My Favourite Teacher
By Ms Welshflower
(MF, oral, uniform)

You never forget your favourite teacher, and Beth had not forgotten hers. But it wasn't until this summer at the age of 24 did Beth meet her favourite teacher 6 years after she'd left school. Beth was home with her parents for a weekend but as usual was quickly bored and had gone into her home town to see the summer carnival. It was a hot day and she wore a cool white cotton dress with a pretty rose print pattern - it was the sort of dress her mother approved off.

Beth wandered around the town square and looking at the stalls and met a few old familiar faces but no one she really wanted to stop and chat to for any time. Then on a "dunk the teacher" stall she saw her old geography teacher. He was one of the youngest teachers in school when she was there and every girl fancied him. Beth watched as he sat on the dunking stool waiting for someone to get the ball on target and send him plunging into a barrel of cold water. He'd clearly been in once or twice, he wet t-shirt clung to his muscular chest - umm, he really was quite good looking she thought. He was also married but married men were a bit of a weakness of hers. He crashed into the barrel as a ball hit the target, as the stool was been reset Beth snuck round the back and called "Hello remember me?"

Geoff looked up from the towel he was using to try his face. "Hi", he replied and then a smile of recognition crossed his face - "You're Beth aren't you? Must be 4 years".

"Six," replied Beth - "Looks cold."

"It is," he shivered, "Only 30 mins left though."

Beth smiled. "Would love to hear all the news, how about a warming whiskey on me when you finish?"

Geoff shook his head, "got to go home to get dry and then I've got to come back and help tidy up". He saw Beth's disappointment on her face and thought "Why not", the family are away at the mother-in-law's, what harm would a drink do with an old pupil especially one as pretty as Beth. "I tell you what, how about a quick drink at 7pm?"

"Great," said Beth - "see you at the Victoria pub OK?"

Geoff nodded and Beth left as he climbed back on the dunking stool.

Beth went straight home - she wanted to get ready for the evening. Beth chatted briefly with her mum in the kitchen - her mum and dad were going out for dinner and wanted her to join them. Beth made a feeble excuse about being tired and so was now free for the evening. She disappeared into her bedroom and rummaged in her bag. "Ah there they are," she thought as she found and retrieved her favourite "agent provocateur" underwear. Beth slipped off her dress and her plain cotton bra and panties and ran a shower. In the shower she washed and found her hand with the bar of soap lingering between her legs. She parted her pussy with a soapy finger and ran it up over her clit. She was horny and thought about her teacher. Like many girls she'd fantasized about her teacher and especially about exposing herself to him. Beth's fingers were now rubbing hard against her clit - her fingers pulling the delicate folds of skin back and exposing it to the flow of the shower as she leant back against the wall. She wanted to cum but suddenly stopped - not yet she thought I want Geoff first.

Beth stepped out of the shower and dried herself. She picked up the thong and slipped it on. She looked at the matching bra but decided to go without. Beth pulled the cotton dress back over her head and undid the neckline button. At her dressing table Beth put on some light lip stick and leaning forward into the mirror glanced at her reflection. She could just see the form of her naked breasts down the front of her dress. Standing up she smiled to herself making it her intention to Geoff plenty of viewing opportunities!

Beth got to the pub early and got herself and Geoff the promised whiskey - large. Bang on time Geoff walked in, he looked great in chinos and t-shirt. She waved and he came over, standing up Beth gave him a polite kiss on the cheek and they sat down to talk. They made small talk for ages, Beth thought, but she did learn his wife and children were away at the mother-in-laws for the week. Good news she thought to herself. Their drinks were finished. Beth suggested another and Geoff accepted but insisted on buying. Geoff returned and they chatted some more, but he didn't seem very interested in her, Beth felt slightly disappointed. However the drinks where going down more quickly now. It was Beth's turn to re-charge their glasses and on her return she leant across the table handing Geoff his drink. "Look down my dress" she wanted to whisper but didn't dare. She moved slowly not looking at him hoping he was looking at her. And he was. Geoff couldnít help himself. He wanted to look away, he was happily married but here was the school girl he used to teach blossomed into a beautiful woman. His eyes caught the open neckline of her dress as she leaned forward. As he gazed down her chest he looked for her bra wondering what it would be like. Geoff could not believe his eyes as he realized she wasn't wearing one. He caught sight of her rosebud nipples and perfectly tanned cute little breasts. He felt his groin ache and his cock twitch. Beth sat back down and smiled at him. Did she know? he thought to himself.

