

Willingly he turned over and lay there staring at me and wondering what came next.

I pushed his legs up and he held them there by putting his hand under the fold of his knees. I looked at him with serious eyes. He looked at me with serious eyes. I was getting so turned on, it was mind-boggling. I went down and licked the focal point of his penis, where the vein is, then I went all the way down to his ass, I buried my face there and ate him, and for some reason it reminded me of when I’m eating pussy. I tried to erase the thought, it left, but it took a while. I’m not sure if the thought of me eating pussy was why his ass suddenly tasted sweet.

I buried my face deeper, and pushed my tongue past the ring of his ass, and I felt so strong and sexy as I pleased him.

I felt my orgasm building up. I groan, more like an animal I’ve never heard. Steve’s penis stood straight up, it gave me the impression of him being in pain, because of how big it kept getting.

I stopped and positioned myself on my side. Steve didn’t utter a single word; he just put down his legs. I wanted to fuck with his mental state a little, so I just lay there, but I was watching his cock to make sure it wasn’t going down, and it wasn’t. It jumped involuntarily a few times.

I got up and went over to my bag and came back with the lubrication, the one that heats up when air touches it. I slapped his ass, and told him to put his legs back up. He stared at me without saying a word and slowly put them up. I poured some of the liquid in my palm and tilted my hand over his ass hole watching the liquid drip.

He blinked.

We kept looking intently at each other as the air was filled with sexual tension. I let my finger dance around the hole of his ass, he made an agreeable face as if he was telling me to go ahead and do it, but he held out. He wasn’t saying anything. I wanted him to beg me to fuck his ass, but he didn’t, and it looked as if he wasn’t going to. I pressed my index finger on his anus, and slowly let my finger slide in.

The look on his face let me know that he loved what I was doing to him. His cock twitched, his breath sharpened and he gasped as my finger went past the second muscle. I felt his ass gripping and then relaxing around my finger. His cock was jumping so hard that it kept on tapping on his stomach muscle, as if he was about ready to cum, or more like needed to cum. I pulled my finger just a little before I get to the opening, and I fingered him with slowly. I kept on watching his reaction. He twitched a little, as if he wanted me to push deeper.

I did, but I couldn’t go that far, he was tensing up on me. I kept my finger inside him, without moving it, until he was relaxed enough for me to push it further. I looked at him, and I was so horny when I said, “Open up for me, baby.”

I guess that relaxed him some more. He opened up and my finger slipped further and further in, till my knuckles were pressing on the outside of his ass. His ass flexed around my finger.

I felt so in control, so excited, so horny, and at the same time my own orgasm was building up. I began finger fucking him harder and deeper. I felt a little wicked as my finger banged against his inside. I doubled my fist on my free hand and pressed down on his stomach. I found his responsive prostate and massaged it. I read where that gives a man a different feeling of orgasm. So far, it had worked on him at the club. I kept massaging it slowly and applying pressure, as I fucked his ass.

He finally spoke. “Shit, Karen!”

My finger was working his ass and my free hand massaging his prostate. I lowered my lips to his cock, by now it had a little precum. As soon as my lips closed around his cock, he pushed more toward my mouth, and moved his hips in circular motion.

I was feeling so good, that I couldn’t watch him anymore; I closed my eyes and got lost in my own pleasure. Just the sight of how well I was pleasing him was driving me crazy. I worked my lips and mouth around his big, hard, long cock, while my finger was still stimulating the inside of his ass, and the other hand still pressing and massaging his prostate.

Every time I went down on his cock, I let my tongue ring slide on the vein, while I shoved my finger deeper in his ass. Every time I came up, my tongue ring slide up, and at the same time I pulled my finger almost out of his ass. I did this until I felt the head of his cock getting hot, and swollen. “Ooooohhhhhhhhhh Shittttttttttt, I’m gonna cum….”

I moved away. Stopped everything I was doing, teasing, prolonging his release.

Steve said through clench teeth, “Why. The. Fuck. Did. You. Stop?”

I didn’t say anything. I put my mouth back over his cock. It took him a while to build back up, and then I felt his ass contracting as he shot his cum in my mouth. I didn’t swallow at first I kept it in my mouth, until my mouth was full, enjoying his sweetness. Then I swallowed, letting the cum slide slowly down my throat as little quivers contracted through my pussy.

I didn’t care that I hadn’t cum. My job tonight was to please him and I’d only just started…

© Copyright 2006 Miami Girl

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