Bringing in the New Year, 2017
By Derek Ainsley
(MF, Oral, Rom)

When two people are really in love, they love every part of each other's bodies, and every taste and every stroke of exquisite friction that opens the paths to the brain's pleasure centers. Two nights ago on New Year's Eve was the absolute ultimate for us. For several years now we have fucked the New Year in as we watch the ball drop in Times Square, but this time we had a new idea.

We were bare naked by 10 PM, with two bottles of champagne on ice and two antique hollow-stemmed champagne glasses that send up a constant stream of bubbles from the bottom of the stem to tickle your nose. Our rule for the night was anything goes, but no orgasms allowed until midnight. So we looked forward to two hours of mutual edging before the big ball drop in Times Square. This little agreement produced an amazing experience for us both.

I started her off with a strong, slow foot rub that stayed on the feet for quite a while, but finally progressed upwards quite slowly, kneading every muscle in both legs, until the back of my hand barely brushed her gorgeous blonde pussy. I knelt between her legs and opened her for a quick little kiss, and then I licked her skin all the way up to her small but very feminine breasts.

I felt each nipple erect itself against my tongue, always with a rapidity that surprises and delights me. Then it was her neck, and finally her delicious lips. We spent a long time there. Then I flipped her over and put my cock snugly in her butt crack, just feeling her pressure, absolutely no stroking. All the stroking went into following the structure of her back muscles, arm muscles, her hands, and her shoulder muscles.

Finally she raised her pelvis to give me the opening, and I went in with agonizing slowness, still without stroking. When I had her vagina fully stretched out, I pulled her up on her elbows and used both hands to work the pecs that support her breasts. Then I bent over her back and let it support the full weight of my torso while I used both hands for a ten-finger scalp massage. Her hair is heavy as gold, so a scalp massage always feels good to her. With ten fingers working her scalp, I pressed her temples with the palms of my hands applying all the pressure the full strength of my arms could give. She loves that compression. Finally, I laid her face on the bed, and with my motionless cock still deeply embedded, I gave her a long but very rapid, light-fingered back scratch.

With this, she was making so much cunt honey that it dripped off my balls. I pulled out as slowly as I had gone in, sat her up, and lifted her onto my face to take as much as she could give me. She loves her own taste as much as I do, and with a mouthful of honey, I went up to give it to her. I swapped face lips for cunt lips as quickly as I could about four times, each time sucking out as much of her honey as I could. Then I laid her on her back, covered her clit with my mouth, and started just a light rhythmic sucking.

First, I felt her clit engorge a little more. Then I began to suck it lightly in and out, letting it fuck my lips. As soon as I felt her start to tense up, I lifted away and licked her groin while the tension subsided. Then a little more clit sucking and tongue swirling, then a little more switching out to another delicious structure. Every time she came too perilously close to orgasm, she would pull my head up, fingers in my hair. I kept her on the knife's edge like this for a good half hour.

Finally she sat up and poured us both another champagne, which she sipped with her other hand around my cock. Between sips, she gave me just a little firm but quick and short jack-off action, just enough to edge me onward. Dangerously, she alternated this with her mouth, but very shallowly and quickly. I think she wanted the sweet drops of pre-cum that kept welling up.

Have you ever had your frenulum dipped into a glass of ice-cold champagne? I don't recommend it as a standard maneuver, but as a one-time surprise it is good for a laugh. First there is the surprise and the temperature shock, but right after comes the bubbling. Your frenulum is warm, like your tongue, and it sets off a flurry of bubbles. But there are lots more nerves there than on the tongue, and you feel all those thousands of tiny bubbles foaming up from the underside of your cock.

If drinking champagne is like drinking stars, this is like fucking stars. Very surprising, and not to be forgotten, but maybe not to be continued for too long either. The best part is when the cold bath ends back in her warm mouth with its lascivious tongue. And I loved the way she smiled when she discovered that slight musky flavor in her glass.

After that, she pushed me down and it was my turn to be edged. The program was a sip of champagne, a long slow lick from balls to frenulum, a then a little mouth jacking. Then I had to sip before she would do it again. She varied every stroke just a little, so I was constantly feeling new sensations. Sometimes she switched to fast fist jacking that definitely would have breached our contract if she had not stopped suddenly and gripped me so tightly that she banished the incipient orgasm. Then she started in anew on the never-ending, never-finished task at hand. When this little game had run through three very close calls, the fourth went a little too far and dribble of true cum slid over her hand. I swear it was not an orgasm; I hardly felt it. It was just overflow from the massive cum fountain building up inside me. But with this we both thought we should switch to something new for a while.

We still had 40 minutes to midnight, and she turned me over for another back rub. I put my cock between two pillows to keep it from hurting. This time it was not her caressing or lightly scratching pleasure rub. She is an expert Rolfer, and now she went past the pleasure right to the edge of pain. I definitely felt new nerve channels opening up. She also straddled my leg and rubbed it with her downy slit; but with amazing self-control she always lifted herself away before any orgasm came too close.

Turning over, I opened the second bottle and saw that we still had twenty minutes to midnight. So we kissed as I sipped with one hand and gave her my man-grip with the other: second and third fingers on her g-spot, first and fifth on her anus, and thumb on the clit, my arm shaking the whole structure up and down, stopping dead and pressing in whenever she started to come. At five minutes to midnight, she slipped to the floor and knelt between my legs, cupping my balls and sucking them gently, swirling her tongue up to the tip and all around the head. My God, no one could be a better edger.

