By Deidre Highland
(MF, Cheat, Oral, Preg)

Even talking to him by email turns me on. Even just a phrase or two from him makes me horny. Even a simple thought of him makes my breasts heave and swell. Even though my years belie it, he makes me feel impetuously young.

Every time I hear his voice, my clit tingles and my panties get all wet. He excites me like no other. He spins fantasies for me better than any erotic romance novel or filthy porn story I've ever read. There are no photos anywhere on the world wide web that excite me as much as a photo of his cock. And when it comes to HIM, I have a difficult time showing any restraint whatsoever.

Take last night, for example. We were just catching up with each other, after a separation of a couple of weeks. I was upstairs on my computer while my inattentive husband of many years was downstairs watching old westerns on TV. And then suddenly, just as I hoped, my secret lover appeared in my inbox, sending me an email. After only a few exchanges, it turned heated. "I want to lick you all over", I found myself saying. (Such a lady, right?!) And then, his response, "I'd love to get naughty with you right now. My brain is imagining your body being beautifully flexible."

Now a girl can't let a come-on like that go by, so I said, "OH YES, I'd come to you and bend to you and respond to you innately. I'd move in rhythm with you, I'd feel you move on me and in me, and I would flex for you. My long limbs and fingers would find you and cling to you and hold you in every way I could." (I did mention that I can't restrain myself when it comes to him, right?! He just inspires me, and then it all just blurts out of me!)

But when I told him I was not alone, he wrote "That's a shame". I hated hearing that disappointment of his. (Though I also loved knowing that I was driving him totally crazy, just like he was doing to me!) And then he followed with, "I need your mouth on my 8 inch cock. Then your tight pussy. Have you ride me, or perhaps I pin you down and slam my cock in you. My cock needs to explode and spurt its hot cream. Would you love me to knock you up tonight and give you an easter baby?" Now what would you do, I ask?! Can you even blame me for what I did next after an invitation like that?!!

So I immediately said, "I am going to go up to the high school track right now. Meet me there in five minutes." "Leave your panties at home" was his simple response. And like a bolt of lightning, my groin was filled with a huge burning desire for HIM and his big beautiful hard cock!

I ripped off my jeans, threw my panties in the hamper, and hastily pulled on a pair of tight-fitting but stretchy work-out shorts, knowing he would love how they fit my ass and how easily he could get access to my honey-filled cunt. Grabbing my keys, I called out to the spouse still watching TV, "Bye-bye. I'm gonna go walk the track. Be back soon!" I grabbed a bottle of water with ice cubes, which was to be a most ingeniously inconspicuous sex toy. And I ran out the door to get fucked by my Master! Oh yes!

(Now you have to realize that circumstances usually prevented my Master and I from being together in person, but we were lovers nonetheless. We made love with our words, with our fingers on our keyboards, with the sizzling photos we took of ourselves and forwarded to one another with tremulous anticipation. And I wrote oozing, dripping, raging hot stories for HIM. We texted, we spoke by phone, we came often and vigorously together. Sometimes he issued me challenges..."I want you to cum six times while imagining being round my cock! And text me after each one." Now I'm sure everyone else has responsibilites too, so just imagine trying to go about your daily life with THAT on your mind!! Indeed, there were no boundaries or limitations in our lush fantasy world together. But last night was different. We were going to be together, REALLY together, no matter what!)

So there I was, up at the high school, sitting in my car in the parking lot, knowing I had only minutes to wait for him to arrive, though it felt more like HOURS with the state of horniness I was in. So, I decided to get my car ready for him by moving the two front seats way forward, to make lots of room for us in the back seat. There were a few people around, some roller-blading and some strolling on this beautiful evening, a bit before dusk. But ask me if I cared! I was gonna fuck this man in the back seat of my car no matter who might be watching! In fact, the thought of a possible voyeur just made me hornier.

Then I saw his car pull up next to mine, and I felt my cunt clench with wild desire. He opened his window and flashed his naughty smile at me, saying, "How is my horny sexy one tonight?" I knew I would be putty in his hands.

But before I could have his big member inside my waiting cunt, there was that promise I made of licking him all over his beautiful eight inches of pure maleness. As much as I wanted all that inside my pussy, I confess to really, really, really liking the feel of it, the smell of it, the pure pleasure of his response, whenever I put his beautiful cock in my mouth. I love to hear him groan. I love to feel him ramming it further inside my mouth. And even though I always fail when I try to take ALL of him down my throat, I even love how I sometimes cough or gag from how big he is!

So, yeah, last night, I asked him to sit in the back seat and spread his legs, and then I kneeled down on the floor of the car in front of him. I released his hard trembling cock out of his trousers, admiring how it jumped out at me like it was on a coiled spring. I decided to give him the most glorious blow job a man could ever want !

