Midsummer Night
By Zoe Grove
(MF, Oral)

It was June, midsummer night. The day had been barmy hot, full of anticipation and sexual tension slowly building through this thick humid air. Waiting for the evening to arrive was proving to be a very slow process; I constantly looked at my watch it never seemed to move on.

One year ago today was my first encounter with him, at an annual fancy dress party in the forest close by. By no means was it a normal fancy dress, all members who went to the midsummer party dressed as characters from Shakespeare and such like, dark characters from another life mixed with modern ideas. It was a hedonistic combination and worked perfectly.

Finally it was time, I made my way to the forest the sun was setting giving way to a cooler air, charged with pent up sexual hunger. The forest was decorated eclectically; tree stumps filled with lit candles others full of ice, chilling cases of champagne. Candelabra's hung from branches swaying in the evening breeze. Chairs were placed in between bushes some hidden by leaves, whips lay on the ground.

Slowly members began to arrive; I could hear laughing the atmosphere had changed to that of sheer excitement. An evening of debauchery was about to commence...

I made my way through a small clearing amongst the trees; I had walked this in my mind a thousand times since last year. The anticipation was getting extreme my heart pounded, my pussy was damp my nipples brushed against my outfit, my heels sunk into the soft ground. Stepping over a lichen covered fallen tree. There! There it was just as I remembered it, the dark navy chaise lounge under the oak tree, ivy curling its way around.

The sun was now fully set, darkness prevailed, the flickering flames darting amongst trees and bushes, time to get myself in place. I walked over to the large tree and leaned against it my shoulders rubbing on the rough bark, a fine layer of perspiration covered me. My outfit was the same as last year. Just putting it on again got me horny earlier. My long black hair was curled; it fell below my shoulders, tendrils draped across my breasts.

I wore a black masquerade mask of a cat, my lips blood red and soft. Around my neck was a leather collar with a hoop, waiting for my unknown lover to clip his leash into. My breasts were housed in a burgundy corset pushing my ample breasts up, the corset was pinched in tight as the waste giving my lover the appearance of a heart with my breasts pushed so high up. I wore shiny black PVC leggings; they hugged my thighs deliciously making my pussy hotter. Heels adorned my feet, five inch heels patent red with ankle straps. I smelled of musk a deep heady intoxicating perfume.

I heard a twig break followed by another, he was here. Pushing myself against the tree I closed my eyes, I could feel he was close to me, he put his lips on mine, his tongue darted out gently and licked my lips. He clipped the leash into the ring on my collar a guided me over to the seat, I could see what he was wearing now, white shirt under a black waist coat, riding breeches and black riding boots, in his hand he held a crop with a silver handle shaped as an apple, and a mask, a sly dirty foxes mask. He smelt of sex and desire.

I sat down on the long chair, he pushed my legs apart and knelt before me, as I parted my legs it revealed my crotchless trousers he placed the silver tip of the crop on my hot pussy, the coldness refreshing in the heat. As he rubbed it over my clit, I edged forward to the edge of the seat feeling it pushed harder against my wet pussy. My clit ached and throbbed; he moved the crop away and put it to my lips. I licked it, tasting my own divine juices. I could see his hard cock straining in his breeches. I rubbed his hard member through his trousers, it was as big as I remembered, twitching as I stroked it, eager to meet its hot host.

He laid me back on the seat and spread my legs wide again this time he went down on me, his tongue circling my clit as his fingers slipped into my moist cunt, arching my back up and holding his head between my legs, he sucked hard on my clit, my juices running down his chin, he slid the crop in slowly and gently, pushing the apple in to me. Working it like a skilled horseman, his thumb teasing my nub each time he pushed it in deeper. My heels digging into the soft earth, pussy getting tighter and quivering, I could hear it squelching as the first wave of orgasm shot down my back he moved it in and out the whole time lapping at my clit, moaning loudly as my body was overtaken with orgasm .He stopped and stood up in front of me, a smirk on his face with the knowledge he had made me cum big time. His big hard cock still shoved down his tight breeches waiting to be unleashed.