Beth saw his slightly embarrassed look and felt pleased with herself. "Do you remember Cath"? she asked. Geoff looked puzzled. "You remember she was the one that lifted her skirt and flashed her panties at you."

"Oh god yes", Geoff laughed, "a hazard of the job."

Beth leant forward whispering to Geoff. "I wanted to do that you know but was too shy".

"Well," said Geoff, "itís not a sensible thing for young girls to do."

"What about young women?" whispered Beth with a smile on her face.

Geoff felt confused. Beth was definitely teasing him and his groin was now aching for attention. He was a sex starved married man and didn't need this provocative behaviour.

"Funny how they get smaller as you get older," Beth said. Geoff looked slightly puzzled. "Knickers," whispered Beth in explanation. "Would you like to know what I'm wearing?" Beth added after a pause.

Geoff knew he should say "no" but the growing activity in his shorts made him nod. Beth seized her moment, "The smallest see-through thong you can imagine," she whispered, "Now why don't you let me show you?"

"How, not here" Geoff whispered now warming to the idea.

"Wait here" Beth said and slipped away from their table to the loo.

Two minutes later she returned and sat down again at the table, her thong now clutched in her hand. Beth stretched her arm under the table - "here, give me your hand." She dropped her thong into Geoff open hand. He stared down at the tiny triangle of material in his hand still able to feel of the warmth of her body in its fabric. Beth slipped round the table and sat next to him. She took the thong and smoothed it over his thigh. "What do you think?" she whispered in his ear. Geoff blushed, it was nothing like the cotton things his wife wore, and his cock was waking up pushing hard against his leg struggling to straighten up in his tight trousers. Noticing the growing bulge, Beth whispered, "Letís go for a walk"

They got up and left the pub. Geoff kept close to Beth to conceal his now semi erect cock. Outside in the quiet street Beth seized her chance. Turning to him she put her arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips. Geoff put his hands on her waste to push her gentle away - "I can't, I'm married," he murmured. "I don't mind" Beth cooed and then looking down at his groin added "and I think he definitely wants to...."

Giving in, Geoff slipped his hands down onto her hips and they kissed again, deeply and passionately. "Where?" he asked "my neighbours will see us if we go back to my house.

Beth took his hand - "come with me, my folks are away for the evening."

Back at Beth's house, she led Geoff to her bedroom. They kissed and embraced once in the room. Geoff started to unbutton Beth's dress but she stopped him by dropping to her knees. Her pretty face was now in front of his hard cock bursting to get out of his trousers. Beth undid his belt and unbuttoned his trousers. She was feeling very excited. This was her old geography teacher and in a second she would see and feel his cock. She pulled down his zip and eased his trousers off his hips. She tired to pull his shorts down with his trousers but they got stuck on his rock hard cock. She ran her fingers around the waist band of his shorts and pulled them over the top of his shaft. It was then that she realised Geoff was huge. A good nine inches and thick. Pushing his shorts and trousers down passed his knees she playfully gave his circumcised head a quick kiss. After helping him out of his shoes, socks, shorts and trousers in the most matter of fact way she looked up at Geoff pressing his cock against her face.

Geoff staring down could not believe what was happening. Here was this pretty young girl on her knees in front of him playfully kissing and licking his shaft. Her delicate fingers were wrapped around his cock gently rubbing up and down. Beth pulled his cock down slightly and took him in her mouth. Geoff breathing became quick. No one had done that since his wife on honeymoon 4 years ago. "I don't think I can hold on long " Geoff gasped.

Beth loved this bit - making men try to hold on but teasing them more and more. She lifted her head and his cock popped out of your mouth. She ran the tip of her tongue over the very tip of his cock frantically rubbing his shaft. Geoff moaned and tensed. He couldn't hold it any more and with a gasp felt his balls release his seed. He watched his first burst of cum shoot onto Beth's face. She didn't flinch as it hit her cheek and went on into her hair. She held his cock against her face looking up at him as the second shot only a second later flew into the air and then down on to her forehead and nose. Beth now took him in her mouth and sucked on his cock and he released his final spasms.

Afterwards, Beth stood up and they kissed. Geoff had never seen his cum on a girls face before and Beth seemed so at ease. "Did you like that she asked" picking up a pair of pink cotton knickers off a pile of washing on a chair and wiping her face.