At two minutes, she started me down the home stretch, strong tongue swirling the cock head relentlessly. As the ball in Times Square began its descent, I started into my last, and by far my strongest, orgasm of 2016. The first white hot jet of sperm hit the roof of her mouth just before the ball touched down. The big muscles of my legs quivered so violently she had to hold them against her while her tongue continued to churn the first cum shot around my head. It felt like my whole nervous system had been hit by a lightning bolt of sexual ecstasy. As the crowd cheered wildly in New York, the next jet hit even harder on the bottom of her tongue; a few moments later came a third, while her tongue rubbed strongly against my frenulum. Involuntarily, I pushed in a little too far and delivered my last major jet against the back of her throat. She loved the hydraulic power of it, but I did not intend to gag her, and I am sorry I did. The last two major jets were my first orgasm of 2017; I may never feel anything quite so intense again.

After the big jets had stopped she swirled me fiercely as she sucked in a few lesser ones. She kept up her intense tongue work until the pleasure started turning to pain, and I had to pull away. Then, as I knew she would, she quickly came up for the long white kiss she always gives me after I have given her everything I have.

Never before had I found her mouth so flooded with my cum. It tasted mild, not very sweet, but a bit salty, thick with protein, and carrying that special fresh taste of a living fluid; delicious and perfect, if I do say so myself. She gave it to me slowly; I savored and swallowed some, but some I gave back for her to enjoy. With only the aftertaste between us, we must have kissed for five minutes, so gently, so perfectly, and so intimately. Her hands kept my cock reminded it still owed her, and though it softened, it never totally lost its dignity.

She mounted me and took me into her vagina, to bring me back to a serviceable state. She is so strong and so well Kegeled that she can lift my pelvis off the bed if she grips my cock and stands up on her knees. Then she lets me fall while compressing me with all the strength she has. That long, slow slide against the silky texture of her clenched vagina is in some ways the most erotic sensation I have ever experienced.

Actual orgasms are more intense, but they are only brief. This long slide seems to go on and on forever, exciting every nerve in head and shaft. Just before I drop out completely, she relaxes her grip to come down to engulf me again, then up again for more of that slow exquisite sliding. This is exhausting for her, and she cannot repeat it more than three or maybe four times at most. It is an amazing erotic gift; I think she invented it herself. When she had engulfed me for the last time, she came down for a kiss, and after that I flipped her onto her back for the fuck she had been edged for.

I pumped her calmly and strongly, luxuriating in her silky depth. Then, just to kick me up a notch or two, she reached down to give me another erotic gift she keeps for times when we fuck twice. With her hand flat between us, she grasped the base of my cock with her thumb and forefinger, making me even bigger and more rigid, and giving me an exquisitely tight cock ring to fuck through.

With a bigger cock head I feel more from the friction of her muscular wet velvet, while the tight ring of her fingers masturbates my whole shaft with every plunge and every pull. As I stroked relentlessly into this double pleasure, I was unexpectedly overcome by an amazing feeling of total power and control. She made me feel for that moment like a God, in absolute control of everything. I felt I could stroke her on and on for as long as I liked or if I chose I could explode into another impossibly intense volcano of ecstasy.

Nothing else in my life has equaled that insanely peak moment. That may have been the purest, most intense moment of absolute love for her that I have ever felt.

Back on earth, I felt her beginning to brace for her orgasm, and I snapped back into reality. I had a plan for her. As she braced, I dropped suddenly down to her clit. It was standing up well and easy to find. I clamped my lips securely around it and again began to suck it rhythmically, very gently; in and out. From her vocals and her hands in my hair I could tell she was surprised and excited.

Encouraged by this I gradually increased the suction to draw it into my lips a little deeper with each cycle, until suddenly her entire clit popped up into my mouth, larger and firmer than I had ever felt it. I wanted to swirl my tongue over every nerve that she has there, all at once, producing a tsunami of ecstasy like never before. But I misjudged; after so much edging her clit was too sensitive and she gasped out for me to let it go. I held it motionless a second or two, then relaxed the suction and let it slip back through my lips. Then I pressed it firmly and motionlessly with the flat of my tongue to help it recover.

I think now that brief jolt of pain may have helped set off what followed. With gentle swirls that I know she likes, I told it how sorry I was for hurting it. She accepted by pulling my head in for tighter contact. But as she approached her long-delayed crisis, she needed no more of my tongue, and she pulled my head up onto her belly. My throat held her slit open as she pulled me upwards, raking the slight prickliness of my neck stubble across the entire content of her open slit, so pink and delicate. As she held my ear against her belly I heard her vagina contracting fiercely, in a series of powerful thumps. At first I feared she was experiencing some painful cramp. But then the big muscles of her legs started to quiver, a spillover from the firestorm in her brain's pleasure center, and I knew she was in the throes of a mighty orgasm. I held her legs with the full strength of my arms. As the first thumps subsided, her pelvis bucked involuntarily against my neck again and set off a new round of thumping. Apparently, my neck stubble did for her what her whole clit in my mouth could not, jamming her thousands of pleasure channels all at once, in a long glorious Hallelujah chorus of sexual ecstasy.

The thumping finally diminished and stopped, and I lay on her belly, astonished; I had never imagined that an orgasm could be heard through the belly. At her peaks I have frequently felt her vagina pull itself wide open so that for a few final strokes I have the weird feeling of fucking empty space. Then she clamps down powerfully around my cock for a fabulous finale. This must have been the source of the thumping: With my ear on her belly, I can hear these vaginal expansions and contractions.

She was as surprised as I was by the intensity and the number of repetitions, and she did not try to move for many minutes. Finally when she did stir, I gently opened her legs and gave her clit a chaste little goodbye kiss, like a peck on the cheek. This made her laugh, and as I closed her and kissed her lips again I knew 2017 is going to be an exceptional year for us both.

This is how fucking causes love.

Copyright May 2017 Derek Ainsley

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