The Intruder
By Ms B
(MF, Reluc, bondage, Oral, fist )

The room was dimly lit, with candles throwing shadows onto the walls. The night is balmy, the curtains moving lazily in the humid breeze. On a bed in the centre of the room, a woman is stretched out, the faint sheen of sweat on her naked body. She's a looker, a natural blonde, tanned from the sun golden brown, her limbs strong and healthy, her hips and stomach gently rounded, her breasts high and full and tonight she is all his.

He moves silently into the room, the sound of her breathing, deep and regular tells him that she is sleeping and unaware of his presence. He stands at the end of the bed watching her as she sleeps. He likes this, these minutes before he starts the game.

He breathes deeply to centre himself; he can feel his excitement rising already, the throb in his balls as he anticipates her reaction to him being here. She hasn't learnt, she still doesn't lock her door making it easy for him to slip into the house unnoticed, he smiles to himself, confident and strong, she won't resist too much.

He removes a piece of rope from his jacket pocket and approaches the side of the bed. The woman stirs, sensing that there is someone in the room with her, her eyes open to see him standing there by her side and she starts to try and get off the bed. He pushes her roughly back into the pillows climbing on top of her, straddling her body so that she cannot struggle.

Holding both of her hands above her head he expertly ties them together and attaches them to the bed frame. Her eyes are wide, but she doesn't scream, she been here before, she knows the drill. Be quiet, don't struggle and you won't get hurt...

He can feel the tautness of the woman's muscles as he straddles her, it turns him on, he can't resist he rubs himself on her, feeling his cock grow inside the confines of his trousers, straining at the leash, wanting to fuck her, to stretch her cunt, to empty his balls in her. He thinks that a bit of self-control is required if he wants this to last, his need for this, stronger than the urge to get off and get out.

He looks down at the woman, helpless, silent and submissive lying there waiting for his next move. He runs his hands over her body stroking her, stopping occasionally on her breasts to roll her nipples between his fingers, pulling them hard making her hiss with pain and desire. He loves her tits big, firm and very responsive to his touch. His hand moves down her body spreading her legs wide. He could smell the musk of her cunt, and see the evidence that she was already wet, her thighs sticky and glistening. He bends his head and inhales her scent, and unable to resist buries his face in her, his tongue working her clit, she begins to moan and buck her hips against him. He holds onto her pulling her down onto his tongue, licking her hard and fast, her juices dripping down his chin and onto his T-shirt. He senses that she was going to come and pulls away, the woman's eyes are pleading with him to continue.

He laughs out loud, enjoying the power flowing through his veins at that moment. The woman here, spread, wet and wanting his cock so badly. Her hips are moving in a smooth rhythm, trying to maintain the feeling of his tongue in her cunt. He unzips his fly and pulls out his cock; it was fucking rigid, pumped, ready. He reaches down and strokes it feeling the blood pounding, his balls tight and high, fuck he needs this.

He moves onto the bed using his knees to spread her legs wide. He is between her thighs; his cock pulsing in time with his heartbeat. She's breathing hard now, her eyes wide.

The adrenaline is flowing; he feels it in the pit of his stomach the rush is better than any drug. He slaps her clit with the head of his cock; her wet cunt making sticky noises with each slap. He runs his hand over her cunt lips and spreads them wide. Unable to resist he puts two fingers in and feels how wet she really is. The woman groans and pushes herself down onto his hand like the craven bitch she really is, wanting more. He slides in another finger, feeling her stretch to accommodate him, still she pushes herself down, her hips moving in a circular pattern. He remembers she likes this, wants her cunt to be full. He folds his thumb into the palm of his hand and works her; she's so wet her juices are running over his hand and down her arse. He pushes hard and his hand disappears into her cunt up to his wrist. The woman throws back her head and starts to ride his fist, slamming her cunt down onto it, he's holding onto her hips as she almost levitates from the bed. He feels the first contractions of her orgasm, her cunt squeezing the life out of his hand. She's completely lost to it; guttural noises come from her as she rides the waves.

He gives her no time to recover he removes his hand and replaces it with his cock. He slams the whole length, ball deep inside her. He feels her cunt envelop him, swallowing his cock. He holds himself above her and starts to pound, his balls slapping against her arse as he fucks her hard and fast. He can feel the head of his cock swelling, the feeling overwhelming as he tries to hold back, to make it last, to be in control. He feels his head engage and knows that it's the point of no return, his balls are drawn tight up against his body and he feels the first explosion spurt out of him and into her. He pulls out quickly and continues to come over her tits, enjoying the look on her face as the salty spunk lands on her. She's covered in his come and it's a beautiful sight.

He reaches out and rubs his come into her tits, pulling on her nipples to make them hard, he takes it in his mouth and sucks, tasting his own come. Amazingly he can feel his cock getting hard again, this fucking woman really does it for him, her submissiveness, her want, her need for this.

He moves off the bed and undoes the rope holding the woman's hands. There is no need for it now she won't struggle or try to run, she wants more of him.

He stands by the side of the bed and she kneels at his feet her pupils dilated, her body covered with his come. She looks up into his face with her pleading eyes and his fucking heart melts. She's a class act this one, knows just how to get what she wants.

He grabs a handful of her hair twisting it around his fist pulling her face up to his crotch, his cock hard, still covered in her juices, He pulls her head back and with his other hand slaps her face hard, she takes in a sharp breath at the unexpected pain and he takes pleasure in the red mark blossoming across her cheek, it makes his cock jump. He pulls her by the hair onto his cock forcing it into her mouth. She takes it all like he knew she would, swallowing his cock like a pro. He holds her by her hair and fucks her mouth, pumping his cock deep and fast, she's struggles slightly as she tries to catch her breath but he doesn't care; all that matters now is the feeling in his balls as he empties them down her throat.

His knees feel weak now as he lets go of her and pushes her away from him. He gathers his wits, zips his fly and turns to go, the woman still on her knees on the floor where he left her.

No words have passed between them. He takes a long look at her, something to store in his memory until the next time and moves silently from the room.

Copyright 2011 Ms B

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