"Don't you mind ... um... that" said Geoff gesturing to what she was doing.

Beth, smiled, "no, of course not silly, now take your shirt off and lie down."

Geoff complied and Beth joined him on the bed, still dressed. They kissed and Beth surveyed his now semi-erect cock. She looked across at her dressing table and picked up a picture frame. "Do you remember this" Beth quizzed. She showed him the class photo of her last year at school. She named all the girls with Geoff and talked about what they were like.

Geoff looked at Beth and said, "Do you know you look just as young and pretty now as you do in this picture." Beth smiled and gently stroked his cock. Holding it up off his muscular stomach Beth whispered in his ear - "I've still got my uniform in the wardrobe, would you like to see it?"

Geoff shrugged but Beth knew his real answer as his cock was now hard and erect again in her hand. Beth got off the bed saying, "Turn over and don't look", Geoff obliged turning onto his front. He could hear Beth rustling in her wardrobe but could only guess and wish what she was doing. Beth had slipped off her dress and standing naked rummaged through her wardrobe finding her old pleated tartan school skirt. She slipped it on and then took some knee length white socks from a draw. Finally she found a white cotton blouse and her old school tie. Beth left her blouse unbuttoned but pulled over her breasts her tie falling between the shallow peaks of her breasts.

"I'm ready Geoff" - Geoff turned over on the bed and surveyed the girl in front of him. Beth climbed onto the bed and up over his body. Straddling his chest she looked down at Geoff and said, "Would you like to lift up my skirt for me please." Geoff picked up each side of her skirt and slowing lifted it up her thighs, as his hands passed half way up her thighs Beth took hold of his hands and drew the hem of her skirt up to her waist. Geoff couldn't believe his eyes. Beth was completely shaved; her bikini line highlighted her bare pussy against the soft brown tanned legs. Beth leaned forward offering her pussy to Geoff to kiss and suck. Geoff thrust his tongue into her warm wet pussy pushing it deep between her lips.

Beth began to feel her orgasm building. She took Geoff's hands up under her blouse and squeezed them against her breasts. Geoff was sucked and licking her clit really hard and she knew if they didn't stop she'd cum any minute but Beth still wanted Geoff to fuck her so moved back down his body, her skirt now covering her nakedness, she took hold of his cock and held it vertical slowly lowering herself down on it until she felt her pussy lips forced apart as he entered her body.

Beth slowly eased herself up and down on his shaft taking him deeper and deeper. Geoff lay still on his back watch this vision of a school girl sit herself down on his cock. Her eyes were tight shut and her pretty face screwed up as she forced herself to take more and more off him. As her pussy muscles eased Beth was able to take his full length and sat still for a moment her pussy lips pressing hard in the soft thatch of his public hair. Beth opened her eyes and smiled at Geoff - "wow you have the biggest cock I've ever felt!" Geoff lifted Beth's skirt once more to look at Bethís pussy lips stretched wide around his cock. He licked his fore finger and rubbed it lightly against Beth's clit.

Beth lifted herself up a couple on inches kneeling over Geoff with his cock still inside her coolly said - "fuck me good and hard"

Geoff lifted his hips and started thrusting his cock into and out of her tight pussy. Beth lent forward pushing her nipple into Geoff mouth. He sucked hard on her erect nipple as he fucked her. Beth felt her orgasm coming suddenly collapsed on his chest letting out a cry. Geoff felt her pussy spasm as she came. He pulled her down hard on his cock as she moaned in ecstasy and tear rolling gently down her pretty face.

As Beth's orgasm subsided she opened her eyes and kissed Geoff gently on the face. "You still need to cum don't you," she whispered. Beth lifted herself off his cock and moved next to him on her hands and knees dropping her head down onto the bed she whispered - "take me."

Geoff knelt behind her, lifted up her skirt exposing her naked bottom. Geoff held his erection in his hand and guided into her now relaxed pussy. Holding her hips he rocked her back and forth on his cock feeling his second orgasm start its unstoppable course. He pulled her hard back against him as he released his cum deep inside her body. Two thrusts later he was spent and a warm trickle of their combined love juices oozed from her pussy.

Afterwards they lay together until it was time for Geoff to slip quietly home. Beth had invited him up to London and he was sure he would make the trip soon.

© Copyright 2006 Ms Welshflower

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