I was desperate to wrap my lips around his glorious cock; I was going to make him wait though. I reached over to the ice filled hollow tree stump, filled two champagne flutes with the sparkling liquid. The droplets of iced water fell between my tits; he traced them with his large fingers, rubbing over my pink hard buds. His slightly calloused fingers on my soft warm skin felt good. Pinching my nipples between his thumb and forefinger, the mild pain was arousing.

He tugged on my leash making me get on my knees on the soft damp moss. Taking one more mouthful of champagne this time I didn't swallow it. Undoing his belt the leather flicked back and whipped my hand, his breeches were buttoned I slowly undone each one, glancing up through my mask, the bubbles of fizzy wine popping against my tongue, my red lips glistening in the candlelight. I pulled out his pulsating member, my fingers enveloping his wide girth. I brushed my lips over the tip of it; he dropped the leash and put his hands in my hair curling the black tendrils around his fingers. I parted my wet lips and pushed his cock in my champagne filled mouth, the bubbles bursting on him as I moved up and down his shaft, wine dripped down his balls, cupping them in my hands and gently squeezing I pushed further on to him. My tongue circling round the head. Gagging slightly as he thrust zealously into me. I licked up one side then down the other tasting his salty pre-cum at the tip. I moved lower taking his balls in to my mouth and sucking them like candy, I could hear his breathing was more rapid, I sucked faster and squeezed them. Putting my hands on his ass I pulled him closer his dick all the way in my mouth, I kept on sucking, he poured champagne down himself I licked it up like a good cat does, wanking him in to my mouth while my tongue licked up the glorious nectar. I felt his body tense up milliseconds before he exploded hot cum over me, landing on my lips and falling on to my heaving breasts. I licked it off my lips and rubbed the rest in to my skin, working it in to my hard nipples.

My masked fox came back with more Champagne, it pitch black now. The candles had burnt down low; dew was creeping onto the foliage. Standing up as he returned my body ached for him. Striding up towards me he grabbed the base of my nape pulled me close and kissed me hard, impatiently, urgently. His other hand unlaced my corset, cupping my breasts in his hands he bent forward took my nipples between his teeth and bit them gently, making me momentarily gasp before I felt my pussy respond in wetness. I grabbed his hand and pushed it down to my glory box. As skilfully as a surgeon he parted my pussy lips and slipped in two fingers, I was so wet for him I wanted to fuck him right there. Parting my legs further, hoping for an offering of a trio of fingers. Pussy lips enveloping his fingers I was almost bouncing on his hand.

Jammed up against the great oak, my fox pushing into me I felt on fire, pussy gripping his fingers firmly. Breasts exposed to the cool air, his hard cock twitching against my leg. I ripped open his shirt, dragged my nails down his chest, tugging on his nipple, he moaned loudly, letting my hand carry on down holding his cock I slowly wanked him, slowly up then firmly down, my leash resting between my tits tickling the end of his cock. I licked his chest biting his nipple hard again; his cock throbbed as I did it. He grabbed my lead pulled down on it hard, forcing me on to the leafy carpet. On all fours he got behind me, rubbing his hand up to my pussy, sucking his fingers then dipped them in again, wriggling under them I could feel it building in me. Moving in closer to me his hands in the small of my back he darted his tongue in, then blew gently on my swollen clit. Moving back squashing my pussy in to his face, sucking hard on me I was close to erupting. Moving back he placed his tip at my entrance, teasing me, not quite in but enough to send me wild. Holding my hips he pushed into me, as I moved back onto him, my wet place gushing over him as he built up speed, my body was shaking as I kept cuming and cuming, his hand moved up and gripped my shoulders fucking me hard and deep, holding on to my leash pulling me back into him, his hard rod throbbed, his balls slapping against me. Digging nails into the earth as my whole body was racked with orgasm, screaming out loud into the woods. Fucking me at a furious rate his breathing fast, sweat covered him, he gave a deep moan pulled out of me and put his cock on my butt, spraying hot cum up my back in a great jet, it just kept coming, covering me in a hot sticky mess.

Collapsing onto the forest floor, exhausted, but exhilarated. Birds were starting to sing. Time to go. Still sticky from each other, we dressed and headed off to the edge of the forest, one final softer gentle kiss this time, still masked and unknown to each other." See you next year under the great oak Puss."

Copyright 2011 Zoe Grove

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