I took a drink of the cold water and kept a small ice cube inside my mouth. Then I licked him, and the coldness made him gasp and shudder, and resultingly so did I, mmmmm. Then I ran my chilly tongue up and down his length and around his rim. I slid my mouth over his cock's lovely head, and then went down and down and down on him. Slipping and sliding, and licking and slurping, and practically singing my pleasure at having my lips and cold mouth around his hard cock. And I fondled his balls, and rimmed his anus. And slipped my finger in his butt, right after I dipped that in ice water, too. And it not only drove him wild, but it excited me so much I felt myself getting ready to come. And I knew he was almost there, too. But since his email specifically requested that I ride his cock (and how could a girl like me refuse THAT?!), I had to slow him down every time he came close to coming. I needed to save him for our wild ride.

I eventually just had to force myself to tear my mouth away from the glorious taste of him, and let him pull down my shorts and cast them aside (the second pair of my pantaloons tossed aside unceremoniously last night!) Thank goodness I listened to him and left off the panties, because I did not even have another second of patience left in me, what with the intense burning need I had to feel his cock inside my cunt, to feel him fucking me!

He was still sitting on my back seat, with his cock standing up so nice and tall for me! So I quickly faced him, and spread my legs way apart and kneeled on the car seat in a straddling position above him. I was in a perfect position to start kissing him passionately. Ahhh, I love his kisses, so long and wet and deep, every second of his kisses making me increasingly vulnerable to his desire. And as we kissed, he increased my need by fondling and grasping my breasts greedily. Then his hands were inside my tank top. And then he slipped my tank top off. And my bra. And my breasts were now released in their soft fullness to him and my nipples were as hard as walnuts, and he could not resist my luscious charms.

So there we were, at last, in the back seat of my car, him fully clothed with pants undone, and me stark naked and kneeling above his exposed crotch. His hands were sliding all over me now, and as I arched my back and moaned in response, his fingers found my clit and then my juicy cunt. I always have loved being fingered, but oh god, there is a reason I call this man my Master! When I felt his fingers on and in me last night, it heated me to a degree I had never known. "Oh, please, my Master, never stop ravishing me," I pleaded, my voice now barely past a gutteral moan! (Did I mention that I did not give a damn about who in the world might look in my car and see me writhing above his lap at that particular moment?)

And then, OH GOD, I couldn't take it any longer and lowered my hips down towards him, and the second I perched my dripping wet pussy right above his cock, he swiftly and determinedly pushed his whole length inside me! Mmmm, YES, I just love an enthusiastic lover! And once I felt his cock get even bigger in his lust for me and how full I was with him inside me, I was a total goner! I completely belonged to HIM, I was totally helpless with the massive feeling of HIM. "Is THAT what my greedy little slut wanted?" he teased me. (You may wonder why I would put up with a guy, especially a guy I liked, talking to me like that, but to me, coming from him, it was clearly a term of endearment.) Oh yes, baby, I wanted to let him know, that IS what your greedy little slut wants!

I almost screamed in ecstasy as my answer to him, as I marveled at how stretched I felt, but then I realized I still had the car window open! He laughed his naughty laugh again as I quickly closed the window, and then all passion broke loose inside me. Remember I said I could not show him restraint? Well, I rode him, all right. I rode him like there was no tomorrow. I pushed on him, I rolled my hips up and down and around him, I was wild and breathless (and screaming too, I think!) as I rode him.

But no matter what I did, I knew that he controlled the show. His hands were all over me, and it felt like many hands. His lovemaking was the most expansive and all-encompassing I had ever known, dirty and sweet, rough and tender, and I was totally smitten by him. I was his, I was his cock slave, and I knew that I could only respond to him as he allowed me, his beautiful member working me as if I were a puppet on a string. "Don't cum until I say so!" he said without even a hint of laughter, and I knew that he meant it and I would have to comply, regardless of how much I needed and wanted to cum. And then the bastard made it even harder by slipping HIS finger in MY ass! And never forgetting for a second about my clit!

So I succumbed to him completely, to his commands, to his driving need pumping into me relentlessly. His cock was the only thing that meant anything at all to me in the universe! I wanted him, I wanted his cock, and I wanted so deeply to feel his cream spurt in me, forcing its way into my fertile womb.

"Oh, please, honey!!", I screamed, "Give it ALL to me! GIVE. IT. TO. ME." And he did, Oh my, yes, he DID! It was a tumultuous joining, with him fucking me long and fucking me hard and fucking me slow, and he gave me one of the best fucks in the universe. And I surrendered myself fully to him. At last he groaned "Come with me NOW, my beautiful cock slave!" and we came wildly, loudly, and blissfully together, my successive and uproarious waves of orgasms sucking his seed from his huge spazzing cock to the exact place where my egg laid in wait for him. And I immediately knew.

I knew I was pregnant with his child.

I got what I wanted. I got exactly what he wanted to give me. An Easter baby. And part of HIM with me always.

Copyright September 2011 Deidre Highland

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