You Ever Get That Feeling?
By Jude
(MF, bondage, oral)

You ever get that feeling, “How on earth did I get here?”  You know, the one where your nerves just about get the better of you, but not quite, because you know there’s something good happening at the same time as you’re frightened out of your wits?

Well, that was how I felt: lying on the bed, naked, blindfold and soaking wet between my legs.


How I did get there was a mixture of coincidence and bravery I suppose.

He was someone I talked with on the telephone a lot.  He didn’t live close, but he dealt with the company I work for and I was his main contact.  I suppose we’d been talking with each other at least a couple of months when he told me he was looking forward to a weekend away in the country.  I asked him where and he told me, and about the hotel he was staying at.  He told me he went there a lot: it was quiet, had good food and great rooms, all with four-poster beds.

“Oh wow,” I gushed, “that is such a fantasy of mine.”  Previously we’d never even flirted, but the thought of the four-poster bed was something I loved and couldn’t help myself from excitedly telling him, “I have this dream about making love in a four-poster bed with an older man.”

He laughed, friendly and amused.  I asked him what was funny.  “Nothing,” he answered, “can I ask what age you are?”

Nineteen.”  I answered, truthfully.

I heard him kind of sniff at the other end of the line.  “Well, at least I fit into the ‘older man’ category.”  There was just a tiny pause while he weighed up his next words.  “You should let me know if you ever want to turn that fantasy into reality.  I have a fantasy of my own that would fit right in.”

I kind of laughed it off at the time, but that short conversation had my mind working overtime for days.  When, two weeks later, he hadn’t mentioned it again, I just couldn’t go on any longer and had to bring it up again.  “You know that place in the country you know, with the four-poster beds . . .”

He laughed a little, maybe just a bit nervously too.  “Yeah, the place where fantasies come true.”

I think in the end it only took a few minutes to arrange.  The very next weekend.  He would book the room, I would arrive in the early evening, go up to the room and read the instructions he left there for me.  If I wanted to back out at any time, I could, no problem.

Quite how I made it through those days without wearing out either my pussy or my vibrator, I’ll never know.  I’d never done anything like this before and couldn’t believe how exciting it was, keeping me horny and wet every waking hour it seemed.  And a few of my unconscious ones too I think.  I was going to sleep with a man I’d never met, never seen even, in a four-poster bed.  It was so scintillating, stimulating and downright horny.

When I got to the room he’d left the promised note.  Expecting a simple “I’ll be there at . . . get ready for dinner” I was blown away by his instructions, and my excitement managed to find yet another notch on a scale I previously didn’t know existed.  I’ll never forget that note as long as I live.  “Take all of your clothes off.  Under the pillow you will find a blindfold, put it on – tight.  Lie on the bed, and wait for me.


I heard the door open and the light fall of his footsteps as he came into the room.

I knew he could see me, completely naked and vulnerable.  I knew he was looking at my pert breasts, with their small, pointy nipples.  I knew he would be looking closely at my neatly trimmed pussy.  I had my legs quite tightly together, but still suspected he could see at least a little of my excited and swollen pussy lips.  God, he might even have been able to smell me, I was so damned wet.

“Do you trust me?”  Asked a familiar voice.

I would’ve thought that lying naked and blindfold in front of someone I’d never met portrayed a certain degree of trust, but I nodded anyway, not sure if my throat was moist enough to make any sound.

“Good.”  He said in a reassuring voice.  “Do everything I ask and we’ll both have an experience we’ll never forget.  But please, if you want me to stop, tell me.  You still trust me?”

This time I managed to make a small “yes” sound.

“You have a beautiful body.”  I heard him walk around the bed, obviously watching me, examining me.  “You have the most exquisite skin, wonderful breasts and . . . oh, such a lovely pussy.  Can you spread your legs a little for me?  Please?”

I did, just a little.  Knowing he was looking at me down there wile I spread for him was incredible and the burning inside my increased, the blood-flow to my pussy intensified.

“Please put your arms up for me.  Spread out a little.”

I did, easing my arms away from my side and across the bed.  My legs moved just a little wider too.  Oh, the exquisite pleasure of knowing what he was looking at, but not knowing what he was doing.

“Nice hands too.”

He touched me for the first time, taking my hand and moving it further away from my body, above my head and out towards the corner of the bed.  Then came the moment I’d not anticipated – I felt something silky being wrapped around my wrist.  My pulse raced a little when I felt the knot tighten, but I could sense something about his movements that led me to trust him.  I relaxed my arm and let him pull it away from me a little more.  I knew he was tying me to the post of the bed.

