I Dress For You
By Sheri
(MF, oral, rom)


When I dress for work, I dress for you. Do you want to know what I wore today? I shouldn't tell you. I should make you come after me and see for yourself. I would enjoy that.

You chasing me and trapping me in the hallway. My only choice is to go into my room but I can't, I know what will happen there. You would have me where you wanted me. Shaking and waiting for your next move.

I dart into the room anyway and try to slam the door, but you are too quick for me. Your foot stops the door from shutting. I push against the door and you move me effortlessly with your weight on the other side.

I look around for an escape. There is none. Adrenalin races through my body and I come face to face with you. I see your arrogant knowing smile; you have won. I start to back away, fighting you and the rush of excitement gripping me. You advance two steps to my one and I am soon against the wall. Oh, I am breathless. You loam over me. Your head tilted looking down at me. I just stare at your chest and wait.

You listen to my erratic breathing. I lick my lips nervously. The back of one of your hands moves up my side and over my breast and I quiver. "Oh god", I breath. Your other hand comes up and starts to unbutton my dress. It is one of your favorites with little flowers on it and flowing like silk around my legs. You watch my throat as I swallow and whimper softly.

You know how excited I am feeling. Helpless and trapped. I cannot escape you. I am your prisoner. Those thoughts are making my knees weak. I must be strong. I cannot give in.

Your hands reach the bottom of my chest where the buttons stop. You jerk one side back to expose my pink lacy bra. Its cut low and my nipples are almost showing. You smile. It must be new; you haven't seen that color on me before. I can tell by the growing lump against my hip that you approve. Your hands caress me. I am trembling and need your strength to keep from falling. My hands grip your arms.

You slip the top of the dress over my shoulders and trap my arms down against me. I gasp. Your eyes are glowing with intent and desire. I am your captive. Your head dips and your mouth finds my breast. Your tongue wets my nipple through the bra. "Oh god", I cry out as your teeth peel back the lace and expose my hard peek to you. You have another captive, this one in your mouth. You kiss and suckle my nipple and my pussy explodes with creme. Your hands unfasten your pants as your day old whiskers rub against my sensitive skin. I am delirious. I can't breath. I must have you. I am flooding my undies and am squirming to get closer to you.

I pull my arms free and grip your hard member making you groan. Your hands pull up the bottom skirt of my dress and you find my wet annex and curve your hand to palm me. I try to grind against you. You squeeze me and tell me to stop. I stop. You rub me and I start to grind again. You slap my pussy. I inhale sharply.

"Don't make me tell you again", you threaten in a dark warning voice making me flood even further. Your hand moves all the way under me to my ass as I try to stay still. You order me to open my eyes and look at you. I do.

"This ass is mine", you tell me as you squeeze my bottom and slide your hand forward. "This pussy is mine", you slip two fingers up inside me as your thumb holds my panties aside.

I am staring at you now. Amazed that I did not cum again.

"These are mine", you growl as you cover my breast with both of your hands, my juices glistening on your fingers. "Don't you ever hide them from me again. When I ask what you are wearing under a dress you better show me right then...or else...."

You squeeze my globes. I nod at you speechless and horny. Your hand comes up to my cheek and you pat me gently. "Good girl", you murmur and pull my hands off your cock and turn to walk away from me tucking your cock back inside your pants as you walk.

I realize you are leaving. I jerk out of my frozen captive state and yell "No!" as I throw myself at your back. You stop; stand straight and quiet. Waiting.

I bring my arms from around you and tremble as I realize I have just given myself away. I recognize the tilt of your head and a rush of excitement jolts through me. I panic, dart around you, racing for the door but it is yanked from my fingers and forcibly slammed shut. I try to open the door but it's useless. I glance up and see the reason. Your hand is palm open against the door keeping it shut. I stop. It's deadly quiet, I can feel you behind me, then suddenly your arm snakes around my waist lifting me back against you as I start to struggle.

"No!" I exclaim. My blood is burning and my pussy is flooding. I love it when you get physical...

"You can't have it both ways princess", you whisper darkly next to my ear causing a new flood of erotic sensations crash over me.

"Oh god!" I cry out, but it sounds more like a moan. This is amusing to you and you carry me over to the bed. I try to break free as you set me down..

"No, no, no...", you scold me like a little child and guide my body with yours so that it is bent over the high mattress of the bed, face down. "Arms up", you order and see that I comply. "Good girl'

Your hands slowly bring up the hem of my dress, fingers running up my calves, my knees and then my thighs, only stopping to touch my thigh high hose. "Mmmm, nice touch", you murmur. My head is buried in the mattress, afraid a groan will escape and you will stop, I can feel the fabric of the pants you wear against my thighs.

"What else are you hiding down here?", you ask as your fingers trace over the edges of my wet panties, across the lace and silk to my growing wet patch. "Looks like you've started without me", you scold as your fingers rip the dainty material in one jerk making me shriek in surprise. My clit is throbbing. I can't take much more. I feel you drop to your knees slowly and I feel your breath on my buttocks.

I sob. The titillation is tormenting me. I want to beg, but I stop myself at the last second. I can't give in again. I can't...

Your hands are open, your palms are rubbing over my long tan legs and forcing them a little further a part. I am still in the red stilettos that you love and the height of my wet entrance is right in your face. I feel your breath before I feel your tongue and I almost shatter with the intensity of it...

Your mouth closes over my outer lips, your tongue reaching up to caress the tiny runway of hair leading to my treasure and you begin a deadly assault designed to bring me down. To make me beg. It isn't long before I am screaming and trying to grind my pussy against your face I am going crazy, writhing and struggling to maintain control, but it's no use. Your tongue leaves my clit, travels up to my ass hole and I am cuming like a dam bursting. My cum squirts out onto your chin and drips down to your chest it is such a violent orgasm. I am screaming and clawing at the bedspread...crying....delirious....euphoric...... God you haven't even made love to me yet and I am yours forever.

My eyes are getting weak. It's hard to focus after cuming so hard, so wonderfully hard, I feel you stand and hear your zipper pull slowly down. I cannot believe that my body is reacting to the sound. Not this soon... No way... I can't... I am too sensitive…

I inhale sharply as you plunge your steel shaft into me. I buck as you launch an attack on my sopping pussy. Pounding me with rough momentum, your own desire for release is taking control of your urgent thrusts and I am crying out in sensual overload.

I have never felt so loved. I am meeting your every impulsion. I want you to cum inside me, fill me with your crème, I need you to explode as I have, taking me with you.

Your hands leave my hips and pull me up as you continue to slide your hard cock into my snatch, your hands slip into my open dress and quickly pull down my bra cups exposing me to the cool air. I am trying to catch my breath, trying to stay conscious; I am so close to the edge I feel as if I may pass out.

I reach down and touch my hypersensitive clit as you pinch my nipples and I am lost. I explode again, your cock expanding even bigger as you give three quick strokes and I hear you growl as you cum inside me. My pussy is gripping you tightly. My hot tunnel is squeezing you, milking you, your hands grip my breasts as you shutter your release and grunt as your cum shoots into my womb.

I am exhausted but so happy. We collapse on the bed, your cock still inside me, you are breathing heavy and whispering into my hair. Words aren't necessary though. I got your message of love loud and clear...

© Copyright Sheri 2010

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