Only For You Sir
By K Quinn
(MdomF, toys)

As instructed I arrive to the room at the appointed time.  Immediately you take control of me physically and verbally, by circling one arm around my back tightly and lifting my head with your other hand so that we are face to face, close.

You are Mine.  You belong to me. Understand I will use you in any way I wish for my pleasure, for whatever I want. And however, whenever and wherever I want. 

~Yes, Sir ~

You may think at times to anticipate what I want, in your quest for my approval. I may allow that of you.

~Yes, Sir. ~

You pull open my shirt to pinch my nipples... it does hurt! Then you release your hold and sit on the edge of the bed, staring at me. I begin to strip down, amid little comments from you.

'Nice tits... great ass...!’

~ Thank you, Sir, ~

And when I am naked before you, I kneel before you, and wait.  I can see that you have become hard... your beautiful cock.

Good girl, I know what you want, but this is about what I want. I want you spread wide for me on the bed. Restraints are not necessary because you will not move unless told.

~Yes, Sir. ~

 Already I am practically throbbing in my excitement.

You want to please me. You want to please me by sucking my cock. That's a ‘given’.  It will please me more at the moment to watch you cum. You will cum for me.  And only me.

~ Yes, Sir. ~

With that you produce a buzzing vibrator and hover it over my clit, not touching.  I’m going crazy already and you haven't even touched me yet!

Look me in the eye, and tell me what you want right now.

~ I want to please you, Sir. ~

Good answer, good girl. My pleasure now will be in seeing you desire, crave me, and making yourself cum for me.

My eyes are locked into yours as you touch the vibrator to me lightly, then back off.  Good god! This won't take long!

Tell me what you want right now. 

~ I want to please you, Sir. ~

Tell me again.

~ I want to please you, Sir. ~

Several more well- aimed touches of the vibrator have me half out of my mind!

You now lay down beside me and you are unzipped, displaying your glory, and still my eyes are fixed to yours. You replace the vibrator with your fingers, a light, teasing touch, like a tickle. I want so much to grind into your hand but I remember your order to not move. I'm on fire.

Tell me now what you want. 

~ I want you, Sir.  I want your cock, please Sir. ~

Hhmm, really!

You’re laughing, I am too.

I feel it beginning, and I don't take my eyes from yours. You're finger-fucking me now with your thumb on target.  You kiss my neck and whisper....

Cum for me...

I don't have to be told twice! Being still or silent is out of the question and I feel like my head is spinning off... it goes on and on, so deliciously intense..!

‘’Good Girl...’

~Thank you, thank you, Sir! ~

© Copyright 2011 K Quinn

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