From then on, we exchanged surprisingly few words.  I felt him take my other wrist and repeat the tying procedure, then move down to my left ankle.  I consciously relaxed the muscles as he wrapped what felt like a silk scarf around the ankle, tied it and pulled it tight against the post.  When he finished my other ankle I was spread, vulnerable and I believe I started to smile a little.  The thought of what he was about to do, and the fact that I had no idea what it was, was just the most erotic thing I’d ever experienced.

I heard some rustling sounds that sounded like he was getting undressed.  So wrapped up in what he was doing and how I was feeling, I’d forgotten he was probably still fully-clothed.  Hell, I’d forgotten that I had no idea what he looked like!

The rustling stopped and I felt some lighter footsteps bring him back to the bedside.  It seemed like time stopped right then as I wondered what would happen next, not that I was either in a position to, or wanted to stop it.  Then I felt the very lightest of touches brush across my lips.  Instinctively, I flicked the end of my tongue out to touch the end of his finger, realizing for the first time that it was almost the only movement I could make towards him.  I opened my mouth and felt him softly caress my lips before moving on to brush his fingers across my cheek.

Without letting his fingers pause, or leave contact with my skin, he drew his hand down over my chin, down my neck and across my right shoulder.  He paused there, massaging the skin with little round movements, and I suspect, making me wait just a little longer for what he was going to do next.

He felt all around my left breast before touching the nipple, squeezing the flesh gently, making both of them stand up even more than they were already.  When he finally did set his fingers on my nipple he squeezed wonderfully firmly, shooting a wave of ecstasy down through my body, straight to my pussy.  I knew I was squirming beneath his touch, but couldn’t help it.  When his other hand came unseen to play with my other nipple, I was sure I was ready to orgasm right there.

It was a little surprise when he took his fingers away.  I felt myself breathing harder than I thought I was and beginning to cross that wonderful line between desire and need.  Then I felt his tongue begin to swirl around my breast.  Underneath the blindfold I closed my eyes and let my body take over itself completely.  This was just too good.

There was nothing to expect, because I couldn’t see anything, hence when I felt his fingertips make contact with my pussy lips, I simply smiled and willed him to do anything he wanted with me, preferably soon.

But, unlike my body, he was in no hurry.  I felt him ease himself to kneel on the bed and while his tongue and lips continued to tease and suck at my nipples, his fingers moved up and down my pussy, touching but not pressing, feeling my wetness but not parting my lips any more than my position and swollen state was. It seemed to go on forever, that wonderful feather touch, wandering around the lines of my pussy, swirling around the whole, teasing me and making me squirm.  Once or twice I consciously made myself squirm upwards, trying to encourage his finger to be a little more adventurous, but he managed to move with me and keep his fingers at the gates of heaven.

He had a knack of doing things just when I wasn’t expecting it, probably a feeling enhanced by the fact that I couldn’t see what he was doing.  Just when I thought he was going to slip his finger where I wanted it most, he withdrew his hand altogether, and then take away his mouth from my breast.  Without knowing why, I imagined him lifting his finger to his nose to smell me, savour me.

I felt his weight shift around on his knees but couldn’t tell which way he was facing.  Another surprise was to hear his voice again, we’d been so long without words now.  “I love looking at you,” he said, his voice breathy and slightly higher pitched than before.  “You look so good there.  You feel ready for me.”

That was when I knew he was going to give me what I really wanted, his cock.  I knew it had to be throbbing and hard.  There was no way it could be anything but, that atmosphere in the room was so incredibly charged with eroticism and anticipation.

But of course, he didn’t.  I thought I’d felt him move down the bed and position himself to ease over me and into me, but it was that delightful tongue of his that I felt, lightly lapping at my, now huge, pussy lips.  I sighed, feeling a new wave of sensations start yet another fire heading for that special place deep inside my pussy.

            When he found my clit I almost yelped, it was so excited and sensitive.  And that was it, I came, a flooding, washing wave of sheer pleasure that tensed my muscles and stopped my heart while it set all my nerves on a new setting of “High Ecstasy”.  I realized I had been moaning loudly for several seconds as his tongue continued to work around my clit as well as dart between my lips every so often.  As I started to come down from the climax I felt my pussy muscles ease a little and he felt it too, easing his tongue deeper than before, helping to keep my pleasure levels as high as only I’d ever been able to do before - none of my previous lovers had been able to approach this.

I thought he would give me a break as he eased away and I started to relax all of my body after its pleasure trip.  But, always keeping surprise on his side, he didn’t waste any time this time.

That was not his finger or tongue touching me.  I knew there was only one thing in this world felt as soft, yet hard, as that – a wonderful, beautiful, aroused cock.

The head of his cock felt warm and hard as it butted up to my lips and started gently easing up and down my slit.  Apart from the sensation of gently being prized apart, I got the feeling he was manoeuvring himself, coating his cock in my juices.  In my mind I could see him kneeling in front of me, holding his erection in his hand and wiping it up and down me, making him as slick and horny as I was.  For once I was right and this was confirmed when I felt him reach over and use his free hand to start working my nipples again, first one, then the other.

All my feelings of nervousness had given way to wantonness now as I pulled at the silk around my wrist, vainly wanting to reach around this stranger’s back and pull him into me.  I felt the same with my legs, tethered as my knees fought to pull up and open me wider.  Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think that the most erotic experience of my life would be with a man who I’d never set eyes on.  But this was better than any dream, this was way beyond the bounds of anything I could imagine, pleasure beyond the reach of imagination – the true power of sex.

When he entered me, it was swift and complete, all the way in and filling me like never before.  He felt huge as he settled deep inside me, resting, savouring the moment for both of us.  I felt his legs rest against the insides of mine, his hard chest lean his weight on me and his freshly shaven cheek against mine.  As we lay there, lost to the simplicity of the coupling, he whispered one simple word that summed up the moment, “sweet.”

His first few strokes inside me were long and very slow.  I felt even tighter than usual as the ridge of his cockhead moved against the walls of my pussy, increasing my excitement and making me feel the wondrous pleasure of a cock doing what it was made for.  Now I knew why I’d wanted this to be with an older man.  How he could refrain from cumming right there, I will never know.

He eased away from me now, taking all of his weight on his arms and allowing him to make even longer thrusts, deeper inside me.  It was on the fourth or fifth stroke that I realized what he was doing.  Not only was his cock stimulating me as it ran up and down the inside of me, but now he was managing to grind hard into me and up against my clit.  As I felt his body press me in all of the right areas I’m sure I could almost feel the hood of my clit start to pull back as he caught me again with each new stroke.

“Oh God.”  I whispered, knowing my next time around wasn’t far away. “You feel so good.  I’m . . .”

He knew.  He slowed down his stroke and let his body grind even more with each thrust.  I swear I felt him grow even bigger in those final few strokes.  Fact was, he was controlling his moment, waiting for me.  He didn’t have long to wait.  With everything else going on, I felt the rush start somewhere around my tummy and take the slow train for the short journey to my pussy.

“I’ll cum on your belly.”  He said, obviously with more control than I had.

“No,” I urged, knowing there were only seconds left, “inside.  Now.”

You couldn’t split us with a stopwatch.  On his final stroke I felt him push extra hard and felt his thighs begin to shudder.  At that moment the rush was too much and my head exploded into a huge firework display while the rest of my consciousness concentrated on the hot and hard spurt of his cum deep inside me.  All through his orgasm he was whispering “God” over and over while his legs shook, almost like they were trying to wring the last of his cream from his balls.

As our moments subsided, he relaxed, slipped out and lay beside me.  I felt our breathing return to normal and started to feel a new anticipation – seeing my new lover for the first time.


But there was one final surprise in store for me that day.

He got up and walked to the bathroom (later I figured that he’d quickly got dressed while he was cleaning up).  Then, without a word, he started to untie my feet, then my arms.  As he undid the last one, I started to reach for the blindfold when he gently reached for my hand and stopped me.  “Not yet.”  He whispered.

I smiled and complied, sitting back on the bed and awaiting the next surprise.  That came when the room door gently closed.  I grabbed at the blindfold and pulled it away.  Once I’d blinked the light away from my eyes I looked around the room and confirmed what I thought had happened.  He was gone.

I was still naked and wandering aimlessly around the room looking for signs of him.  Then I saw the second note.

“I hope you enjoyed.  I would’ve stayed, but if I had, we would never be able to do this again.  I want to do this again, with and then without the blindfold next time.  I’ll be talking to you . . .”

I smiled.  Yes, I would be talking to him.

© Copyright 2006 Jude

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